May 26, 2010



ATTENDING:            Dan Paradis (Chairman), Elizabeth Seeler (Vice Chairman), Murray Campbell, Janice DellaCroce, Denice DeStefano, Clay Dingman

                  ABSENT:                     Phil Dion (Selectmen’s Representative),
                                    Alternate: Steve Favorite (still in R.I.)

OTHER:                      Michelle Bonsteel (Land Use Officer)


The meeting opened at 7:00 p.m.

MINUTES OF MAY 12, 2010:  The following amendments and clarifications were made:
Page 2, 3rd paragraph, 8th line, insert “spaces needed for the” before “offices” and replace “covered” with “equal to those needed for the prior use of the structure”.  Last paragraph, line 2 and 3, following “or” insert “renting”, delete “could be rented”.  Following “If” insert “municipal” and replace “go before the “ with “be approved by”.

Page 3, 1st paragraph, 4th line, replace “the statement” with “a statement”.  5th line, replace “said that they will get the” with “as to what point in the renovation a” and following “sprinkler system” add “will be required or needed.”  4th paragraph, 9th line, replace “has jurisdiction and” with “can review and approve the Directory sign and” as well as to replace “the signs” with “all signs”.

Page 4, 3rd paragraph, 2nd line, following “file an” insert “”after the fact” application for the culvert”.  3rd line, delete “application” and “They need to apply for access.”  4th line, insert “shorter” before “cement culvert”.  Line 5, add “The application will be based on the culvert providing access to the rear of the lot.”  5th paragraph, 1st line, replace “felt” with “stated”  4th line, delete “9”.  6th and 7th line, delete “has 20’ of culvert and the water is bubbling out of the ground” and replace with “observed water coming out of the ground and suspects a leak in the water system.”

Page 6, paragraph 1, 3rd line, following “Sewer to the Lake” insert “which makes it unlikely to proceed unless there is additional funding.”

E. Seeler made a motion, second by C. Dingman, to approve the minutes as amended.  The motion carried.

Planning Board Minutes

Ms Bonsteel had submitted her interpretation of the Zoning Ordinance on Signs and stated that she did not see any reference to more than one side of a building.  Mr. Paradis stated that, when written, he did not believe that the Planning Board had considered more than the front side of a building.  He said that the Board should look at this again this year.  He then read the section of the Ordinance on signs on buildings.  Ms. Bonsteel questioned grandfathered signs.  Mr. Paradis and Mr. Dingman felt that some signs may be grandfathered if they were in place before the change in the ordinance.  A discussion followed as to a building that sits on a corner or in view of the roadway.  Ms. DellaCroce feels that this will depend a lot on the position of the building.  Ms. DeStefano felt that the Board needs time to think about this.  Ms. Bonsteel stated that some towns have 32 sq. ft. on the primary side of the building and any accessory signs to be half that size.  Mr. Dingman mentioned a Coca Cola sign that is larger and Ms. Bonsteel answered that this is the reason for variances.  Mr. Paradis directed the Board to give this some thought.

Mr. Dingman mentioned the “It’s All Relative LLC” signs discussed at the last meeting.  He reminded everyone that they asked about signs on the back of the building.  Mr. Paradis stated that it might be advisable for them to wait as we must address this issue.

Ms. DeStefano pointed out the various areas that she had revised based on suggestions made at the last workshop meeting.  As the secretary was out on a leave-of-absence at that time, she questioned why fees have been left on the form.  It was explained that this will be changed once we receive the new fee schedule from the Selectmen. 

Mergers:  The Merger form was found to be fine as presented.

Lot Line Adjustments:  Page 1, Frontage, replace “ such frontage” with “required frontage”.  A discussion was held as to the statement “will not create buildable lots”.  For clarification, Mr. Paradis stated that the Board should look at RSA676:4.  Page 2 & 3 = okay.  Page 4, Abutter list, in the opening paragraph, along with applicant, agent, etc., surveyors, engineers, or other professionals used as well as an original surveyor of a previous plan that is used for the present purpose.

Site Plans:  Page 1, it was determined that applicants should talk with Ms. Bonsteel about a Preliminary Conceptual Consultation (PCC) but need to see the Planning Board secretary to set the schedule.  Under step 2, 2nd check, insert “written” before “statement”.  Page 2, the Board reviewed the sample plan to accompany the packet.  The secretary mentioned that she has to throw out a lot of the preliminary plans and suggested that the application be accompanied by 1 preliminary plan (to show interested abutters) and 15 reduced scaled (11” x 17”) copies (10 for the maximum allowed Planning Board members, 1 each for Ms. Bonsteel, the Fire, Water, Highway, and Police Depts.).  The applicant would then bring


Planning Board Minutes

Site Plans continued:
the mylar and  4 copies to the hearing (1 copy for the property files, 1 copy for the Assessor, 1 copy for our files, and 1 for the applicant (unless they or Ms. Bonsteel require more).  As the ordinance says 3 preliminary copies still, this must remain until the Board changes it in the coming year.  On the Site Plan Application, it was determined to eliminate “Property Address” as this is the same as “Project Street Address” listed below.  Abutter’s list = same as previously noted.  Checklist = eliminate #2 & 3 as the Board would not see the case unless the fees had been paid.  #13 – eliminate “Minimum”.  In the subtitles, minimum should read maximum.  Reconfigure numbering.

Minor Site Plans:  Again, PCC’s to be handled as in Site Plans.  In all cases, “Minor” should be added to “Site Plans”.  Step 2, 2nd check, insert “written” as sited previously.  On page 2 of the Site Plan Process Cover Memo, Ms. DeStefano asked that the Board look over what she has placed in the gray block and get back to her on these.  The same configuration of submitted plans as in Site plans will be continued for consistency.  Checklist = #6, change to 15 reduced copies and remove #14 & 15.  Reconfigure the numbering.  Minor Site Plan Application, eliminate “Property Address”.  On page 2, last paragraph, change “an/or” to “and/or”  (this to be done on the Site Plan Application as well).  Abutter’s list to be consistent with that previously mentioned.  All abutter’s list sheets will now have a sign-off area by the Town Assessing office.

OTHER FORMS:  Ms. DeStefano asked if we have other forms besides subdivisions to be revised.  Mr. Paradis mentioned Excavations and maybe Cell Towers.  Ms. DeStefano shall make the changes suggested this evening and will have the new revisions for our next Workshop meeting.

COMMUNICATIONS:  A copy of the registered plan for Linda S. Kohn was received.  The secretary also had a copy of a survey that was done for Slim Baker Lodge for the Board to look at.


SELECTMEN:  Mr. Dion was absent and had not submitted anything.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS PLAN:  Mr. Campbell stated that they visited the Fire Dept. and that they must reschedule their visit to the Police Dept..   

NEW BUSINESS:  Ms. DellaCroce asked the Board to read Article IV, 4.4 in the ordinance (building heights).  This brought on a discussion as to what is meant when exempt for agricultural purposes.  Mr. Paradis felt that this would apply to silos, hay lofts, etc.  Ms. Bonsteel felt that the exemption would be canceled when an apartment is added as this becomes residential and some thought that this would be so if the apartment is not over the 35’ height.  It was determined that this should also be clarified when we make ordinance changes in the fall.

Planning Board Minutes

NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting will be June 9, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.  On the agenda is the continued Site Plan for It’s All Relative LLC, continued Site Plan for John Messina, continued Site Plan for Mildred Rent, and Site Plan for Paul & Tami Zareas.

With no other business before the Board, D. DeStefano made a motion, second by M. Campbell to adjourn at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Laferriere, secretary