MARCH 24TH, 2010

A Workshop meeting of the Planning Board was convened on March 24th, 2010 at 7:00 PM at 230 Lake Street, Bristol New Hampshire.

PRESENT:  Chairman Dan Paradis, Clay Dingman, Janice Della Croce, Denice DeStefano, Murray Campbell, Selectmen’s Liaison Phil Dion and Steve Favorite (for Betty Seeler), and Acting Recording Secretary, Michelle Bonsteel, Land Use Officer.

The Chairman then opened the nominations for Chair.  Ms. Della Croce nominated Dan Paradis, Mr. Dingman seconded.  There being no other nominations, the Chair asked for a vote; all aye.

The Chairman then opened nominations for Vice Chairman.  He explained Ms. Seeler would be interested in remaining Vice Chair, provided Mr. Paradis was Chair.  Ms. Dell Croce nominated Betty Seeler as Vice Chair, Mr. Favorite seconded, there being no other nominations; all aye.

The Chairman recognized the presence of Bob Gilbert in the audience and deferred his introduction to Murray Campbell, who is the Chair of the Capitol Improvements Committee.  Mr. Campbell noted that Mr. Gilbert had expressed an interest to serve on the CIP and had attended the meeting the night before. 

Mr. Gilbert provided a brief biography and noted his concerns for the infrastructure of the town.

The Chairman noted Mr. Gilbert’s willingness to serve and Mr. Campbell expressed the willingness of the CIP to provide a recommendation to the Planning Board to accept Mr. Gilbert’s application to serve on CIP.

Mr. Campbell made a motion to accept Mr. Gilbert’s appointment to the CIP Committee as an alternate.  Ms. Della Croce seconded; there being no further discussion; all aye.

The Chairman deferred the approval of the minutes to the end of the meeting.

PCC:           Turner Cottages was represented by the HOA President, Daniel O’Rourke, and his wife, Joy O’Rourke. 

Mr. O’Rourke described the proposed boat storage area, located at the westerly side of the property and accessible from Batten Road.  Mr. O’Rourke indicated the area using the existing approved site plan and explained that the boats and trailers of the boats would be stored in a wooded area and that a woods road/trail already exists where they intend to create the space.

Mr. O’Rourke stated that they would remove approximately 15 trees and use a stump grinder so as to limit disturbance.  There is a wetlands area nearby the planned storage area.  Mr. O’Rourke stated that the boat storage area will meet all the setbacks, including the wetlands setback.

Mr. O’Rourke stated that the two abutters most impacted by their plan have no objections.  The HOA plans to plant rhododendrons and other natural barriers in the buffer areas.

The area has apparently been used for dumping in the past.  The HOA has been cleaning the area of all debris. 

Discussion on wetlands and the determining factors.

Mr. O’Rourke stated that if the boat storage area had to be adjusted further from a wetlands, it would not be problematic.

Ms. Della Croce asked how many boats would be stored.  There will be ten “spaces”, one for each unit, as per Mr. O’Rourke.

The Chairman quoted Article IX regarding incidental uses and wetland restrictions.  He recommended a Soils Scientist determine the location of the wetlands so as not to be in conflict with 9.2 of Article IX.

Mr. Dingman was curious if this installation will affect lot coverage requirements.  The Chairman stated it would not.

Mr. Dion raised concerns about the introduction of effluents to the ground.  The Chairman observed the balance between impervious surface runoff as opposed to possible leaching of effluents into the immediate vicinity.  Ms. Della Croce observed that this area is more desirable for storing boats than the driveways located in direct proximity to the lake.

The Chairman reminded the O’Rourke’s that he discussion was not binding on either side and suggested that they do have the wetlands delineated by a professional.

Mr. Dingman suggested notifying Mason Westfall and the Conservation Committee.

The Chairman instructed a memo be sent to the committee asking for feedback.

Discussion on procedures.

Ms. Della Croce asked if the area could be marked off with surveyor’s tape.

Mr. O’Rourke agreed and will notify the Land Use Office when done.

MINOR SITE PLAN:  April and Duncan Campbell; 20 Lake Street, Map 113 Lot 046.

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell submitted the items required under the conditional approval for the Board’s consideration.

As all required items were addressed satisfactorily, the Chairman asked for a motion.

Mr. Dingman moved that the application receive final approval, Ms. DeStefano seconded, there being no discussion, all aye.  The Board signed the provided site plans and returned one to the applicant.

The Chairman opened the discussion by noting that many property owners in the Lake District had sent letters regarding the regulations specific to their zone.  The Chairman acknowledged that the problem seemed to lie with existing buildings on existing (substandard) lots.  He further noted that once sewer is introduced to the Lake District that septic guidelines will no longer serve to restrict growth.  The object before the Board was to arrive at possible solutions to the issue of development in the Lake District for presentation at Summer Town Meeting.

The Chairman has prepared some illustrated scenarios of the effects of regulation the district with lot coverage modifications.  He will make them available to the Board in the future.  Basically, lot coverage calculations may be based on lot size with a sliding scale based on the lot size.

The Chairman recognized Mr. Gilbert, who was concerned about expanding lot coverage and also noted that aesthetics are a factor.  The Chairman noted that during the Board’s original discussions on Lake District restrictions that there were proposals addressing aesthetics, but not included in the final legislation.  The Chairman suggested the use of Special Exceptions instead of variances under certain guidelines.  Each case would remain individual, but the onus on the property owners would be less than for a variance.  He also suggested the idea of a “free” area where expansion could occur without board approval.

Mr. Dingman noted that many lots in the Lake District were substandard.  The Chairman acknowledged that more properties were effected by the ordinance then was originally thought.

Mr. Gilbert noted that building “up” did not effect impervious area but did effect aesthetics.

Mr. Dion noted the difficulty in applying regulations to such a broad area, noting the size of the Lake Zoning District.

Mr. Campbell noted the difficulties of construction full or partial basements and how that could adversely affect drainage in the areas around such installation (footing drains to drywells or daylight).

With regard to changes in height, the Chairman stated that any change in building height should be considered by the Zoning Board.

Mr. Dingman asked if there was an average size property and average size house in the district.

Ms. DeStefano requested that the Assessing Clerk and Land Use Officer generate a report from the Assessing records.  The Land Use Officer stated she would speak to Assessing about the software capabilities.

Ms. Della Croce suggested it may be time to do a redistricting of the area.

Discussion on Lake District size and diversity.

Ms. DeStefano suggested that the members of the Board could divide up the property cards and analyze the parcels in an Excel document they could share to develop one report.

The Selectmen were reminded that a date needed to be established for the Summer Town Meeting.  [Note:  That is on their agenda for April 8th, 2010.]

The Chairman suggested the district regulations contain three layers; that lot coverage percentages be developed by lot sizes to determine the size of the house allowable with a Special Exception form the ZBA.

Discussion on lot sizes, districts and Master Plan.

The Chairman noted that the town was due to update the Master Plan in 2011/12.  Discussion on whether to hire LRPC or an outside consultant.

Mr. Dion noted that as a first step, the Planning Board should determine how much updating is necessary.

Discussion on procedures for updating and revenues to fund update.

Ms. DeStefano noted that the updates to the application checklist should be placed on the agenda for the next workshop meeting on April 28th, 2010.

MINUTES:  Amendments were made to the draft minutes of March 10th, 2010, as follows:

  • On page 4, paragraph 3:  typo, insert “a” into “name”.
  • On page 6, paragraph 3:  “…restaurant use of…”.

Mr. Favorite made the motion to accept the minutes as amended, Mr. Campbell seconded; no further discussion, all aye.

  • Also, amendments to minutes of February 10th, 2010 were inadvertently omitted from the March 10th, 2010 minutes.  Those changes are, as follows:
  • Page 1, paragraph 1:  “…stated he is a civil engineer…”
  • Page 2, paragraph:  omit “not an allowable procedure” and insert “Selectmen’s opinion on the ballot was not allowable on the ballot”.
  • Page 3, paragraph 2:  add “adopting building codes does not require hiring” in last sentence.
  • Page 4, paragraph 2:  clarifying language; “to apply the current restrictions only if the lot is less than one half the minimum area”.
  • Page 4, middle of page:  Add the names Jennifer Rocket of the Army Corp of Engineers, Larry Keniston of DOT and Jan Collins of Hebron.
  • Page 4, last sentence:  “Sean Tanguay signed off…”.
  • Page 5, paragraph 2:  add “1966”
  • Page 5, paragraph 3:  “Mr. Farr asked if the Selectmen were supporting…”  “Mr. Favorite stated that the Selectmen did not initiate the effort.”



  • PSNH – Please notify them when construction is suggested in the area of their utility easements.
  • LGC’s Town and City; latest issue
  • Memo from Land Use Officer to Town Treasurer, RE:  Messina, receipt of funds
  • Notification from Sanbornton of a cell site installation.
  • LRPC award form received for potential candidates.

SELECTMEN’S REPORT:  Mr. Dion acknowledged Lorraine Bohmiller’s appointment to the ZBA as a regular member and Alan DeStefano’s appointment to regular member from alternate member.

CIP Report:  Mr. Campbell reported on the new schedule and forms.

HDC Report:  Mr. Dingman noted that the Commission did not meet in March but would meet in April for the election of officers.

Everyone expressed how much they missed Jan Leferrier and were looking forward to her return.

Mr. Dingman made a motion to adjourn, Ms. DeStefano seconded, there was no discussion, all aye.