January 13, 2010


                                    CONTINUED SPECIAL USE PERMIT:  JOHN MESSINA, Holiday Hills Drive, #110-049
ATTENDING:            Dan Paradis (Chairman), Elizabeth Seeler (Vice Chairman), Don Milbrand, Murray Campbell, Janice DellaCroce, Denice DeStefano, Clay Dingman
                                    Alternates:  -----
ABSENT:                   -----
                                    Alternates:  Tom Babcock (leave of absence), Steve Favorite (conflict), Don Martin

OTHER:                      -----


The meeting opened at 7:00 p.m. 

The following amendments and clarifications were made:
Page 1, next to last paragraph, 1st line, following “State” insert “Restrictions”.  2nd line, replace “building” with “septic system”.
Page 3, 1st paragraph, 2nd line, replace “and they” with “the ZBA”.
Page6, 1st paragraph, last line, replace “substantial” with “substantive”.
Page 7, Correspondence, 3rd line, replace “allowed” with “aloud”.

E. Seeler made a motion, second by C. Dingman, to approve the minutes as amended.  The motion carried.

Mr. Paradis read each amendment, explaining what is to be changed.  No-one from the public was in attendance to comment.

Amendment #1, Wetlands = J. DellaCroce made a motion, second by C. Dingman, to approve Amendment #1 and place it on the ballot.  The motion carried.

Amendment #2, Sheds = J. DellaCroce made a motion, second by C. Dingman, to approve Amendment #2 and place it on the ballot.  The motion carried. 


Planning Board Minutes

Amendment #4, Steep Slopes = E. Seeler made a motion, second by D. Milbrand, to approve Amendment #4 and place it on the ballot.  The motion carried. It was noted that this should have the same application form as the Special Use Permit.

Amendment #6, Building Codes = C. Dingman made a motion, second by M. Campbell, to approve Amendment #6 and place it on the ballot.  The motion carried.

Mr. Paradis had samples of ballot language for the 6 amendments for the members to look over.  It was determined that these were fine except for the last one in which the #5 had been used for the last 2 amendments.  The Board gave an okay for all of the amendment ballot language with the change of numbers in the last one.

Mr. Messina had written asking for a continuance until April.  C. Dingman made a MOTION, second by D. Milbrand, to CONTINUE THE SPECIAL USE PERMIT HEARING FOR JOHN MESSINA TO APRIL 14, 2010.  A discussion was held as to fees:  the ZBA has stated that they will have to re-notify abutters and advertise again due to this length of continuing.  The Planning Board felt that they should probably do the same to keep everything consistent.  They felt that we should look into whether or not it would be legal to notify for both ZBA and Planning together in this case. 

Mr. Paradis then read the FAX received from Mr. Lobdell with his quote for the wetlands evaluation for this case.  

The secretary will hang the LGC calendar on our bulletin board in the office.  Mr. Paradis asked the secretary to make copies of the article on Form Based Code (FBC) for the members.  The hard copy was received from Atty. Tanguay with his answers to our proposed Zoning amendments.  The notice for the 2010 Professional Development & Training workshops was felt to be more in line for professionals.
Mr. Dingman took the January Town & City magazine to read.

Mr. Barnard had dropped off the final plans and mylar just before this meeting.  The Board signed the copies and the secretary will complete this case.

Historic District Report:  Mr. Dingman stated that their meeting was canceled as there were no hearings scheduled.

Selectmen’s Report:  Mr. Milbrand stated that they are dealing with the final stages of the budget and also with the telecommunications cell towers.  With the latter, they have a new lawyer.  It was suggested that Mr. Paradis speak with Ms. Bonsteel (Land Use Officer) about making up application forms as this should be coming to the Board soon.  They are just getting the financials settled.  Mr. Milbrand then brought up that the Selectmen have received letters concerning the non-conforming section for the Lake District.  He felt that the Board might go over these at our workshops.  Mr. Paradis stated that the intent of the ordinance is good as it was designed to maintain the value of properties there.  He added that with continuing with Sewer to the Lake it is felt that the Zoning Ordinance will keep growth in line.  Mr. Dingman mentioned that, 2/3rds of the ZBA hearings were for adding a shed and this may be less of a problem with the new amendment.  Ms. Laferriere added that the ZBA mentioned, at their last meeting, that sometimes people are denied while others are approved because they did not prove the 5 criteria.

Mr. Milbrand stated that, in going over the budget, they found that a mistake has been made on the MS-4.   The reimbursement from the Central Street bridge was counted twice.  The tax rate has been set at $4.65 a thousand and should have been around $5.00.  We could resubmit and make the change and send out supplemental bills but they feel that this would not sit right with the people.  Or we could do a larger tax increase next November.  There is $600,000 in the cash fund balance which can offset this.   

Mr. Paradis asked when they will be doing the next reevaluation and if they have been doing 1/5th a year.  This was not known. 

Mr. Milbrand mentioned that the Selectmen have been discussing the Legal line of the budget.  It was determined that everyone should talk to Mr. Weston, Town Manager, before looking to the town attorney.

Capital Improvements Program: Mr. Campbell reported that they shall have no meetings until after March town meeting.

Mergers:  Ms. DellaCroce distributed copies of procedures for mergers and it was felt that these can be discussed on general principal at a meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 27th.  As we have nothing specific to work on, it was determined to cancel this unless the annual law updates can be scheduled for that evening.  The secretary shall notify the Board as soon as she has confirmation of a date for this.

With no other business, C. Dingman made a motion, second by E. Seeler, to adjourn at 8:21 p.m.
                                                            Respectfully submitted,
                                                            Jan Laferriere, secretary