PURPOSE - Old Town Hall Old Fire Department Study Committee: The Selectboard has formed a Committee to look into the current conditions, needs and possible best uses for both the Old Town Hall and the Old Fire Department. Membership will be comprised of a cross-section of individuals representing: Town Energy Committee - Lucille Keegan, Historical Society - Hilda Bruno, Bristol Budget Committee - Dave Carr, Local Contractors - Randy Smith & Mark Chevalier, Public - Peter Vannah. The charge of the committee is to determine the best course of action and use for these buildings. The Committee is to look at the current conditions of each building, document historical and town roles in the past, the present and possibilities for the future and present a report in time for the 2013 Town Meeting. The Committee intends to assess immediate needs (structural, cosmetic and safety) as well as any potential liabilities.

Minutes Meeting Minutes

Old Town Hall - Old Fire Station Final Report - January 2013