Minot-Sleeper Library Minutes – May, 11, 2010
Attendance: Nancy Gavalis, , Debbie Gilbert, Wendy Costigan, Debbie Doe, Barbara Greenwood, William Barrett, Glenn Dorr.
Missing – Ann Fitzpatrick, Kerry Mattson, George Corrette, 
Guests: Steve Yanuzzi, David Mosley

Secretary's Report - Barbara Greenwood made a motion that the secretary's report be accepted as written, Bill Barrett 2nd, motion passed
Treasurer's Report - none
Librarian's Report -

  • Moved story time to the Mason's next door.
  • Circulation seems to have plateaued, numbers the same as last year at this time.
  • FYI – we had an issue with Cumberland Farms, they had their floor stripped/ waxed and they dumped the left over liquid down our driveway.  Debbie Gilbert contacted Cumberland Farms and it was cleaned it up. 
  • Skip Moyer fixed the electricity upstairs.  The thermostat and the hot water heater went.  Debbie Gilbert had the hot water heater replaced.
  • Plans all set for the summer program: 3 book discussions, grant through Humanities Counsel We are having three performers come to do presentations for the summer children's program.


  • Workshop for trustees is available

Old Business

  • New computers are in, old computer are being reset to be used in the library.
  • Debbie Gilbert is having the shelves look at.  Daniels estimated that it would cost $350 to take care of our shelf needs.  Nancy Gavalis made a motion to accept the estimate for Rocky Daniels to take care of our shelf needs.  Bill Barrett 2nd. motion passed.  Money will come from the town funding.
  • Patron ID cards have been ordered.  Staff would like to have the trustees vote on fee for lost cards.   Barbara Greenwood made a motion that the replacement cost of the new ID cards will be $3 library and an information sheet with our policy will be handed-out with each new card. Bill Barrett 2nd – Motion passed
  • New policy – for overdue books.  Can renew once, but for second renewal they will need to have the overdue book/books returned.  If the book is lost they will need to pay for it and their library privileges suspended Barbara Greenwood 1st, Nancy Gavalis 2nd.  Motion passed.
  • Company came to do their initial inspection for the building next door.  The first phase stated that they did find some asbestos.  Phase one is done. Moving on to phase 2.
  • David King has sent the plans to Lefebrve

-New Business -
Building concerns Steve Yanuzzi, fire chief, has some suggestions about what he would like to see done to make the building usable.

  • Have a third party consultant come in to look at building and see what it needs to have done to bring it up to code. 
  •  Even though the town did not vote in the new addition, this building needs to be brought up to code.
  • We know the building in not up to code, what can we do about it to make it safe for the patrons.
  • Create benchmarks and time line.
    • Can pick what needs to be done and go from there
    • Steve Yanuzzi will look into finding us a consulting firm to do an assessment or we may get that information from David King.
    • If we have a plan and there are any problems in the future it will demonstrate that we are working towards a solution for the safety issues.
    • The whole projects shows what will be done, but not what needs to be to bring the library up to code.
    • CIP – discussed putting the 25,000 dollars back in the budget to help with building needs.  Although we all the building in town that has the most safety issues that need to be addressed, the CIP has us listed as the fourth in line for updating.
    • Debbie Gilbert met with Mr. Bedard about the changes in the building – He suggests that we not change the front at all.  Fix door and take out the book return.  He wanted to see the back windows to stay.  Concerned about accessibility
    • Mr. Bedard suggested that we work on the windows and get a new furnace and duct work to create a heating system that comes out under the windows.
    • Will demonstrate what the safety issues are with the library building.
    • What is our plan of action?
    • Barbara Greenwood made a motion to have Steve Yanuzzi find a consultant to do an assessment for our plan of action 2nd Bill Barrett motion passed
    • Debbie Gilbert is going to look into having the Windows replaced - Debbie will contact Nadene Peterson NH Department of Historic Resources - need to fill out a section 106. Need to get application in by June 1, 2010.
    • Barbara Greenwood states that after we get the information we need to share it with the CIP committee and the Selectman.
    • Doing the changes so the library can stay open.
  • Debbie Gilbert would like to have Eileen Gilbert do one or two trainings on how to use the new Library World program.  Eileen has been working with the program for about a year.  Will pay Eileen and the staff to do the training on a Saturday afternoon after the library closes.  Debbie Gilbert is thinking around 4 hours. 
  • Cell phone policy.  Library staff is going to put up a sign asking people to “Please silence your cell phone.” 
  • Library cards - currently we do not charge for cards, but we do have a number of people from Hill.  Can we include Hill in our free card at this time?   Will readdress it in the future.
  • Additional names can be placed on the towns insurance.  The town needs to put the trustee's names on the insurance policy.  There is money to be had through the NH Charitable Trust to pay for consultant. 

Meeting Adjourned at 5:20 pm