Minot-Sleeper Library Meeting – March 16, 2010

Attendance: , Nancy Gavalis, Debbie Gilbert, Wendy Costigan, Debbie Doe, Barbara Greenwood, William Barrett, George Corrette

Guests: Deborah Thouin, David Mosley, and Walter Waring

Missing : Glenn Dorr, Ann Fitzpatrick, Kerry Mattson

Secretary’s Report: February minutes accepted. First by Barbara Greenwood, seconded by Nancy Gavalis, motion passed.

Treasures Report: George Corette reporting;

  • Reported on balances in various accounts. 
  • Moved to accept report; first by Debbie Doe, 2nd  by Nancy Gavalis, Motion passed.

Librarian’s Report: Debbie Gilbert reporting;

  • To Kill a Mockingbird book discussion being lead by Jonathan Cohen on March 16.
  • Mike McKinley is doing a program on April 10 on Andersonville.
  • Debbie Gilbert and Judy Willson are attending the conference on the up coming summer reading program put on by CHILIS.
  • The yearly audit will be conducted the last two weeks of April.  Debbie Gilbert and George Corrette are working on getting the needed library information prepared.
  • Debbie Gilbert is working on  the State Library report due in April
  • Still selling T-shirts. 


  • Received three birthday cards with checks.  Debbie Gilbert will send out thank you notes.

Old Business –

  • Criminal background check, will wait until the town decides on how they will be using an administrator.  On-Going.
  • Computers to be purchased.   Cost a little more ($500) to get the donated computer setup and running for catalog and screen board.  The 3 new proposed computers would need virus, centurion program, copier driver installed, operating system and service contract.  Two of the older computers will move to front desk, need a little tweaking (wireless to eliminate wires), other moved downstairs to use (not on-line) for games and word processing ($2,000 is the estimated cost of setting up the new computers.)  Bar coding computers will need some electrical work.  New equipment budget will purchase the computers.  Have money for the printer, but would like to hold onto the money to see if the printer will need repairs this year.  Asking for money from the Trustees (investment pool funds can be used). Barbara Greenwood made a motion that $3,000 be transferred into our checking to be used to cover the cost of the computers and set-up., 2nd by Debbie Doe, motion passed.
  • Discussed getting approval to keep the copy money instead of turning it over to the town.  No decision was made.
  • Bar code –There is a 6-week lead time – Plan to use the picture of the historic library on the cards.  Will talk about whether or not we will charge new out of town people for bar code cards at a future meeting.
  • Can still apply for grants, this could call for a special town meeting to receive grant funding.  Can access grant to look at different parts of our needs, such as the entry way (front doors, granite stoop) ($15,000?)  Discussed trying for a Moose plate or ARRA grant.  Moose Plate grants are about $10,000.  It is possible that we could do matching funds from the money given to the library from the town during the 2009 budget year.  Could use money to get rid of building next door.  May have hydraulics issues to consider.  Mark Bucklin thinks we may be able to use the town to assist with taking down the building.  Tear down the building and paving?  Joia Hughes is working on the grant.  May be able to apply for Brownfield funding for cleaning up the lot next-door if the hydraulic lift is still there.  Still pursue getting an ARRA?
  • Ann Getchell is going to come down and look at our plans to see if this is a reasonable project.
  • Our full time library administrator position passed.

New Business –

  • Debbie Doe will continue to be secretary, George Corrette for Treasure, and Wendy Costigan for Chair.  Will address the vice-chair at the next meeting.  1st Barbara Greenwood, 2nd William Barrett, motion passed.
  • Ann Fitzpatrick and Kerry Mattson elected new trustees.
  • Debbie Gilbert will do a new e-mail and address sheet.
  • Letter of thanks to the Friends for all they have done to help with the warrant article and birthday party.  Letter to Roger Nicholls thanking him for his work as the trustees.  Nancy Gavalis will write the notes. 
  • Barbara Greenwood stated that she would write a letter to be published in the newspaper to thank all the people that supported the library warrant article. She asked to have David King write a letter that can address the issue that some of the towns people had regarding the wetlands and concerns about flooding.  Will used the letter to hand out to people or publish in the newspaper. 
  • Do we keep going?  Needed to offer childcare at next town meeting?.  Phone line will call when it is time to vote?  Offer transportation? Information passed out so people will understand how the town meeting is run.
  • Walter Waring– Discussed putting the police and the library together.  Discussed parking needed for library and police.   Concern about using the old building.  We discussed that the architect looked at the idea of going to west of the building, but would cost the same ,and we would get half the space as if we went out the back side. 
  • Debbie Gilbert -  if we kept the plan as it is do we need to have the large windows on the back to (example of things that can get changed) Let’s re-look at the things we can tweak to scale the plan back.  Local contractors stated that in this economy the construction should take less if we get a local person to do a cost estimate of the project.    Barbara Greenwood – made a Motion to do a cost estimate of the project to compare to the one we have from our Architect. 2nd by  Debbie Doe, Motion passed.
  • Barbara Greenwood made a Motion to have the architect look to see what changes can be made to decrease the cost of the project,.  2nd by Debbie Doe, motion passed.

David King – Debbie Gilbert will call him.
Fund raiser – 125 people to give $1,000, 1,000 people to give 125, etc.  Talk to Ken Ivester to get advice.
Quasquicentennial Club- could ask Becky Burke to design a poster.

Meeting adjourned at 6:50pm