Minot-Sleeper Library Meeting – February 8, 2010
Attendance: Roger Nicholls, Nancy Gavalis, Glenn Dorr, George Corette, Debbie Gilbert, Wendy Costigan, Debbie Doe, Barbara Greenwood
Guests: David Mosley,   Joia Hughes, grant writer
Missing William Barrett

Secretary’s Report
: January minutes accepted. First by Barbara Greenwood, seconded by Roger Nicholls, motion passed.

Treasure’s Report
: George Corette reporting;

  • Passed out list of Public Deposit Investment Pool Funds
  • List of T.D. Bank Checking Account up to date.
  • Year 2009 Summary of Library finances as reported to the town for annual Town Report.
  • 10,000 dollars was transferred to building fund from check book.  Building fund account is about $107,000. 
  • BG suggests that we share some of this information with the public.

Moved to accept treasure’s report; first by Roger Nicholls, 2nd  by Nancy Gavalis, Motion passed.

Librarian’s Report
: Debbie Gilbert reporting;

  • Information will be shared during Old Business

Correspondence -  None

Old Business

  • Information presented on criminal background checks discussed during last meeting.  Checked with the “legals” at the Local Government center, official policy is that they do it on their full time staff only; police do their own check.  Debbie also checked with other library, some said they reserve the right to…, Seems to be subjective. Roger Nicholls asked what the school does.  Wendy Costigan reported that they do a background and finger printing check on all staff when they are hired.  Can set up a policy starting now.  Debbie Gilbert wants to talk to other departments in town at a department head meeting to discuss setting up a town policy.  Since we follow the town wide policy it needs to be addressed at the town level.  At this time the towns has a policy but it seems to be subjective. Debbie Gilbert read a note about the background check by the TTCC.
  •  Discussed liability issues, blanket policy under the town’s insurance.    Glenn Dorr discussed getting a statement from the town regarding the policy for the bare liability coverage for the library under the town policy.
  • T-shirts, buttons, brochures – Handed out buttons, would like to get them out to people in Bristol that will wear them to town meeting.  T-shirts are here, $10 per T-shirt. Glenn Dorr asked if it would cost more to make the picture of the library on the T-shirt bigger. .  Talked about making new T-shirts with the addition it when the new addition warrant article passes. 
  •  Debbie Gilbert said it would take another set-up fee of $50.  Trustees said they like the way it was.  Debbie handed out Minot-Sleeper Library brochures to be shared with interest people, handed out at Election Day.    Discussed mailing it out to Bristol registered voters on per household. Suggestion to do a cover letter to include with the brochure. Recommended to make 3,000 copies, full color.  Going to be printed by an on-line printing company recommended by Becky Burke.  Trustees stated that the brochure looks good.  Motion made to buy the brochures, purchase a mailing list and postage for the mailing list.  1st by George Corette, 2nd Barbara Greenwood, motion passed. 
  • 125th Celebration plans; cake to be created by the Cornucopia Bakery, punch will also be served.   Friends are getting balloons to decorate; first 100 people will get a Christmas ornament.  Will be served up-stair, Debbie Gilbert is going to have displays around the library so visitors can move throughout the library.  2 large computer monitors will be used to present PowerPoints.  T-shirts and brochures will be available.   Marsha Morris will be here to cover it for the newspaper, Becky Burke (Town Crier) will be doing an articleFly through – Is done and is on the computer running for patrons to view when they visit the library.

    New Business

    Joia Hughes , the grant writer for the town of Bristol, came to talk about possible grants, USDA workshops Bristol is in an area that can apply for a 35% grant for development cost. Also shared information on loans. USDA has better terms for finance 4% money, loan no pre-payment penalties, 30 years. USDA issues the grant but it is held and administered by a local bank. Moose plate, conservation, arts and culture, and preservation.  Can use grants to pay back this type of loan.  Joia encourages us to apply for the loan and do the warrant article.  Grant loan applications by March 13th.  Moose plate by March 31.  Hand picked something out of the project that can be covered by smaller grants.  Minot was one of the founding fathers of Concord.  Use that part to help with get grants.  Federal Home Loan Investment Bank is another idea.  Start with Grant Loan Application.  Need letters of support.   Address “to whom it may concern.”  Debbie Gilbert understands and will direct. 
  • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation has two types of grants.  Express grants and committee impact grants
  • Discussed the language of the warrant article, includes the top level and a way to pay it off.  Agree to keep the warrant article as written.  Encourage Debbie Gilbert to share that with the town manager.  Let him know that we are committed to looking for other means of raising money.  1.7 million dollar project; want to reduce it with donations and grants to pay off principle. 
  • 23rd of February doing presentation for the Lions Club at 7 pm.  They are trying to get on the Rotary Club agenda.  Want to make personnel contact before the end of February.  David Mosley suggested that it would be good to set up a time during the hours that the library would be open to invited people to attend a presentation.  Need to set up dates.  February 18th for bond hearing 6 pm in front of the board, they want the presentation to be showen. 
  • Patron ID cards – We are on-line!  We have an on-line catalog.  Have not started using it to check-out books. We need to purchase patron ID card, a key chain and bar code sticker to put on the patron ID card. About 90 cent per person, need to order 2,500.  If we order right away we can get a 20% discount. Most libraries do charge a fee to replace a lost one about $3 per card. Motion made to purchase the Patron ID cards using funding from check book and charge a fee of $3 to replace lost cards.. 1st by Roger Nicholls,  2nd by Barbara Greenwood.  Motion passed
  • Discussed charging other towns for videos.  George Corette said that he feels that we get more money by donations.  Also discussed the $25 fee for out of district people that use the library, thinking about changing it to $5 dollars.  This could also help to build a mailing list.  Glenn Dorr suggested placing the fact that we are a free library on the cards. No decisions were made.
  • David talked about the Computers to be purchased on this year’s budget.  He stated that he would be able to get them for $619 each, with a full one years service warranty.  We could get three through blue, red, green so the patrons can be directed to a free computer using the color as an indicator.  A town wide spending freeze is in affect discussed how can we purchase the computer at this time.  A motion was made that the trustees use their finances to purchase three computers at $1860, and when the spending freeze is lifted the new library budget will reimburse the trustees. 1stby Barbara Greenwood, 2nd by Nancy Gavalis.  Motion Passed.
  • March meeting will be postpone to the third Tuesday in March, the 16th.
  • This is Roger Nicholls and Barbara Greenwood’s last day.  Thank you for your years of service to the library.

Meeting adjourned at 5:35