Town Accountant
Address 230 Lake Street Bristol, NH 03222
Telephone 603-744-3354
Fax 603-744-2521
Meetings 1st Monday of January, April, July & October at 5:30 pm at the TTCC
Minutes Meeting Minutes

Committee Members  
Dan MacLean
Les Dion
Christina Goodwin
Barbara Greenwood
Peter Cofran
Scott Doucette
Shane Tucker
Mark Bucklin
Kellie Jenkins
Dorcas Gordon
Request to Use Town Property
Kelley Park Rules Park Hours 8 am - 9 pm Tennis Court (Tennis Only and No Skateboarding Please) Please pick up after your dog Pick up Your Trash No Alcohol or Glass Containers No Smoking Kelly Park Parking Only - No Overnight Parking Please Report all Issues/Vandalism to TTCC at 744-2713