Town Accountant

Land Use Manager – Christina Goodwin

Planning/Zoning/Historic District - Administrative Assistant – Jan Laferriere

Land Use Planner - TBD

Address 230 Lake Street Bristol, NH 03222
Telephone 603-744-3354
Fax 603-744-2521
Hours Seasonal

Meeting Minutes

Historic District's Website

Note:  The filing times for hearings shall be 1:00 pm on the date listed on the meeting schedule and filing dates.

All applications are subject to the Board's discretion.

Commission Members  
Clay Dingman - Chair and Planning Board Rep
Sandra Heaney - Vice Chair
Dorcas Gordon
Richard Laflamme
Don Milbrand - Select Board Representative
Filing Dates/Deadlines/Fees - Please note that Applications to the Zoning Board have specific deadlines for filing the application in order to have a hearing. A project could take at minimum 30 days to get through the process.  
Abutter's Guide
Filing Dates and Application Deadlines
Land Use Fees
Certificate of Approval Process
General Guidelines for Design
Historic District Application for Certificate of Approval