November 11, 2008






AGENDA:                   CONT. COA:  DOUG VOELBEL/SARA SHATTUCK, 16 Pleasant Street, #114-190


                                    PCC:  Patrick Legare


                                    WORKSHOP:  GUIDELINES/BYLAWS



ATTEND:                    Clay Dingman (Chairman), Larry Douglas (Vice-Chair.), Dorcas Gordon, Sandra Heaney,


ABSENT:                    Rick Alpers (Sel. Rep.), Mark Greenwood (alternate), Robin Fitzgerald (alternate)


OTHER:                       -----



The meeting opened at 7:00 pm.    



            Mr. Dingman explained that a PCC (Preliminary Conceptual Consultation) is not binding on either the applicant or the commission.  However, the commission will give the best information that they can. 

            Mr. Legare presented a copy of the proposed sign and stated that he intends on using the same colors, lights, dimensions, etc. as “Taste of Italy” had and his sign will be in the same location (also the same as the previous “Central Square Market” sign).  It will be wood; in fact, it is the same sign that Central Square Market had. 

            Mr. Dingman asked if Mr. Legare met with Michelle Bonsteel, Code Enforcement Officer and Mr. Legare stated that he did.  He got a temporary sign permit from her and she told him that he needed to renew it in 14 days.  Mr. Dingman stated that Ms. Bonsteel has been very busy lately and has been working on the sign ordinance so may have forgotten that the Historic District regulations allow a temporary sign for 60 days while their Certificate of Approval is in process. 

            Mr. Legare said that the sign is to be 14’ x 28” and of wood.  Mr. Dingman thought the size to be fine and wood is also fine.  He mentioned that, when Mr. Legare comes into the hearing, he should come in with a drawing or picture of the façade showing the placement of the sign.  He added that the sign should be harmonious with the


HDC Minutes



LEGARE PCC continued:

other buildings there and it should be legible.  He suggested that the art depicting the lobster and the piece of pizza by moved to the ends so that the printing is more legible.

Ms. Heaney added that it might help to think about old signs that were hand done.  Mr. Legare stated that the sign will be hand painted and the commission felt that this would be great.  Mr. Douglas added that a simple sign is easier for the patrons to read, as well. 

Mr. Dingman suggested that an actual apostrophe, instead of a computer mark, be placed in “Pat’s”.  He added that, one thing that the commission does not want is vinyl glued to the board.



            As Mr. Dingman, Ms. Heaney, and Mr. Douglas shall all be unavailable for the Dec. 9th meeting, a change of meeting was discussed.  The secretary had learned that the meeting room is available Dec. 16 and 23.  Following discussion (with Mr. Legare, as well), it was felt that Dec. 16th would be fine.

            S. Heaney made a MOTION, second by C. Dingman, to HOLD THE HISTORIC DISTRICT MEETING ON DECEMBER 16, 2008.  The motion CARRIED.

            Mr. Legare was thanked for coming in.



            Mr. Dingman read Mr. Weston’s e-mail which explained that Mr. Legare had come in to see him and was very upset about the process just to get a sign.  The commission felt that a packet with a clear outline of information could be done but usually people do not read what they receive.  The process starts with Ms. Bonsteel before coming to the HDC secretary.  The application, pertinent paperwork, including abutters list and plans, plus fees are completed with Ms. Bonsteel.  Our secretary then sets up the schedule and gets out the notifications, etc. as required.  Any safety issues are under the direction of the Fire Chief.  Mr. Dingman has answered the e-mail explaining this. 



            The following amendment was made:  Page 3, 3rd line following: Commission needs alternates.”, delete the rest of the paragraph which has no relationship to this meeting (the secretary was not sure how this got included but said that it does happen sometimes and she usually catches it). 

            S. Heaney made a MOTION, second by D. Gordon, to APPROVE THE MINUTES AS AMENDED.  The motion CARRIED.




HDC Minutes




            Mr. Dingman wanted to be certain that the quorum be changed from 4 to 5  on page 4.  The commission agreed.

            L. Douglas made a MOTION, second by D. Gordon, to AMEND PAGE 4, SECTION 4, QUORUM, FROM FOUR (4) TO THREE (3) MEMBERS.  The motion CARRIED.

            The secretary had several other corrections she felt needed to be looked at: 

            Page 1, Article II, Section 1, Membership, first line, following “(5)” insert “including one ex-officio”.  Section 2, Terms of Members, the terms of all members and alternate members are for three years on a staggered basis (2 the first year, 2 the second, and 1 the third). 

            Page 3, Article IV, Section 2, Regular meetings, delete the last sentence as these cases will be determined as they come up.  The Planning Board meets the second Wednesday of the month.

            Page 5, Article V, Section 1, Application, first line, change “Secretary” to “Code Enforcement Officer”.

            Page 6, Article V, Section 2, Communications to Commission, last line, replace “Hall” with “Office”.  Article VI, Notice: 1, 2nd line, replace “approved by the Commission” to “within sufficient time to meet the State time requirement” and after “and by” insert “public notice by”.  3rd line, replace “ten (10) days” with “24 hours” as allowed by State law for postings.  Delete the paragraph beginning “NOTE: R.S.A.”.

Notice 2., 2nd line, replace “ten (10)” with “fifteen (15)” and replace “fixed for submission of the application to the Commission.” With “of the public hearing.”

            Page 7, delete all of “NOTE: R.S.A.”.

            Page 8, Decisions: 1, 2nd line, replace “90” with “45”.  Decisions:2., last line, replace “RSA 676:4” with “RSA 676.9”.  Decisions: 3, 1st & 2nd line, replace “72 hours” with “144 hours”.  Article VIII, Records: 2, 3rd line, replace “144 hours” with “5 business days”.

            S. Heaney made a MOTION, second by L. Douglas, to AMEND THE BYLAWS AS DETERMINED (See above).  The motion CARRIED.  The secretary will type up the bylaws as amended.



            Not counting punctuation corrections, the commission went over the rough draft of the Guidelines for Design. 

            Page 1, A. Signage, 1.:  Eliminate the 2nd sentence. 

            Page 3, 11., Illumination, 1st line, after “permitted” Mr. Dingman is to list examples.  Delete the sentence beginning with “Gooseneck” and change “Luminaries” to “Lighting”.  Under 14, Materials, 4th  line, Mr. Dingman will add examples after “components”. 

            Page 6, F. Doors, 2nd line, insert “the commission’s” before “overall” and 7th line, separate the section beginning with “Door hardware”.



HDC Minutes



GUIDELINES continued:

            Page 7, I. Masonry, 1st line, insert “of” after “number”.

            Page 9, O. Siding, 6th line, Ms. Heaney is to insert something for “green” useable materials (after “groove siding”). 

            Page 10, S. Fences and Walls, 3rd and 4th lines, delete the remainder of the sentence beginning with “the later more”, 8th line, Ms. Heaney is to come up with wording for wrought iron fences.  11th line, following “individual” insert “or cut granite block or brick”.  13th line, replace “districts” with “district”.

            Page 11, it was thought that the reference to the Town’s Zoning Ordinance for additional regulations should end there and be a general guide.

            Mr. Dingman and Ms Heaney shall collaborate on the items that Ms. Heaney was assigned and then Mr. Dingman will complete a corrected draft for next meeting.  He will correct the grammar as well and send copies. 



            Ms Shattuck is still waiting her sign design from Ms. Bush. 

            S. Heaney made a MOTION, second by D. Gordon, to CONTINUE THE HEARING FOR SARA SHATTUCK TO DECEMBER 16, 2008.  The motion CARRIED.





NEXT MEETING:  The next meeting will be Dec. 16th.  We have the Legare hearing and the continued hearing for Shattuck.  There is still time to add to the agenda (to 11/24).  We shall also continue work on the guidelines.


With no other business, S. Heaney made a motion, second by L. Douglas, to adjourn at 8:45 pm.


                                                            Respectfully submitted,

                                                            Jan Laferriere, secretary.