Highway Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

Crosswalk review

5/2/07  9:00am


The Highway safety committee members met and toured the town to review crosswalks in preparation for annual painting of lines.


The committee agreed the bike path crosswalk should not be painted until it is permitted by the state due to liability reasons. This area is not currently approved or engineered for pedestrian crossing and the committee felt that if the town painted a crosswalk without such approval and an accident were to occur the town could be held liable. Speeds in this area and the existence of a sharp corner reducing visibility are elements not conducive to a crosswalk. Currently there are stop signs installed at the intersection for pedestrians so that it is clear that vehicles have the right away and pedestrians must stop and look before crossing the road.


The committee agreed that the crosswalk in front of the Cheerful Garden restaurant should remain the same until the route 3A repaving project in 2009. In 2009, the committee recommends that the state consider granite curbing which would allow for one curbside parking spot in front of Cheerful Garden and several in the area in front of Gilley’s restaurant.


The crosswalk in front of the sidewalk café discontinued last year the committee agreed should remain discontinued.


The committee agreed the crosswalks should remain which cross in front of Lakes Region Chiropractor to the TD Bank North parking lot and the crosswalk from the TD bank north lot to the Beno retirement home as a blinking safety light was already installed in this area.


The committee discussed the possible addition of a crosswalk crossing from Lakes Region Chiropractor across to the small traffic island and then across towards the Beno retirement home. The committee unanimously agreed the traffic island was not large enough to provide safe haven for pedestrians, the length of the crosswalk was too long in an area where there are too many possible vehicular movements (cars entering and exiting as well as blind spots). The committee recommends that this area be reviewed for redesign with the state.


No other changes to current crosswalks were discussed.


Action item-

The committee recommends a letter be sent to Manor Estates stating they must cease and desist use of the crosswalk in front of their property as it is not a permitted crosswalk. The state will not allow the town to permit the crosswalk in front of the Shackett store-which is a public crossing-until the illegal crosswalk in front of Manor Estates has been discontinued.


Action item:

The committee recommends the highway manager consider signage indicating pedestrian crossing be installed as you approach some of the busier crosswalks in the downtown area.



While reviewing crosswalks the committee discussed the sidewalks in the area of the Tapply Thompson Center and elementary school and noted that there are serious grade issues that will need to be addressed when and if these sidewalks are rebuilt.