Town of Bristol Energy Committee Meeting


The energy committee met at 3:30 this date. In attendance were; Chairperson Lucille Keegan ,Sarah Shattuck,Don Martin, Michelle Bonsteel,George Corette, and Ron Giles.

Lucille presented , for our adoption,  the mission statement of the energy committee. All agreed with the statement and voted unanimously to adopt it.

A suggestion was made that as the Town of Plymouth has had a successful energy committee for some time ,that we ask permission for one of our committee members to attend one of their meetings.

During our “brainstorming” , several ideas were forwarded that might make the Town buildings more energy efficient. Among them were the use of foam insulating pads behind wall outlets, install/ replace weather stripping, and caulk around windows, change to all CFL light bulbs, and install power strips that can be easily turned off at the end of the work day, particularly on computers.

A committee member noted that during his travels down route 10, he noticed an array of wind turbines in the town of Goshen or Lempster. Committee members will investigate and see if such an installation might benefit our town.

It was noted that the town of Berlin, NH, also had wind turbines running.

We were reminded that in changing from incandescent light bulbs to CFL`s, certain precautions must be observed, in the handling of CFL`s.It was further noted that there are several collection points in the area, that are equipped to dispose of CFL bulbs.

 Hydro power had been discussed in previous meetings, and we have contacted a person with extensive experience in water power. It was his opinion that the installation of such a system would be cost prohibitive.

It was further noted that now is a perfect time to perhaps get building improvements completed as some contractors are accepting “no- profit” jobs, simply to stay in business.

“On Demand “ hot water heaters should  be considered for town buildings that need hot water. They are known to be much more efficient than electric or propane heaters.Present hot water heaters in the buildings run all weekend, and at night when no one is there.”On Demand” heaters only run when there is a demand on the system, then shut off.

Further discussions revolved around replacing town vehicles with energy efficient vehicles, instead of high gasoline consumption vehicles.

Respectfully submitted,  Ron Giles, secretary