PRESENT: Leslie Dion, Clair Moorhead, Christina McClay, Joe Denning, Gylene Salmon, Barbara Greenwood, Debbie Gilbert

Inspection report of concession stand from Michele Bonsteel

  • Should have M. Bonsteel talk directly to Skip Moyer about outside outlets at the pavilion

Christina McClay asked if we should start posting our minutes to the town website.  It was decided that yes, we should get the committee and the minutes added to the website.

Review of draft of Peddler’s Permit Application:

  • Suggested adding the RSA to #3
  • Add in parenthesis, see attached exemptions or ordinances
  • Blanket permit (i.e. TTCC for OHD) would include crafters but not food venders
  • Food venders have to go through the town permit process
  • Would bake sales for OHD require permits?
  • Discussed the difference between for profit and not for profit
  • Raffles have to go through town permit process and HAS to be non-profit.

Claire Moorhead presented the schedule of concerts

  • Les Dion has signed contracts from first three
  • It was decided that the emergency contact # for concert night would be the library as it is open until 8 pm
  • Contact person should meet the band at the pavilion
  • Clair will remind the remaining bands to send in their signed contracts
  • Contact person will get checks to pay the band
  • Contracts are between the band and the town
  • The town will pay the bands. Greg Gorski will donate to the TTCC for the concert series and the TTCC will reimburse the town for the actual expenses
  • Contracts should go to Christina McClay so that she can get them to the Town Accountant for payment
  • Christina McClay will have checks cut for a month of concerts at a time
  • Checklist for concert night for contact person
  • Gylene will check into press pass style of ID badge for contact person to be worn the night of the concert

Advertising for Concert series: Claire shared with the committee what was done last year

  • Posters from Venture Print – color
  • Flyers were printed at the town office
  • Weekly adds in the Penny Saver, changed weekly according to band playing
  • Ads in the Weirs Times, Enterprise and Newfound Voice
  • Claire will put together a proposal to do the advertising based on last year
  • After paying the bands, there should be about $1700 left for advertising and paying Claire Moorhead

T-Shirt Guy –

  • Will make $2.00 donation for everything sold
  • Is willing to work with us on our preprinted shirts, possibly a fee for tie dying.
  • We could sell our shirts and offer the option of having it tie dyed.
  • Les Dion will contact him and iron out the details
  • It was suggested that we order 48 shirts is assorted sizes and sell them for $10
  • Left chest will have OHD Seal and 2010
  • Back will have concert series listed and Shop & Save as the sponsor
  • We will ask Becky Burke if she would help with the design
  • Profit from sale of shirts will go in the BCEC special account

Fourth of July Parade and Fireworks

  • Saturday July 3rd
  • Line up at Freudenberg at 9:30 am
  • Joe Denning reported that the fundraising for the fireworks is going well
  • Fireworks will be on July 3rd at dusk at the foot of the lake

Old Home Day

  • Mike Lewis met with Karen Schaffner about the proposed 5K
  1. There will be about 50 runners and if they keep to the sidewalks there should be no big impact on traffic
  2. Traffic cones should be sufficient
  3. Proceeds from the race will go the High School Football Field
  4. It is an unofficial 5K
  5. Dead River is going to sponsor their t-shirts
  • The Lions will have a food concession
  • Craft fair info can go out anytime
  • Place notice on town website for OHD that interested food venders contact the town office and interested crafters contact the TTCC
  • The Baptist Church inquired about the use of the tent.  It was questioned if there should be a charge and then suggested a possible donation to help defray the cost of the tent.  There was also a question as to whether they would need an assembly permit.
  • Les Dion will go ahead and reserve the tent.
  • Les Dion will check about the ReMax balloon
  • Joe Denning will check about pony rides
  • We will not be able to get The Way of the Woods exhibit
  • Softball event this year? 
  • Inflatables: Party People?
  • Friday Night Movie Event?
  • Fire Dept Spaghetti Supper?  Les Dion will check
  • Kids Crafts under the tent?
  • Chamber/Bingo under the tent?

Farmer’s Market

  • It has been determined that it is not a school sanctioned event and should be going through the town permit process
  • Would need written permission to use school property in order to issue a permit
  • Les Dion will talk with Marie Ross about the issues

It was decided that there will be no Town Wide Yard Sale this year, maybe a flea market in Kelly Park next year.

Received committee resignation from Kathleen Girona.

Next meeting is 6/4 at 10:30 am at the TTCC

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Gilbert