Use of Town Property Permits
Permit Number Applicant Business/Organization Location Date(s) of event Conditions Approved Date Denied Date
16-001U Richard Leupo Roadside Grill, LLC Bike Path and any other approved location by the Select Board throughout the permit term 5/1/16 to 11/1/16 1. For participation in any events that impact traffic - must contact the Police Chief one prior to event. 2. If any open burning, must have a fire permit issued by the Fire Department. 3. Must limit the blocking of parking spaces at the Bike Path parking lot.  4/27/2016 N/A
16-002U Brenda Clayton Friends of Newfound Drama Old Town Hall 11/25/16 and 11/26/16 1. Real Trees cannot be displayed inside with lighting. 2. Building is reserved from 11/23/16 through 11/27/16. 3. Sign board should be left in building when event is complete. 4. Building must be cleaned of debris and garbage related to your event. 10/1/2016 N/A