Raffle Permits Issued 
Permit Number Applicant Non-Profit (Y/N) Permit Description Date/Time/Place of Drawing Approved Date Denied Date
17-001 Stephanie Wiencek obo Newfound Regional HS Y 50/50 Raffle to benefit musical and scholarship   1-14-17, 4-7-17, 4-8-17 - one act plays, spring musical  10/20/2016 N/A
17-002 Jonathan Young obo Newfound Regional HS Ski Team Y 3/$5.00 raffle for lift tickets to raise money to purchase uniforms 2-24-17, 2:30pm, NRHS 1/23/2017 N/A
17-003 Newfound Area Senior Services obo Grafton County Senior Citizens Council Y Weekly raffles to support activity endeavors Various dates/every Tuesday at noon and other events as scheduled 2/1/2017 N/A
17-004 Megan Guldner obo NRHS - Scotland/Ireland Tour Group Y Calendar style raffle to support students in covering the costs associated with the trip. 3-7-17, 3pm, NRHS 2/2/2017 N/A
17-005 Susan Moore obo NRHS - Class of 2018 Y Raffle of a "Prom Basket" to defray costs of 2017 prom. 2-21-17 and 2-23-17, 6:30 pm, NRHS 2/6/2017 N/A
17-006 Jan Collins obo Newfound Pathways Y Raffle of a bike and other bike related items to help fund "off road trails" around Newfound Lake and make the current roads safer. 5-20-17, 2:00 pm, Kelley Park 3/9/2017 N/A
17-007 Paul Fitzgerald obo Go Gray in May 5K  Y Raffle tickets for donated prizes with all proceeds sent to the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) 4-29-17, 11:00 am, Kelley Park 3/10/2017 N/A
17-008 Les Dion obo Tapply-Thompson Community Center  Y Multiple raffles throughout the year to support non-profit recreation department. Various dates throughout year 3/23/2017 N/A
17-009 Lucille Keegan obo Bristol Historical Society Y Raffle to raise funds for building a kitchen in the Old Town Hall. 3-25-17, 10:00 pm, Old Town Hall 3/23/2017 N/A
17-010 Bryan Richardson obo Friends of Newfound Football Y Raffles to raise funds for supporting football for NRHS and NMMS. Varies throughout 2017 season 4/5/2017 N/A
17-011 Jeff Ford obo Bristol Fire Company Y Raffles to raise funds for supporting families and the Fire Department Varies throughout 2017 season 6/8/2017 N/A
17-012 James Lebaron Y Cash calendar to defray cost of French Club trip to France October 2017 12/31/2017 N/A
17-013 Lillian Colby obo NRHS Student Council Y Raffle in support of projects for the Student Council. August 5 / 3:00 pm / Making it in Bristol event 8/1/2017 N/A
17-014 Philip Taub obo Swimming with a Mission, Inc Y Raffle to support Veterans November 11 / 11:00 am / Skips Gun Shop 8/4/2017 N/A
17-015 Katie LaRoche obo Dancing Feet Studios Y Raffle with proceeds to go towards dance scholarships August 5 - Making it in Bristol and August 26 - Bristol's Old Home Day 8/4/2017 N/A
17-016 Jan Laferriere obo Bristol UCC Women's Fellowship Y Raffle to earn funds for on-going church needs and community donations August 26 - Bristol's Old Home Day / 3:00 pm 8/16/2017 N/A
17-017 Ethan Pruett obo NRHS 2018 Class Officers Y 50/50 Raffle - proceeds will be used for graduation costs November 17 & 18 / NRHS 11/16/2017 N/A
17-018 Jennifer Flood Mackay obo BES PTCO Y Raffle - proceeds go to the needs of the students (events, supplies, etc) November 18 / BES / 12:30 pm 11/16/2017 N/A
17-019 Craig Wilkins obo NRHS Alpine Ski Team Y Raffle to purchase team apparel December 18 / NRHS / 11:00 am  11/16/2017 N/A
17-020 Stephanie Wiencek obo Newfound Drama Y Raffle proceeds to go toward Newfound Drama events and scholarships November 25 / OTH  11/21/2017 N/A