Raffle Permits Issued 
Permit Number Applicant Non-Profit (Y/N) Permit Description Date/Time/Place of Drawing Approved Date Denied Date
15-001 Tapply-Thompson Community Center Y Various Fundraising throughout the year for programs and activities Varies - 2015 2/26/2015 N/A
15-002 Newfound Area Senior Services/Grafton County Senior Citizens Council Y Various Fundraising throughout the year for programs and activities Varies - 2015 3/9/2015 N/A
15-003 Paul Fitzgerald obo Go Gray in May 5K  Y Raise fund for Brain Tumor Awareness May 2, 2015 (after race) Kelley Park 3/26/2015 N/A
15-004 Newfound Regional HS - Drama Dept Y Theater Scholarship Fund 4/17 & 4/18 - 8:30pm - NRHS 4/17/2015 N/A
15-005 Les Dion obo Bristol Rotary Club Y Community project raffle to raise funds for local projects 7/31/2015 Time and Place TBD 5/1/2015 N/A
15-006 Bristol Fire Company Y Raffles to fund the Fire companies mission Varies - 2015 5/1/2015 N/A
15-007 Bristol Lion's Club Y Raffles to fund programs and activities throughout the year.  Varies - 2015 1/1/2015 N/A
15-008 Friends of Newfound Football Y Raffles throughout football season to support maintenance and upkeep of the football field. Varies - 2015 7/14/2015 N/A
15-009 Bill Cox Y Raffles to support band expenses - sheet notes etc 9/19/15 - 1:00pm - Music Clinic Belmont 8/13/2015 N/A
15-010 Garlyn Manganiello obo Newfound Area Charitable Fund Y Raffle to be raised for Voices Against Violence and Newfound Audobon Center on Newfound Lake 9/5/15 - 12:00pm - 1777 Lake Street 8/21/2015 N/A
15-011 Susan Colby obo 8th Grade DC Trip Y Raffle to raise proceeds for the 8th Grade DC trip 8/29/15 - 4:00pm - Kelley Park  8/26/2015 N/A
15-012 Lucille Keegan obo Bristol Historical Society Y Proceed to support work of Historical Society 8/29/15 - 4:00pm - Kelley Park  8/28/2015 N/A
15-013 Susan Seaverns obo NASD Project Promise Y Fundraiser to support after school programs 10/29/15 - 5:30pm - Kelley Park 9/29/2015 N/A
15-014 Carl Anderson, Jr obo NRHS Ski Team Y Fundraiser to purchase team clothing  1/8/16 - 12:00pm - Ragged Mountain  12/3/2015 N/A