Raffle Permits Issued 
Permit Number Applicant Non-Profit (Y/N) Permit Description Date/Time/Place of Drawing Approved Date Denied Date
13-001 Matthew Learner OBO NRHS Drama Y 50/50 Raffle to support Peter Pan  4/12 and 4/13 at Play 4/9/2013 N/A
13-002 Joe Denning OBO Bristol Lions Club Y Raffles throughout the year to support charitable activities of the Lions Club Varies  4/16/2013 N/A
13-003 Alan Merrified OBO NRHS Class of 2016 Y Raising funds for Prom and Class Trip 5/15 at NRHS 4/19/2013 N/A
13-004 Minot-Sleeper Library Y Proceeds from raffles will be used to fund special Library programs and purchase materials. Varies - Expires 12/31/13 5/24/2013 N/A
13-005 Greg Gorski obo Bristol Rotary Club Y Proceeds from raffls will promote local community groups and projects Varies - Expires 12/31/13 5/31/2013 N/A
13-006 Cynthia Rogers obo Bristol Fire Company Y Rasie money for the purchase of fire equipment/uniforms Varies - Expires 12/31/13 6/5/2013 N/A
13-007 Ann Howell obo NRHS - Study Tour Y Raffles to help off set cost of trip to Ireland/Scotland in April 2014 - educational tour Varies - Expires 12/31/13 6/6/2013 N/A
13-008 Leslie Dion obo Bristol Recreation Advisory Council dba TTCC Y Raffles to offset program costs and help with scholarships and building projects Varies - Expires 12/31/13 6/21/2013 N/A
13-009 JH Ford obo American Legion Post 26 Y Raffle to offset costs of the post's junior legion baseball team 7/16/2013  7pm 6/11/2013 N/A
13-010 Bryan Richardson, Sr.  Y Raffle to support purchase of football equipment and/or supplies needed to build and maintain the NRHS Football field Varies - Expires 12/31/13 7/1/2013 N/A
13-011 Kathleen Haskell obo Holy Trinity/St. Timothy's Women's Club Y Raffle to support civic and parish charitable organizations  Expires 7/22/13 7/12/2013 N/A
13-012 Matthew Learned obo NRHC Soccer Y Raffle to support soccer team Expires 8/18/13 8/14/2013 N/A
13-013 Jennifer Simon obo Bristol Elementary School Y  Raffles to benefit student activity fund Expires 12/31/13 9/3/2013 N/A
13-014 Jennifer Simon obo Cub Scouts  Y Raffles to raise money for the packs Expires 12/31/13 9/3/2013 N/A
13-015 Don White - NRHS Student Council Y Prize calendar to raise money for student council treasury Expires 2/2/14 10/29/2013 N/A
13-016 Alan Merrified OBO NRHS Class of 2016 Y Raising money for future activities by raffling off ski passes, gift baskets, gift certs Expires 12/14/13 11/15/2013 N/A