May 18, 2010



                                                REVIEW SYSTEM OF PRIORITIES
                                                UPDATE ANY NEW EXPENDITURES
                                                BEGIN LISTING CAPITAL EXPENDITURES FOR 2011
ATTENDING:            Murray Campbell (Chairman), Bob Gilbert, David Hill, Don Milbrand, Dan Paradis

The meeting opened at 7:00 p.m. 

The following amendments were made:  Throughout change “Capitol” to “Capital”.
Page 1, 7th paragraph, 2nd line, replace “Water/Waste Water” with Town General”.  Last line, replace “each” with “some” and add an “s” to “department”.  Page 2, 1st sentence should be eliminated.  6th paragraph, 2nd line, replace “down town” with “downtown”.  12th paragraph, last line, replace “should” with “would”.  Page 3, 5th paragraph, 1st line, replace “Corp” with “Corps” and last line, do the same.

D. Hill made a motion, second by D. Milbrand, to approve the minutes as amended.  The motion carried.

Mr. Hill and Mr. Campbell attended this meeting and Mr. Campbell feels assured that we shall get a better reception this next time when we present the new Capital Improvements Plan.  Mr. Hill said that one member felt it was a waste.  Mr. Campbell added that Paul Simard was in favor and Dorcas Gordon felt that we are too soft and should reject some requests.  Jon Thouin felt that equipment should only be appropriated in the year that it is needed.  Mr. Campbell agreed to work more closely with the Budget Committee and perhaps can visit again in August.


CIP Minutes
REPORTS continued:
Mr. Paradis, Mr. Hill, Mr. Campbell, and, of course, Mr. Milbrand (as a Selectman) attended this meeting.  Mr. Campbell stated that the Selectmen were for an all-encompassing system of reserve funds and later withdrew that idea.  Mr. Milbrand explained that the all-encompassing would be for a lump sum of money and then allocating it to the various departments as the need came up.  Mr. Gilbert thought that the populace would be more comfortable with a designated reserve.  Mr. Paradis added that it would be viewed as a slush fund.  Mr. Campbell said that this would worry him.  He sited the case of the $10,000 allocated for Downtown which was used for T-V and advertising.  Mr. Milbrand agrees that it should be specific.  Mr. Gilbert felt that Capital Reserves are good in a lot of ways; it saves bonds, for one.  However, the populace at the time would be the ones to front the money.  Mr. Paradis felt that they should take the long approach.  Some of the populace would be benefited by funds allocated before they came to town.
The discussion continued.

Mr. Gilbert asked if a combination of Capital Reserve Funds and Bonds would be beneficial.  Mr. Paradis said that he could see that being so.  A lot would depend on the interest rates.  Mr. Hill said that Capital Reserves are hard at first but becomes a habit.  We would need to juggle the timing.  Mr. Paradis felt that we could limit how much is to go into Capital Reserve each year.  Mr. Hill thought it should be limited to one per Department at the most.  Mr. Paradis agreed that it will take juggling.  Mr. Milbrand added that Jeff Shackett made that point at the meeting.

Mr. Paradis, Mr. Hill, and Mr. Campbell attended.  Mr. Campbell stated that, in general, they have new covers on the separators, a new conveyor cover, and improvements to the building for maintenance and storage.  Mr. Paradis had not visited last year and commented on the Lab being a big change.  Mr. Campbell added that there are new footings at the Storm Center house and they are blasting ledge in preparation of the new booster station.  He noted that we have received 3 Capital Reserve requests:  Sewer to the Lake (Mr. Milbrand said that they are working on the initial offer of this grant), the Water Storage Tank, and the Water/Sewer Lines in Central Square. 

Mr. Gilbert questioned the prices listed which don’t add up.  Mr. Milbrand thought this is due to a grant.  Mr. Campbell directed the members to not get too serious as we shall have the Dept. Heads in and can look at this at that time.




CIP Minutes
REPORTS continued:
Mr. Campbell stated that they need to replace Ambulance 1, which as 136,000 miles on it.  Moving the box over is not effective nor possible.  Ambulance 2 is in reasonable shape, with 56,000 miles on it.  They have replaced a shackle on it.  Engine 4 has had $4,000 spent on a new pump.  Engine 2 has no concerns.  The Ladder takes care of itself for now.  Engine 2 is now the first responder with the Ladder next for water, rescue, and ventilation.  If it is a chimney fire, the Ladder is first.  They have no problems with the suburban, have 20 new oxygen masks, and the new compressor is in.  It will be used for us and also to fill equipment for other towns as income.  The Forestry vehicle is in sad shape.  Rescue 1 is for water rescue and to house the old oxygen masks.  The Department will be applying for a Generator on a 50-50 grant.  They felt that they can move some of the equipment to a later purchase time.

Mr. Paradis stated that he was pleased to see that Steve Yannuzzi, Fire Chief, is willing to listen to what the CIP committee has to say and that he is also willing to do maintenance on the vehicles.  He knows his stuff.  Mr. Campbell and Mr. Hill both mentioned that the front parking lot needs re-paving and that the drains are depressed.  Mr. Hill asked if the Highway Dept. can help with the drains and Mr. Milbrand stated that they will do whatever they can.  Mr. Paradis added that he would respect Highway Superintendent, Mark Bucklin’s judgement on this. 
Mr Campbell asked if there is a better way to set priorities.  At present we have #1 for the coming year, #2 for 2012-2014, #3 for 2015-2017, and #4 beyond that.  He mentioned the Water/Waste Water tank as an example.  Mr. Paradis thought that we might have a #5 for something that is premature.  Mr. Hill felt that it should be simplified with #1 for immediate need, #2 within the next couple of years, and #3 for anything beyond.  A discussion followed.
Mr. Paradis asked if there should be an estimate made of grant money.  Mr. Campbell said that this amount could be placed in the reimbursement section.  They discussed the CIP starting point.  Mr. Gilbert stated that the Selectmen should be responsible for placing the town buildings into the CIP.  Mr. Milbrand felt that, perhaps, the new Town Administrator would handle that.  Mr. Paradis stated that the needs are there and we need an advocate for the buildings.  Mr. Campbell stated that the committee will carry on the present system and should add the off-setting revenues.


CIP Minutes
Mr. Campbell stated that the 4 x 4 is being purchased for about $32,500 in 2010.  They want a cruiser every year.  Mr. Gilbert felt that it should be recommended that they do maintenance and stretch them out as the Fire Dept. is doing.  Mr. Campbell stated that, in the past, the town rejected buying one so now we have 2 cruisers with over 100,000 miles on them.  We need to replace them on a set schedule.  The 4 x 4 is only needed in the winter months so has less miles on it.  Mr. Gilbert mentioned that it would get more salt deterioration.  Mr. Hill asked if we have just one unmarked cruiser and was told we have two, the Chief’s and on call.  A discussion was held as to what should be done with the older vehicle.  Mr. Milbrand reminded the committee that our job is to take whatever is submitted to us and get it on a schedule. 
Mr. Hill asked about the computer upgrade.  Mr. Milbrand answered that, so far, it is in the regular budget. 
Mr. Campbell determined to skip over Public Works as we are to meet with them next Thursday at 9:00 am.
Mr. Campbell started with Engine 4 and said that Chief Yannuzzi said 3 years and pushed it out to 2017.  Mr. Hill and Mr. Paradis felt, as his written request does not show this, that we should tentatively place all equipment as requested and adjust as necessary later.  It was noted that the year of purchase amount should be listed as Current Revenues instead of in Capital Reserve Fund in all cases.
Engine 2 will be left as is as it is not due for replacement until 2031.  Ambulance 1: The Capital Reserve for 2010 was rejected.  Replacement schedule is 2012 with $118,000 reserved for 2011 and the final $118,000 in 2012.  Ambulance 2 is slated for replacement in 2017 with capital reserve starting in 2014.  The request for Hydraulic Tools is for one set to be replaced in 2017.  Repair and Paving is requested for 2011 for $19,000.  We received photos showing this need.  The Suburban is asked for 2013 at a cost of $45,000.  Capital Reserve is asked for 2012 for $22,500 and the final $22,500 in the year of purchase.  The Forestry truck to be replaced in 2014 for $45,000.  Installation of the emergency generator and switching gear = $30,000 in 2010 and the Rescue truck in 2019 is desired (no cost listed).
CIP Minutes
The Transfer Station listed on the 2012 schedule will be blanked out as the Selectmen encumbered $40,000 for this.  Public Service Communication Upgrade will also be blanked out.  Mr. Campbell asked about the Master Plan and Mr. Hill thought it should be done in one year and Mr. Paradis added that the money could be encumbered if it was needed.  Update Appraisal Software = It was felt that $18,000 is what is needed.  Mr. Gilbert suggested that SAAS be looked into.  Mr. Paradis said that this would depend on compatibility and Mr. Milbrand said that he will look into it.  Public Safety Boat = We now have a 2nd boat and a dock (thanks to Mark Chevalier).  Mr. Paradis felt that a new one would cost between $4,000 and $5,000.
Library Repairs can be skipped now.  Downtown Improvements = Mr. Paradis said that this is a logical time to do this.  Mr. Campbell stated that he heard that someone is to donate lights.  Water Street Recreational = A discussion was held concerning the project begun to work with the Army Corps of Engineers on this.  Mr. Milbrand said that he has been working on this with DES and Mark Bucklin, along with Mike McNalley.  They need to fill in on the far side of the bridge.  Library Addition = Mr. Gilbert said that they have been taking care of the bare requirements and have some grant money for this part.  Mr. Paradis asked about L-CHIP money.  Mr. Milbrand also mentioned that Mooseplate grants should be looked into.  Mr. Gilbert said that they are looking at replacement windows.  Avery Crouse Beach = leave as is.
Mr. Milbrand will fill in the new requests and send a copy to everyone via e-mail.
Mr. Hill said that he is trying to research the motorcycle thing.  It was felt that the Highway Dept. needs are paving, transfer improvements, and the salt/sand shed.
With no other business, D. Paradis made a motion, second by D. Hill, to adjourn at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jan Laferriere, secretary