August 25, 2009




ATTENDING:            Murray Campbell (Chairman), Steve Carter, David Hill, Don                                               Milbrand, Dan Paradis
ABSENT:                   -----

OTHER:                      Paul Weston (Town Manager), George Corrette (Library Trustee                                         and Treasurer), Debbie Gilbert (Librarian)
The meeting opened at 7:05 pm.  Mr. Campbell explained that Dan Paradis has PRLAC tonight (he joined us later).
The following amendments were made:
July 10 = Okay as read.
July 21 = Page 4, 2nd paragraph, 2nd line, replace “does it put on” with “are added” and 4th line, replace “good” with “well”.  Under Breathing Air Compressor, 5th line, replace “hear” to “a year”.
Page 5, under Other comments, 2nd line, clarify “$45.00” to “$55.00”.
Page 6, 1st paragraph, 1st line, insert “one” before 4-wheel drive” and change next line “vehicles” to “vehicle”.
Page 8, 1st paragraph, 7th & 8th line, delete the sentence beginning with “It gets cold…”.
Page 12, under Other, 7th line, delete “timely thing” and replace with “time limit”.



CIP Minutes
MINUTES continued:
August 18 = Page 2, 2nd paragraph, 19th line, clarify “$275. per foot” to read “$250. per foot”.
Page 4, 1st paragraph, 3rd line, replace “pick up” with “partition” and insert “existing floor of the old” before “town hall”.  Delete the rest of the sentence beginning with “and put the” and replace with “with the same floor plan that was to be placed underneath the building in the plan that the town turned down.”  Under TAC/TE Plans, 12th line, replace “$6 million” with “$3 million.
Page 5, 2nd paragraph, 3rd line, replace “do it for getting approved.” With “satisfy the grant application.”  Line 4, after “grant for” insert “moving”.  Line 5, following “monuments” insert “to a new location in close proximity”.
D. Hill made a motion, second by S. Carter, to approve the minutes as amended.  The motion carried.
Mr. Campbell explained that Glenn Dorr had planned on coming in but took ill.  Mr. Corrette and Ms. Gilbert are in attendance instead. 
Mr. Corrette distributed a recent handout (which will be updated tomorrow).  The library was evaluated by professional librarians and by Dec. 2004, the library had architect plans for the addition.  At the time, the cost was $1.5 million.  Grant writers did some research and found that there was no money available.  The town would have had to support 1/3rd of the cost.  They applied to Rural Development which would have supplied 55% of the grant but Rural Development did not have the amount of money that we would need for the project.  At this time, the project is now up to $2 million. 
Mr. Corrette continued to say that next year is the library’s 125th birthday.  They have photos of both Mr. Minot and Mr. Sleeper from 1901 hanging in the library.  In the meantime, they have made the basement more useable, roof work has been done, as well as some electrical needs.  The addition is for a 2 story building off the back of the present building with a connecting section between.  The annex will improve parking availability.
The Trustees have $200,000 in a trust fund and $90,000 in a State investment pool.  $50,000 or $60,000 of this could be used from the State pool or a total of $150,000 or $160,000 in all could be used.  There is also $5,000 but it is for the clock specifically.

CIP Minutes
LIBRARY continued:
The library is extremely busy in the summer.  Friends of the Library do a great deal for them.  They are a non-profit organization.  Once the addition is complete, the Friends could keep the library operating.
The library has 3 computer stalls which are so busy that they have had to limit the use time to 30 minute intervals per person.  They have planned a duck race for Old Home Day which is going well but certainly not $2 million worth.
The first talk of adding to the library was done in 1932 and the first printed plan was done in 1956.  The current plan is very similar to the 1956 plan.  Mr. Corrette feels that the library is a gem for the town.
Mr. Carter asked for clarification: if the addition is built, the annex will be used for parking.  He was told that this is correct.  Ms. Gilbert distributed copies of a graph showing month/year by Patrons, month/year by circulation, and Londonderry’s Capital Improvement Plan Capital Project Scoring Sheet.  She stated that these do not include any of the programs that they have done off-premises.  Recent attendance has been 229; we are ample enough to have no more than 30.  We hold the off-premises events in either the Tapply Thompson Community Center or the Masonic Hall and one was held at the Old Town Hall.
Mr. Campbell explained that the CIP committee is only an advisory body.  We visit some of the Departments and ask the various Departments to submit requirements/requests on a form.  For the Library, we suggested $50,000 to be put in 2 years ago but this got changed to $30,000 for repairs at town meeting.  Friends and relatives plus a good price on carpentry allowed them to do this for less.  Ms. Gilbert stated that this covered storm damage that was done.  This year, $5,500 was spent on the roof.  Asbestos tiles are crumbling and we have done a 2-year mitigation plan which will replace mats, buy more mats, and seal the floor (for $2,000).  We have used about $8,000 of the $30,000.
Mr. Campbell stated that the CIP committee eliminated anything for the library last year so as to try not to increase the tax rate as was asked.  Mr. Corrette was able to get $25,000 off the floor at town meeting and that is where we are today.  What do you feel is needed going forward?
Mr. Corrette stated that we are looking for 10 years at $50,000 a year initially unless we receive any grants or bond the project.  The money they received at town meeting was put into their maintenance line.

CIP Minutes
LIBRARY continued:
Ms. Gilbert stated that she has attended three 8-hour workshops (all applicants are required to do so before applying for a grant) and we qualify for all but fall low in points.  A library addition is not a priority at this time.    Mr. Corrette added that most states have programs for libraries but NH does not.  Some provide at least 50% of the cost.  There are privately funded grants but an applicant must have 50% of the cost in hand for these.  Some do not apply to public libraries.  There are only 3 or 4 privately funded grants and they are very rigid.  Most are for furniture or children, of which we have received some.
Mr. Campbell asked how many programs are held outside of the building and Ms. Gilbert answered that they have about 20 a year (maybe 2 a month).  Mr. Campbell asked how the public is informed.  Ms. Gilbert stated that this is done by the sign out front, via a blog, facebook, handouts, cable TV, and the newspaper.  Mr. Carter asked if most of the need is for space for meetings.  Ms. Gilbert answered that some is but is as much for space for books.  We have about 14,000 books as a maximum but it shouldn’t be more than 12,000 according to the room we have.  Mr. Campbell asked how many having the new addition will allow.  Ms. Gilbert said that a Planner said 25,000 but she feels it would be more like 18,000.
It was explained that there is low clearance on the stairs to the basement and a low ceiling once you are down there.  Mr. Campbell asked if the addition would update everything.  Ms. Gilbert stated that it would meet the ADA complaint, etc. for the whole library.  Mr. Hill stated that they need areas for children, meetings, and genealogy study.  He asked the feet of the addition.  Ms. Gilbert did not recall the exact footage but said that the capacity would about double.  Mr. Corrette stated that we have 2500 sq. ft. now and it would go to 5,000 sq.ft.  There will be a connector which will house the foyer and an elevator to get to the upper floor.  There is a model at the library, he added.  There is to be a lot of glass on the back side overlooking the river and the butterfly garden.  There will be little parking loss as most is to be where there is now grass.  Ms. Gilbert added that, in order to make the present library ADA compliant, we would lose a lot of space.
Mr. Carter asked who they had as an architect and was told David King, out of Boston.  Ms. Gilbert stated that the former town manager, Elizabeth Corrow’s plan was a $50,000 reserve a couple of years and then a $50,000 bond payment when people were used to paying and would not feel it as much.
Mr. Campbell thanked them for coming in and talking to us.


CIP Minutes
Mr. Campbell felt that we should address the spreadsheet as it is listed.  Mr. Milbrand explained that he e-mailed Revision A to everyone.
Police:  Mr. Campbell stated that we did 1 cruiser in 2008 and none in 2009.  The request is for a 4x4 Ford Explorer and a Crown Victoria cruiser for 2010 and the Chief lists this as urgent.  He has supplied both a purchase and a lease/purchase request for each.  The committee prefers a purchase.  Mr. Milbrand stated that if we went lease/purchase, we would still be looking at a purchase of another next year.  Mr. Hill suggested that we purchase one and lease the 2nd.  Mr. Milbrand stated that the 4 x 4 should be done.  The cruisers have a 5 year life.  The other is a 2006 so should go to 2011.  We purchased 2 in 2007 and he feels that we should do one 2007 in 2012 and stretch the other one to 2013 to get in sync.
Mr. Campbell questioned what happens when they no longer design the Crown Victoria and Mr. Milbrand answered that corporate would have to look at that if they no longer sell enough.  Mr. Hill said that we would have to go to a new design sooner or later anyway. 
Mr. Carter asked if we prioritize or present capital projects.  Mr. Campbell that we do both and also need to back our suggestions with reasons.  Mr. Milbrand stated that this committee is the compromiser between the Departments and the Budget Committee.  We are advisory only.  Mr. Campbell added that, if we fail to list an item, it gets forgotten.  He feels that we need to list them all and prioritize them.  If the Budget Committee does not follow our plan, we bring it back up the next year.  The whole purpose of a CIP is to get a schedule so as to eliminate large fluctuations in the tax rate. 
Mr. Weston felt that we should keep both vehicles in at this time.  Mr. Campbell pointed out that an accident with a Highway truck, a cruiser, and an ambulance puts our plan off.  Mr. Weston said that the committee should make a whole list of the requests and then go back and prioritize.
It was determined to keep the two vehicles on the list for 2010 at this time.  The building upgrade reserve will not be in 2010.  We received only an oral mention of the need of a computer upgrade.  Mr. Campbell stated that each individual computer would be less than $10,000 and should be under the operational budget.
Mr. Hill asked why the need of power seats.  Mr. Carter explained that if you hire a small officer (as we did awhile ago), the seat would have to be moved up and down.  Mr. Milbrand reminded the committee that it is now up to us to nitpick.
CIP Minutes
SPREADSHEET continued:
Mr. Paradis arrived at this time.
Public Works:  The dump truck amount is for Capital Reserve.  Mr. Paradis said that these are figured on 1 every 2 years.  The 2003 truck is here and shows in the debt line.  The ¾ ton pickup with a plow needs a quote.  It will replace the 2002.  The backhoe has just had another $500.00 worth of repairs and still does not shift well.  It is used every day and has a life of 10,000 hours.  It has 9,000+ on it now.  It was determined that it needs to be replaced in 2010.  The cost is around $100,000.  Mr. Hill asked if we could spread the impact and Mr. Weston said we could do a 2 year lease/purchase.  Mr. Campbell noted that the project request was for $90,000 and it was thought that this is the cost after trade-in.
The grader is not on the request list and Mr. Milbrand said that it can be way out.  Mr. Campbell felt that the vacuum truck can be left as it is now.  The front loader is not a concern.  The sidewalk tractor can be left as it is.  As to the sand and salt sheds, Mr. Campbell felt that we cannot do these until we get the plan for the transfer station.  Mr. Hill thought it could be on for 2012.  Mr. Carter thought it should be spread over 2 or 3 years.  It was agreed to try a Capital Reserve of $10,000 to 2010, $10,000 for 2011, etc.  Mr. Weston thought that the line should be relabeled Transfer Station/Salt & Sand Sheds.  Mr. Milbrand mentioned that we have $50,000 in 2010 just for the separate transfer station.  Mr. Campbell felt this to be enough for a plan design.  Mr. Paradis felt that it would be an easier sell to do Capital Reserve.  The $50,000 was left on the list.
Water/Wastewater:  Sewer to the Lake is a Capital Reserve item.  We have $300,000 of engineering fees and Mr. Weston added that we are seeking a Rural Development grant with a match of maybe 80/20.  We shall need seed money for the final design ($60,000).  We may raise some money in a Capital Reserve Fund but he would prefer a bond when it is this much money.  We have $26,887. encumbered.  The Selectmen have chosen a designer but have not hired them yet.  We would need about $32,000 in 2010.  Mr. Milbrand suggested it be rounded off to $35,000.
The water storage tank is not a hot item, Mr. Campbell stated.  Mr. Paradis stated that it ties in with what they are doing with the present upgrade.  Mr. Campbell thought we should keep it under consideration but keep it back a ways.  Mr. Weston agreed.  Mr. Campbell asked if the CIP needs to list the money to be spent on the improvements and was told that we do not.
Fire:  4 SCBA’s are less than $10,000 each and should be in the operating budget.  The compressor has been sent for repair at $4,000 but is still a limper, Mr. Weston explained.  They have asked for a Federal grant.  It was felt to put in $20,000 for now.
CIP Minutes
SPREADSHEET: Fire continued:
Engine 4:  Keep the Capital Reserve amount in for 2010.  Engine 2:  is okay.  Ambulance 1: due next year.  Mr. Campbell suggested $60,000 in Capital Reserve for 3 years.  Ambulance 2 is okay as is.  Paving:  thought we should dodge for another year ($15,000).  Suburban:  not in 2010.  4-door pickup:  Chief Yannuzzi is determining its use.  Mr. Hill suggested that they get a standard crew cab and an ATV for getting into the woods.  Mr. Milbrand would prefer a couple of ATV’s and thought that this should be suggested to Mr. Yannuzzi.  Building remodel:  put off.  Generator:  Mr. Milbrand felt that this should change to a priority 1.  Mr. Campbell stated that with a grant application they would need seed money and then money to wire it in.  Mr. Carter stated that Mr. Yannuzzi also mentioned that it should be mobile.  Mr. Hill suggested $15,000.  Mr. Milbrand stated that the whole $30,000 has to be put in and Mr. Campbell felt that they would need $40,000.  Mr. Carter stated that this is pretty important.
Town General:  Smith River:  We have a new consultant now (Sean Sweeney).  Town Clerk:  new software.  Mr. Campbell said $28,000 and Mr. Hill quoted the request is $17,250.  It was determined to make it $18,000.  Mr. Hill asked what about a spread and Mr. Campbell set it for 2 years at $9,000 each as it cannot be done until the next reval. is done.  GASB:  $12,000 was encumbered and this is okay.  Transfer Improvements:  Mr. Milbrand explained to Mr. Campbell that this $50,000 was moved up with the salt and sand sheds.  Burough bridge is okay.  Town Office roof:  $24,945. was encumbered and is okay.  Town Office renovations:  hold off for now.  Repair Old Town Hall:  Storage trailers were suggested for now.  Mr. Carter asked about the library annex and was told that there is a mold problem.  Mr. Hill asked about $10,000 and Mr. Paradis said that we would have to list the use.  Mr. Carter felt that $10,000 would just be burning money.  It was felt that $50,000 could be put in for now and then we can check what would be a good figure.  Mr. Weston suggested a Space Needs Committee.  Mr. Paradis and the secretary mentioned that this was done a few years ago and nothing has been done.  Mr. Weston thought that an update should be done instead.  The CIP committee should list what the needs are and then get the costs from someone like CCI, Bonnet/Page/and Stone.  Public Service Communication Upgrade:  Mr. Weston mentioned the 2 towers being proposed and said that it will cost $53,000 to move the equipment.  We will get $17,000 up front.  There will be a ground lease of $1,000 a month beginning in the 4th year.  This should happen in 2010.  Mr. Campbell felt we should list $55,000.  Mr. Weston changed this to $58,000 ($53,000 income and the balance for housing the small base equipment.  Master Plan update:  Mr. Paradis explained the difficulty for the Planning Board with updating.  We can get help from LRPC for about $15,000, he thought.  Public Safety Boat:  leave as is.  Library addition:  Capital Reserve.  Mr. Weston again stated that he prefers bonding.  It was decided to place $25,000 across the board for seed money.
CIP Minutes
SPREADSHEET:  Town General continued:
Downtown Improvements:  $10,000.  Mr. Paradis stated that a grant is being applied for (west sidewalk side of the square) and seed money is needed.  We had $10,000 in last year’s plan and it was taken for a TV person.  Mr. Weston thought that $10,000 needs to be clarified with Steve Favorite.  Mr. Campbell will call him to verify this.  Water St.: $10,000.  Jen Rocket, Army Corps. Of Engineers, is to meet with Mr. Weston on connecting and continuing the recreation path from Hill up to the old Railroad Station.  Avery Crouse Beach:  Not in 2010 unless a grant comes up, Mr. Weston stated.  Kelley Park/Skate Park:  Mr. Weston said that a fence is needed and they might get J. P. Morrison to volunteer.  He will call Leslie Dion for an update.  Not to be listed for now.
OTHER:  Mr. Milbrand thought that we should set a target of tax money and then prioritize accordingly.  A discussion followed.  Mr. Campbell stated that we had off-setting revenues in 2009 to keep it down. 
NEXT MEETING:  Mr. Weston wanted the committee to meet next week but there is a ZBA meeting on Tues. and an HDC meeting the following Tues.  CIP will meet Sept. 15th as scheduled.  Mr. Campbell asked that everyone think about priorities, the forward years, and the rationale for 2010 items.  Mr. Milbrand will e-mail the preliminary list as done this evening.

With no other business, D. Paradis made a motion, second by D. Hill, to adjourn at 10:30 p.m.
                                                                        Respectfully submitted,
                                                                        Jan Laferriere, secretary