May 13, 2010

PRESENT:  Chairman Rick Alpers, Selectmen Jeff Shackett, Don Milbrand, Phil Dion, Joe Denning; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse; Assessing Assistant Christina McClay

At 6:01 PM, Chairman Alpers opened the meeting.  Jeanie Forrester, candidate for NH State Senate District 2 was introduced to the Board.  Ms. Forrester reviewed her candidacy and background for the Selectmen. 

CIP Plan
Murray Campbell, Chair of the Capital Improvements Program Committee discussed Lakes Region Planning Commission and TE Grant information with the Board.  Selectman Denning added that he has been involved in the TE Grant Project and will continue with the process. 

Mr. Campbell discussed updates from Concord on Salt Storage changes that may affect the Highway Department. 

Mr. Campbell reviewed the CIP Plan for 2010 discussing development of budgetary strategies and seeking input from the Board on the process.  He also discussed Project Request Forms that were received from Water & Sewer, the five-year Police Department vehicle replacement program, Public Works Capital Reserve Funds, updates to the Transfer Station, Fire Department Capital Reserve Fund establishment, repairs to Old Town Hall and Town Office software update request.   Mr. Campbell further discussed the Pemi Pathway Project and how beneficial it could be in connection with other areas of the state.   Suggestions for improvements to the CIP Plan for finalization into the Budget Committee this fall were requested.  Dave Hill, CIP member presented the Board with project requests by Department through 2019.  Members of CIP requested input from Selectmen on the CIP Plan and Capital Reserve Funds. 

Newfound Boat Club
Chairman Alpers updated the Board on the status of the boat slip owned by the Town.  The adjacent owner is not interested in purchasing the slip as they are attempting to sell their own slip currently.  The Board discussed clarifying the actual size of the slip which has been difficult due to inadequate information in the deed.  Christina McClay provided the Board with a summary of costs incurred prior to the Town deeding the slip.  Selectmen discussed approaching new owners of the adjacent slip on purchasing the Town’s in the future. 

Assembly Permit Update
Chief Yannuzzi reviewed the updated assembly permit application with the Selectmen.  From the Board of Selectmen’s meeting held on April 29th, changes implemented to the application included increasing the number of people to 75 from 50, the intent of the application was added and clarification that non-profits were exempt from the fee but still need to complete an application if they meet the criteria. 
Motioned by Selectman Denning, Milbrand 2nd to approve the amended assembly permit application as presented.  5-0 voted in favor, motion passes. 

Street Lighting
Selectman Milbrand updated the Board on the Street Lighting process.  Emails between Sue Blothemburg, PSNH and town officials have kept the project moving along with changes.  Coordination of traffic control and storage and removal of the materials is being done between departments.  Milbrand discussed the latest updates to the project including the changing of lens which will provide the same benefits as proposed originally.  Currently PSNH is removing street lights, with Crescent Street being the test street in town. 

Tom Fitzpatrick, resident of N. Main Street approached the Board with a request to replace the light removed near his home.  Selectman Milbrand will discuss the cost with PSNH for this. 

After discussion by the Board, they agreed to hold a Public Hearing on May 27th at 6PM on Street Lighting for the public to have input one more time.  Selectmen Denning and Milbrand will review the project details and works orders with PSNH for this meeting. 

Welfare Guidelines
Ms. Lacasse and Welfare Director Marilyn Ford have completed an updated set of guidelines for General Assistance.  Changes were implemented based on law updates or court cases that have affected guidelines statewide.  Ms. Lacasse discussed bringing workfare back this summer.  Ms. Ford will begin contacting individuals to set up workfare schedules.  Motioned by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Dion the Board voted unanimously to approve the updated welfare guidelines as presented.  Motion passed.  

Proposed Use Fee Guidelines
Christina McClay reviewed proposed changes to the Transfer Station schedule of fees.  Updates to bulky waste disposal increased to $20, a definition of small pick up was added and contractor/ commercial fee schedules are under review.  Upon motion from Selectman Milbrand, 2nd by Selectman Shackett, the Board voted to approve the Transfer Station fee schedule as presented with changes.  Motion carried after a vote of 5-0.

Ms. McClay reviewed standard office fees.  She proposed changes to copies and scanned or emailed document fees.  The Board discussed eliminating scanning and emailing tax cards and charging for return postage while invoicing.  Currently there are no charges for scanning or emailing information.  Selectman Shackett suggested charging the same fee for emails as copy fees.  Ms. McClay will try this and report back to the Board later in the summer.  Selectman Shackett motioned, 2nd by Dion to approve use fee changes as presented.  Upon vote of the Board, 5-0 in favor, motion passed. 

Peddler/Vendor Permit Application
Ms. McClay presented the Board with a revised Peddler/Vendor Permit Application.  The Town received several complaints from crafters last year about the application which requires detailed information.  The revised application is much shorter and requires less information.  The Board felt it was still important to have vehicle information on the form for identification purposes.  Ms. McClay will look into having two different applications: 1) Organizations 2) Individuals.  Once corrections have been made, the application will come back to the Board for approval.  After the application is finalized then the committee will review the ordinance. 

NH Marathon Fee Waiver Request
The NH Marathon has submitted a Peddler’s Permit application and Use of Town Property Application for the October event.  Everett Begor requested the application fee be waived for the crafters as the event is non-profit.  Upon discussion of the Board, Denning motioned to waive the fee, 2nd by Milbrand.  5-0 voted in favor, motion passed. 

Pavilion Use Fee Waiver Request
Les Dion from TTCC received a request from a local Boy Scout Troop to hold their ceremony at Kelley Park Pavilion on May 23rd.  However the group is subject to a fee under the guidelines.  Motioned by Shackett to waive the fee for the Boy Scout group, 2nd by Denning, the Board voted to approve this request.  Upon vote, 4 in favor with Selectman Dion abstaining, motion passed. 

Selectmen Items
Selectman Dion discussed the CIP Plan projects and funding for the Water & Sewer projects. 

Selectman Milbrand updated the Board on the Borough Road Bridge Project.  He attended a meeting this week with Hill BOS to discuss the project.  Selectmen Milbrand also met with Mark Bucklin about changing the order for cutting into Smith River bank and adding guard rails on both sides.  Milbrand also updated discussed a letter of intent to be signed by the Board on the Pemi Pathway project.  ZBA requested legal counsel at their June 1st meeting on a hearing with Dr. Carlson of Hemp Hill Road.  The Board debated the costs associated with this request indicating that the legal line is quite low on funds at this point in the year.  Motioned by Milbrand, 2nd by Dion the Selectmen decided to postpone a decision until they review the background info on the case.  Motion passed in a vote of 5-0. 

Selectman Shackett discussed concerns with the legal line in the budget.  Currently the line is low in funds.  The purchase order from Highway for the paving of Bristol Hill Road was discussed.  Selectmen decided to postpone approving the purchase order until GMI responds to the request for lowering their bid. 

Selectman Denning suggested reviewing medical and retirement costs before the end of the year.  He has also received calls from Shore Drive residents on the Avery Course Beach and issuance of permits this year.  This will be put on the agenda for early June.  A request to launch a kayak was received and is ok as long as it is done outside the swim lines. 

Chairman Alpers suggested the Board make time to set new goals for the next several years with the new Town Administrator once hired.  He has some ideas to bring to the Board for setting these. 

No public comment.

Selectman Denning motioned to approve the minutes of May 6th as presented, 2nd by Shackett.  Upon vote of the Board, all five voted in favor; motioned passed. 


At 8:00 PM, upon motion by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Shackett the Board voted to enter non-public session under RSA 91:A; Personnel.    

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant