May 6, 2010

PRESENT:  Chairman Rick Alpers, Selectmen Jeff Shackett, Don Milbrand, Phil Dion, Joe Denning; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse

At 7:10 PM Selectmen ended non-public session under RSA 91-A: Personnel.

Selectman Denning discussed amendments which need to be made to the Safe Routes to School contract by KV Partners.  Selectman Denning is working with the school and KV Partners to bring this project to life over the summer break.  More information will be brought to the Board once a revision has been done. 

The Board reviewed and signed a settlement agreement between the Town and NH Electric Co-op settled by Assessor Phil Bodwell.  

Upon motion by Selectman Milbrand, 2nd by Shackett the Board voted to adjourn the meeting in a vote of 5-0. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant