April 29, 2010

PRESENT:  Chairman Rick Alpers, Selectmen Jeff Shackett, Don Milbrand, Phil Dion; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse, Town Administrator Paul Weston

Selectman Denning was absent. 

At 6:00 PM Chairman Alpers called the meeting to order.



Chairman Alpers opened the first public hearing for discussion of the CDBG project at 6:06 PM
Introductions for Heather Shaw of Granite State Rural Water; Kevin Olson of Wright-Pierce Engineering, State Representative Burt Williams, and Water/Wastewater Superintendent Jeff Chartier were all introduced.    Handouts were available for the public to view for the plans that were adopted previously. 

Heather Shaw explained that Community Development Block Grant funds are available to municipalities for economic development, public facility and housing rehabilitation projects and feasibility studies that primarily benefit low and moderate income persons. Bristol is eligible for up to $500,000 a year for public facility/housing rehabilitation, up to $500,000 a year for economic development projects, as well as up to $500,000 a year in emergency funds.  Feasibility Study funds are available for up to $12,000 per year. 

The proposed application to the Community Development Finance Authority is for $500,000 in Community Development Block Grant funds. The funds will be used to finance a portion of Sewer to the Lake Project. 

This project conforms with Bristol’s objectives and goals of Bristol’s Housing and Community Development Plan: “to encourage adequate, safe and affordable housing stock which preserves and promotes existing neighborhoods and the village center including duplexes, multi-family units and other forms of housing to assure that persons of all income levels and ages will be able to afford to live in the town”.

The Chair opened the floor to public comment.  With no further discussion, Selectman Milbrand motioned to close the first public hearing, 2nd by Selectman Shackett.  All in favor. 3-0.  Motion passed.   

Selectman Dion arrived for the meeting.

At 6:10 PM Selectman Milbrand motioned to open the second public hearing of the proposed Housing and Community Development Plan, 2nd by Selectman Shackett.  All in favor.  4-0 motion passed.

Ms. Shaw explained that the Housing and Community Development Plan is one that the Board adopted in 2006, and it was due for review and re-adoption every three years.  Discussion ensued around those topics. 

Chairman Alpers opened up the discussion for public comment.  No public comment. 

Selectman Milbrandmotioned to close this portion of the public hearing. Seconded by Selectman Dion.  All in favor. 4-0. Motion passed.

Selectman Milbrand motioned to open the third public hearing regarding the Residential Anti-
Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan. Seconded by Selectman Dion. All in favor. 4-0.
Motion passed.

Ms. Shaw explained that if any displacement takes place as a result of this project, the Uniform Relocation Act must be followed, which requires that any displaced household or business in a project using any federal funds must be found comparable housing in a comparable neighborhood at a comparable price.  Under the certification section of the application, the Town will certify that the Residential Anti-displacement & Relocation (RARA) plan is in place, and in the event that it is discovered that this specific project does displace persons or households, a displacement implementation plan must be submitted to CDFA prior to obligating or expending funds. 

Chair calls for public comment.  No public comment at this time. 

Selectman Milbrand motioned to close the public portion of this hearing. Seconded by Selectman Dion. All in favor. 4-0. Motion passed.

Selectman Milbrand motioned to approve the submittal of the application and vote to authorize the Chairman Rick Alpers to sign and submit the application, and upon approval of the CDBG application, authorize the Chairman Rick Alpers to execute any documents which may be necessary to effectuate the CDBG contract.  Seconded by Selectman Dion. All in favor. 4-0. Motion passed.

Selectman Milbrand motioned to adopt the updated Housing and Community Development Plan. Seconded by Selectman Dion. All in favor. 4-0. Motion passed.

Selectman Milbrand motioned to adopt the Residential Anti-displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan. Seconded by Selectman Dion. All in favor. 4-0. Motion passed.

Burt Williams spoke about the Sewer to the Lake Project, emphasizing the process with CDBG and took questions from the public.  Inquiries on the total project costs and grant assistance were asked.  Mr. Williams responded by explaining that currently it is too early to tell as Bristol’s eligibility is negotiable, being set by USDA.  Kevin Olson from Wright Pierce Engineering explained coordination with other local projects is important in this process so as to not interfere with one another.  Project plans are subject to modifications based on funding received on this project.  Another citizen asked about the timeline for this project which is also subject to funding.  Chairman Alpers commented that this public hearing was set to address the CDBG Grant Applications only.  There will be more meetings on this project over the summer and eventually a Special Town Meeting which requires a vote by the Town.  Once funding has been confirmed, this will take place. 

Ms. Shaw added that a low-moderate income survey may need to be conducted per the guidelines for CDBG.  Research is still being done on the need for this survey, however if necessary they must get information from at least 67% of the 970 users.  50% of these must fall into the low-moderate income guidelines. 

Currently there is also a STAG Grant request into Senator Shaheen’s office for $500,000. 

Once the Town is ready to move forward with the next step, the meetings will again be publicized greatly to inform as many people possible. 

Chairman Alpers closed the Public Hearing at 6:35 PM.   The Board took a five minute recess. 

Re-Appointment of Dan Paradis to Planning Board
Selectmen re-appointed Dan Paradis to the Planning Board in a unanimous vote by the Board.
4-0 in favor of the motion. 

Assembly Permit Application
Fire Chief Steve Yannuzzi reviewed his proposed assembly permit application with the Board.  Both Fire and Police Chiefs along with Land Use have reviewed the application.  Since the current Peddler’s Permit covers only vendors, the need for a permit on gatherings here in Bristol is imminent.  Fire and Police will have more guidance over how events take place, especially with crowds and public streets.  Public safety and welfare are important goals of this plan in order to prevent emergencies from occurring.  Non-profit organizations will be exempt from the application fee however they will still be required to complete and application and provide documentation of their non-profit status. 

Modifications to the application were made.  Selectmen discussed the number of people for an event.  Any gathering over 50 people requires an application for an assembly permit.  Upon discussion of this, Selectmen decided upon changing this amount to 75.  Rewriting the application to state the intent of this was added along with removing a section from the exemption paragraph.  Chief Yannuzzi will work with Ms. Lacasse to make the changes and bring back to the Board for adoption next month. 

Solid Waste/ Transfer Station Fee Schedule
Mark Bucklin discussed his proposal for changes to the current fee schedule at the Transfer Station.  Mr. Bucklin indicated some issues with the Transfer Station included landlords hauling large amounts from their tenants, contractors bringing their waste from construction sites, removal of household bulk items and residents not recycling.  Town Clerk Raymah Simpson discussed the process for issuing permits for specific situations from her office.  Mr. Bucklin suggested the need to control solid waste coming from non-residents via haulers who reside in Bristol.  He would also like to see more requirements for contractors bringing in waste.  The Selectmen agreed for further research on encouraging contractors to obtain their own dumpster. 
The Town Clerk and Land Use Offices will hand out information to contractors on the fee schedule and promote alternate disposal.  Mr. Bucklin and his staff will inquire with people bringing in large amounts of waste. 

Changes to the bulky waste disposal fee were increased to $20.00 per item from $10.00. 

Landlords who currently bring solid waste from their tenants do not seem to be recycling, but instead collecting large amounts of waste all from one permit.  Selectmen suggested selling disposal bags in order to avoid this and putting up more signage to remind residents to recycle. 

Chairman Alpers discussed the funds allocated for Transfer Station improvements being used to improve the current facility.  With the Board’s approval, Mr. Bucklin will seek input from Mike Vignale, KV Partners on improvements to the Transfer Station.  

A definition for “small pick-up” will be added to the schedule.

Selectman Milbrand motioned to approve fees as proposed with changes, 2nd by Selectman Dion.  Town Clerk’s office will hand out schedules with permits and the Land Use office will hand out info with building permits.  Mr. Bucklin’s department will inquire more with residents disposing at the transfer station.  Upon vote of the Board, the fee schedule was approved unanimously.  Motion carries. 

Mr. Bucklin also discussed the paving project for Lake Street.  Currently fuel prices are increasing and he suggests signing a contract now to lock in with paving company, but put off the work until later in the year.  Selectmen agreed to this. 

Ms. Simpson provided the Board with a list of properties up for deeding due to non-payment of taxes.  Some have payment arrangements, while others have not made any payment on arrearages.  The Town Clerk’s office will continue contacting residents for payment. 

Also Ms. Simpson stated she is looking into equipment for debit and credit cards for her office. 

No public comment.    

Selectmen Items

Selectman Shackett discussed an invoice for electrical services.  He suggests bidding out jobs such as this to save the Town money. 

Town Administrator Weston discussed a credit card bill received for late fees.  He also reviewed the cash flow report provided by our Accountant.  Financially the Town is looking stable through tax bills season.  Mr. Weston also stated that Bristol placed first in the state receiving approval for Central Square enhancements. 
Non-Public Session
At 8:12 PM, upon a roll call vote with all four Selectmen voting in favor, the Board of Selectmen went into non-public session per RSA 91-A: Personnel.      

At 8:50 PM the Board came out of non-public.  Selectmen agreed unanimously to seal the non-public minutes from this evening and a motion to adjourn was made and passed by the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant