April 15, 2010

PRESENT:  Chairman Rick Alpers, Selectmen Jeff Shackett, Joe Denning, Don Milbrand, Phil Dion; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse, Town Manager Paul Weston

At 6:00 PM Chairman Alpers called the meeting to order.

  1. Water & Sewer Purchase Orders

Two purchase orders for the Water and Sewer Departments were submitted for review.  A purchase order for $7,300 for flooring and installation from Baker valley Flooring was reviewed.  Four separate quotes were obtained for this project.  A second purchase order for $4,379.20 for completion of the Fire Alarm System from 1-2-3 Lock & Key was also reviewed.  Upon discussion by the Board, both purchase orders were approved.  Motioned by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Shackett, PO# 004425 for $7,300 was approved in a vote of 5-0 by the Board.  Motioned by Denning, 2nd by Milbrand, PO# 004424 for $4,379.20 was approved in a vote of 5-0 by the Board.   

  1. Fire Department Items

Chief Yannuzzi discussed a contract with the Town of Plymouth billing for intercept paramedic services billed to Comstar for Bristol.  Chief Yannuzzi recommends that Bristol does not sign this contract as we have our own Paramedics.  However, with the mutual aid agreement, by not signing the contract services will still be provided from Plymouth if requested.  Chief Yannuzzi will draft a letter to Plymouth explaining Bristol’s stand.  Motioned by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Dion, the Board authorized Chief Yannuzzi to draft a letter to the Town of Plymouth.  Upon vote of the Board, the motion was approved 5-0.

      Chief Yannuzzi discussed the donation of a dock from Mark Chevalier located near  
      Cummings Beach.  A seasonal dock and wetlands permit applications were  
      reviewed with the Board.  Selectman Shackett added that Mark Chevalier should be
      recognized and thanked again for his donations to the Town for Fire Rescue equipment
      through the boat and dock.  Upon motion by Selectman Shackett, 2nd by Denning, the 
      Board approved unanimously to have the Chairman sign the wetlands permit application
      for DES, approved the location for storing the boat with the intent to secure the area by
      posting signage indicating ‘Authorized Emergency Personnel Only’. 

      Budget concerns from the Fire Department were reviewed.  Line 4220-411 (Heating oil)
      currently has $891.00 left in this line.  A bill from 2009 for $1,417.23 was paid in 2010
      which has contributed to the shortage.  Chief Yannuzzi estimates that if he continued with
      his expenditures similar to last year’s, this line would be over budget before year’s end. 
      Chief Yannuzzi’s recommendation is to move some funds around and coordinate this with
      the Accountant so all books match.  In addition, funding for the Life and Disability
      shortage will be taken from the Accrued Benefits line to cover these expenses. 

      Chief Yannuzzi reviewed his department goals for 2010 and project updates.  Engine
      4 is currently getting repaired, expected back next week.  Other repairs and purchases
      were reviewed. 

      The EMS Fundraiser Account has $2,076 in it currently.  Chief Yannuzzi is proposing to
      use a portion of these funds set aside for EMS equipment purchases including $850. to
      purchase brackets for ambulance paddles, CPAP adaptor and pieces for it.  Upon motion
      by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Shackett, the Board authorized $850.00 to purchase

  1. Pat’s Pizzeria – Outdoor Seating Renewal  

The Board of Selectmen reviewed a request from Pat’s Pizzeria for the outdoor seating plan.  The letter outlined the seating plan which has been reviewed by the Fire Chief, per the requirements of the State Liquor Commission.  No changes to the current seating plan.  Upon discussion of the Board and motioned by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Milbrand, the request to renew the outdoor seating plan at Pat’s Pizzeria was approved in a unanimous vote by the Board. 

  1. Newfound Lake Water Quality Project- Update

Three public hearings have been scheduled for April 29th at 6PM at the Old Town Hall. 
David Barnes is working on rewording the warrant article for the project.  Town Manager Weston described the CDBG Grant process and the door to door survey’s needed for existing and potential customers.  The project is still pending federal funding.  Once funding has been secured, a Special Town Meeting will be scheduled. 

  1. Proposed Fee Schedules

Selectmen reviewed proposals for changes in fees for the Town.  Chairman Alpers suggested Selectmen review the Land Use and other fee schedules being proposed.  Subject to review the Selectmen will discuss at the May 13th meeting. 

  1. Summer Town Meeting

Selectmen discussed scheduling Summer Town Meeting.  They decided to hold off on scheduling a meeting at this time until the Special Town Meeting has been set so as to not confuse the two meetings. 

Selectmen Items

Selectman Shackett brought up the need to formally accept the new job description for the Town Administrator.  This will be done later in the meeting so all Selectmen can review the revised description.   

Selectman Denning discussed current events within the State legislature.  He also suggested the Board of Selectmen develop two or three goals for the year.  Denning also attended the Budget Committee meeting April 12th and has some notes to share with everyone from it. 

Town Manager Weston discussed a request from the Town of Hill.  Due to cash flow problems in Hill, they are requesting assistance with payment for work completed on the Borough Road Bridge in the amount of $69,000.  Selectmen discussed providing aid to the Town of Hill with this matter as they agreed to take on the project for both Towns.  Due to Bristol’s cash flow problems currently and having recently taken a TAN we are unable to pay the entire amount.  Selectman Shackett motioned that Bristol pay half the request in the amount of $34,500, 2nd by Denning if the Town can afford to do so.  Upon vote by the Board, all five selectmen voted unanimously to assist Hill.  The Town Manager will contact Hill to discuss this matter. 

Also discussed was the closure of Smith Road on Monday, April 19th from 8AM- 7PM due to arrival of steel for the bridge.  The SAU has been notified and this information has been publicized for citizens locally. 

No Public Comment
Non-Public Session
At 7:23 PM, upon a roll call vote with all five Selectmen voting in favor, the Board of Selectmen went into non-public session per RSA 91-A: Personnel.      

At 8:48 PM Selectmen unanimously agreed to end the non-public session under RSA
91-A.  Upon discussion of the Board, Selectman Shackett motioned to adopt the Town Administrator position based on the revised job description as written.  2nd by Denning and upon vote by the Board, with all five members in favor this motion passed.  Selectman Denning, 2nd by Shackett motioned to appoint R. Paul Weston as Town Administrator until May 14th, 2010.  Upon vote of the Board, all five members voted in favor of this motion. 

Selectman Shackett requested the revised Town Administrator job description be forwarded to all Department Head’s for clarification on roles. 

At 8:55 PM, a motion to adjourn was made and passed unanimously by the Board.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant