April 8, 2010

PRESENT:  Selectmen Rick Alpers, Jeff Shackett, Joe Denning, Don Milbrand, Phil Dion; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse, Town Manager Paul Weston

At 6:00 PM Chairman Alpers called the meeting to order.

  1. Newfound Boat Slip

Selectmen discussed potential uses for the Town owned boat slip at the Newfound Boat Club.  Slip #6 was tax deeded by the Town in 2002.  Upon further research, there are contradicting measurements indicated for the slip.  Selectmen discussed uses for the slip.  The Town has been contacted for rental use of the slip.  Selectmen asked Ms. Lacasse to gather more information on the actual size of the slip and contact Newfound Boat Club, review deeds and obtain back taxes owed on the slip prior to transfer with Assessing for possible sale of the slip.    

  1. Equalized Ratio

A letter from NH DRA explaining our equalized assessment ration and our coefficient of dispersion (COD) was reviewed by the Selectmen. The letter indicated that the State has set a 2009 median ratio of 115.5% for the Town of Bristol, and our COD has exceeded 20.  In 2009 changes in the market with lower sale prices resulted in this ratio. A memo from Assessor Phil Bodwell addressed how the ratio is configured.  Discussion on purchasing new software in coordination with the 2011 reevaluation took place.  The Assessing Assistant and Assessor were asked to develop a RFP to obtain quotes for cost comparison and also establish a timeline for purchasing and implementing this software. The Tax Collector should also participate, as the assessing and the tax billing software must interact. Bob Gilbert inquired on the possibility of leasing new software instead of purchasing – this suggestion will be researched.

  1. Newfound Lake Water Quality Project - Update

A meeting of the Newfound Lake Water Quality Project Committee was held April 6th.  Updates on the status of the project were discussed.  Burt Williams suggested letters of support signed by the Selectmen be sent to US Senators Shaheen and Gregg.  Selectmen reviewed the letters and signed them.  On April 29th there will be three public hearings on our application for a CDBG grant and a fourth public hearing on the entire project will also be conducted.  This meeting will be held at Old Town Hall at 6PM.  Notices are being prepared for posting next week.  A Special Town Meeting will be held on the $28 million project once funding from USDA Rural Development is known. 




A memo from Jeff Chartier regarding the contract with Wright Pierce Engineering was reviewed.  Mr. Chartier is seeking approval from the Board of Selectmen on additional scope of services not to exceed $6,800.  Upon motion of Selectman Denning, 2nd by Milbrand, the Board voted unanimously to approve the additional scope of services to be provided by Wright-Pierce Engineers not to exceed the amount of $6,800.  This cost will be paid from the Wastewater Reserve Fund if Federal funding is not obtained.  If the grant is obtained, costs will become a part of the Federal funding. 

  1. Smith River Contract Amendment

A contract amendment received from Richard Verville was reviewed and signed by the Board of Selectmen.  Selectman Denning motioned to approve the contract extending the project through June 30, 2011, 2nd by Milbrand.  Upon vote of the Board, they unanimously voted to approve and extend the contract. 

      5.   Selectmen Items
Selectman Denning discussed the letter from NHDOT on the pending Central Street bridge reimbursement in the amount of $715,887.67. 

Selectman Milbrand inquired on holding another meeting for the recreation path along the Pemi River extending from Profile Falls into Central Square.  Town Manager Weston discussed the project further indicating strong desire from citizens and the snowmobile club for another meeting soon as there has been a lot of interest in this.  The Board suggested the need to appoint a committee and to create a charge for this project. 

Chairman Alpers updated the Board on the advertisement of the Town Administrator position.  Reviews will begin later this month.  Chairman Alpers has begun compiling a pool of questions for the interview process and welcomes suggestion from fellow Board members. 

Public Comment
            No public comments. 

     9.    Non-Public Session
At 6:45 PM, upon a roll call vote with all five Selectmen voting in favor, the Board of Selectmen went into non-public session per RSA 91-A.   


     10.  Newfound Hydro – Appeal of Valuation

At 8:45 PM Selectmen unanimously agreed to end the non-public session under RSA
91-A.  Upon discussion by the Board, a vote was taken on the Newfound Hydro case to sign a settlement on the abatement request.  Upon motion by Selectman Denning, 2nd by Dion, the Board unanimously approved signing the settlement.

At 8:48 PM, a motion to adjourn was made and voted.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant