April 1, 2010

PRESENT:  Selectmen Rick Alpers, Jeff Shackett, Joe Denning, Don Milbrand; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse, Assessing Assistant Christina McClay, Town Manager Paul Weston

Absent: Selectman Phil Dion

At 6:17 PM Chairman Alpers called the meeting to order.

  1. Town Administrator Job Advertisement

The Board reviewed a job description for a Town Administrator.  Suggestions for changes were made, to be corrected and posted.  Upon further discussion by the Board, it was decided to advertise with: LGC, Primex, ICMA, Record Enterprise, Citizen, and the Newfound Voice.  In addition it will be added to the Town website and publicized locally.  Executive Assistant Ms. Lacasse will edit and post by Monday, April 5th.  

  1. Town Administrator Job Description

Selectmen reviewed the Town Manager job description and made several changes.  Ms. Lacasse will make all changes per the Board’s recommendations so the item is available for review. 

  1. Budget

The Selectmen reviewed the budget which was approved at Town Meeting.  Upcoming purchases were discussed.  The Beach budget line 4521-413 (Chemical toilets) has been reduced to $1,575 when $3,150 was expended on this line in 2009.  Ms. Lacasse will search for additional areas to fund this.  Reduction in the number of chemical toilets will be explored as well.  Selectman Shackett inquired on the overage in the Beach Attendants salary line in 2009.  Ms. Lacasse explained this year only two attendants would be hired and that the staff often showed up during inclement weather to check in for work and would record two hours to their timesheets.  This year she will enforce the policy stating that attendants must call during inclement weather to inquire on work, and no hours will be paid during those days.  Other projects may require their assistance but it would come from that project’s budget not the beach. 

The Selectmen also discussed funding of life and disability benefits.  Department Head’s have been asked to locate the money within their budgets.  Any difficulties, the Department Head’s have been asked to speak with the Selectmen. 

Christina McClay discussed the back-up drive problems with the Town’s computer system.  She is waiting on quotes for the replacement.  The Town has been unable to do off-site back-ups per its contracted computer company.  Ms. McClay will research this option further. 


  1. Cash Flow  

Town Manager Paul Weston discussed the current cash flow report prepared by the Town Accountant.  As of this week, the Town has taken a TAN loan due to last week’s notification on the shortage of funds.  Repayment of the TAN begins in June when tax bills are being paid. 

Selectman Shackett inquired on the status of the Central Street Bridge reimbursement.  Currently it is under review with the State DOT and the Town is awaiting receipt of this money.  It may be a few more weeks before the funds are available.  Chairman Alpers asked how the error in the reimbursement amount happened.  Ms. McClay stated that the Accountant had assistance making copies with the paperwork and one year was overlooked which was not included in calculating the total reimbursement.  The Town is expecting $738,000 in reimbursement. 

Chairman Alpers commented on a meeting held with Department Head’s in which they discussed communication between Departments and Selectmen, as well as updates on expenses and the cash flow status.  Grant administration was also discussed. It was suggested that before the Town participates in a grant, to inquire on whether it’s necessary to pay a portion up front.  This would benefit the Town and assist management of cash flow.  

Ms. McClay discussed an encumbrance from 2009 which was not included in the total discussed back in December.  An encumbrance in the amount of $11,000 for Public Communications should have been included in that total.  Selectman Denning motioned to adjust the encumbrance total by adding $11,000 for a total of $386, 085.  Motion seconded by Milbrand and approved in a vote of 4-0. 
      5.   Selectmen Items
Selectman Shackett made a motion to begin charging $5 for transfer station stickers effective April 1st, 2010, 2nd by Denning.  Motion passed in a vote of 4-0.   

Selectman Milbrand inquired on setting a date for Summer Town Meeting in order to address changes in zoning requirements in the Lake District.  This will be added to the agenda for discussion on April 15th.  He also inquired whether the contract for the Concert series has been signed and completed.  Claire Moorhead has not been in to finish it yet, but some groups are being booked.  Selectman Milbrand also inquired on TE Project update.  Selectman Denning has spoken with Ray Burton who supports this project. 

Chairman Alpers stated he would personally like to see some discussion on making the Town beaches smoke free so children have clean beaches to play on.  This idea will be discussed at a later date. 

Public Comment
Kathleen Girona commented on the idea of making public beaches smoke free, and the scheduling of a Special Town Meeting for the Sewer to the Lake Project. 

Bob Gilbert brought a proposal for Community Pride Day to the Board – a day to clean up public areas and paint and make improvements through the use of volunteers and donations - seeking support in making this happen through publicity, donations of labor and materials locally and suggested that the Board lead this project for the community.  Selectman Denning stated that he liked the idea suggesting that a group from Freudenberg NOK could assist or lead this project.  Selectmen Denning will participate in this project with Mr. Gilbert. 

Murray Campbell suggested a meeting with CIP members and the Board.  A meeting has been set for May 6th. 

Ray Courchaine, Communications Manager offered to assist in researching alternatives to the current back-up problems.  

     9.    Non-Public Session
At 7:17 PM, upon a roll call vote with all five Selectmen voting in favor, the Board of Selectmen went into non-public session per RSA 91-A.    

At 7:43 PM, a motion to adjourn was made and upon roll call vote of the Board, 4-0 voted in favor. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant