March 22, 2010

PRESENT:  Rick Alpers, Phil Dion, Jeff Shackett, Joe Denning, Don Milbrand; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse

At 6:00 PM Selectman Alpers called the meeting to order.

  1. Board of Selectmen: Election of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Liaison Positions

Milbrand nominated Alpers as Chairman to the Board, 2nd by Shackett.  Alpers accepted the position and the motion passed upon vote of the full Board, 5-0 in favor.   

Alpers moved to nominate Shackett as Vice Chairman to the Board, 2nd by Milbrand.  Upon acceptance by Shackett, the Board approved the motion in a vote of 5-0 in favor.

Selectmen agreed upon the following Liaison positions to Committees:
Budget Committee: Selectman Shackett
Planning Board: Selectman Dion
HDC: Selectman Milbrand
Sewer to the Lake Committee: Selectmen Denning and Shackett
Communications: Selectman Milbrand
Chairman Alpers and Selectman Denning will fill in as needed to the Boards.  

  1. Board of Selectmen Meeting Schedule- Updates

Selectmen discussed the current schedule agreeing to continue meeting on Thursday evenings at 6:00 PM.  With the recent changes in the form of local government in Bristol, the Selectmen decided to meet weekly for the months of April and May so all business is being completed.   It was also agreed that if there was no business, a meeting may be cancelled for that week as directed by the Chair.  Weekly updates with the Executive Assistant will determine each meeting’s purpose and necessity. 

  1. Form of Local Government in Bristol

Recent changes abolishing the Town Manager form of government in Bristol have left the Selectmen to return the position to a Town Administrator under RSA 37.  With these changes, the Selectmen will handle all personnel issues (hiring, firing, wages) after April 13th when the change in local government takes effect.  Commissions will not go back into effect.  The Board discussed having a system in place for current Departments so business can still run effectively on a daily basis.  There will be few changes among Town Departments however the Board will now be more involved in day to day operations until a new Town Administrator is hired. 

Questions from the public were taken regarding the Town Manager versus the Town Administrator form of government.  Chairman Alpers clarified under RSA 37 what this means exactly for the Town. 

  1.  Replacement for the Town Manager

Town Manager Paul Weston submitted his resignation to the Board effective May 14th.  Upon motion of Selectman Shackett, 2nd by Denning, the Board voted to accept Weston’s resignation in a vote of 5-0. 

The Board discussed hiring a replacement for the position of Town Administrator and agreed to begin advertising immediately.  Chairman Alpers has begun drafting an advertisement and will bring it to the Board on April 1st to finish.   Upon further discussion of the Board, Selectmen agreed to begin the process of recruiting by having resumes submitted to the Executive Assistant.  In order to save costs, the Board will attempt to handle the recruitment process and avoid expensive advertising and recruitment services unless absolutely needed. 

  1. Purchase of flags for Veterans graves

Selectman Denning updated the Board on purchasing of flags for Veterans graves.  At the March 13th Town Meeting, Boake Morrison donated $700 to purchase the flags.  Selectman Denning has spoken with the Legion recently and the purchases are being done by them. 

  1. Interview of Lorraine Bohmiller – ZBA Member

The Board interviewed Lorraine Bohmiller who has interest in serving on the Zoning Board as a full-time member.  Ms. Bohmiller discussed her background and interests in volunteering on the Board.  Upon motion of Selectman Shackett, 2nd by Denning and in a vote of 5-0 in favor, the Board appointed Ms. Bohmiller as a full-time member of the Zoning Board. 

  1. Appointment of Alan DeStefano – ZBA Member

Selectman Denning motioned to appoint Alan DeStefano to the Zoning Board as a full-time member, 2nd by Dion.  In a vote of 5-0, motion was approved. 

  1. Purchase of New SUV and Equipment for Police Department

A purchase order submitted by the Police Department for a new vehicle was reviewed.  PO #4032 in the amount of $25,195.00 for the purchase of a Ford Expedition.  The Town will receive a credit of $2,000 for the trade of the Tahoe.  Selectman Denning motioned to approve the purchase order for $25,195, 2nd by Milbrand.  Upon discussion of the Board, the entire purchase will still come in under the approved $33,000 limit.  A second purchase order #4034 in the amount of $6,347.55 for lights, electronics installation, radio equipment and other items not included in the purchase of the vehicle was reviewed.  Selectman Milbrand motioned to approve the purchase orders, 2nd by Denning.  Upon vote of the Board, motion passed 5-0 in favor. 

Selectman Items
            Selectman Shackett inquired on recent correspondence regarding rental of the boat slip. 
            The Board agreed to postpone the discussion until the next regular meeting on April 8th  
            when more information is available. 

            Chairman Alpers inquired on an update on the Sewer to the Lake Committee.  The next 
            regular meeting is scheduled for April 6th.  The Board also inquired on the status of the
            Lake Street paving project scheduled this year. 

            A signature item for the Water and Sewer Project Account was submitted.  Approval for
            payment to Penta Corporation for $33,570. and Underwood Engineers for $11,292.43
            were approved for payment from the Water Project Account.  Upon motion of Selectman
            Denning, 2nd by Milbrand the Board approved these items to be paid.  Upon vote of the
            Board, motion authorized in a 5-0 vote. 

Public Comment
No public comments at this time.

9. Non-Public Session
At 6:50 PM, upon a roll call vote with all five Selectmen voting in favor, the Board of Selectmen went into non-public session per RSA 91-A:3 (A & C ). 

At 8:27 PM, Selectman Denning motioned for the Board to come out of non-public session, 2nd by Milbrand.  With all in favor the Board agreed to end non-public session. 

10.  Community Events – Summer Concert Series Contract
The Board reviewed a memo submitted by Community Events Committee requesting approval for a contract with Creative Promotions Network LLC for services with regards to the Summer Concert Series.  The contract specifies $200 to be paid at the time of signing the contract, and $280 to be paid after Old Home Day for a total amount of $480.  This money will be used to oversee the Concert Series and manage donations for the event.  Selectman Shackett motioned to authorize signing the contract with Creative Promotions Network LLC in the amount of $480, 2nd by Denning.  Upon vote of the Board, 5-0 voted in favor of approving the contract. 

Public Comment
A reporter from the Concord Monitor inquired on the status of the Town Manager position, wording of the ballot, and the future of the position.  The Board responded by explaining the effect of the recent elections had with input from the Town Attorney.  A copy of Paul Weston’s resignation was provided. 

At 8:37 PM, a motion to adjourn was made and upon roll call vote of the Board, 5-0 voted in favor. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant