February 11, 2010

PRESENT:  Chairman Paul Fraser, Jeff Shackett, Joe Denning, Rick Alpers; Town Manager Paul Weston, Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse. 

Selectman Milbrand was absent. 

At 6:01 PM Chairman Paul Fraser called the meeting to order.

Contract with Upper Valley Humane Society and Kenney’s Kennel
The Town Manager reviewed the current animal welfare service contract with the Selectmen.  The Town has saved approximately $6,590 over the last year by having our animals delivered to Kenney Kennels is Alexandria. The purpose of this contract is to renew services for the upcoming year.  Moved by Selectman Shackett, 2nd by Selectman Denning, the Board authorized the Town Manager to sign the contract by a vote of 4-0 in favor. 

Selectmen’s Meeting Schedule
A Bond Hearing is scheduled for February 18th at 6:00PM on the Newfound Lake Quality Project (formerly named the Sewer to the Lake Project) and Library Projects. The Town Manager suggested holding the next regular meeting of the Selectmen on that date as well and cancelling the February 25th meeting unless necessary.  The Selectmen also decided they would like to meet the week prior to Town Meeting, on March 4th, to decide on which articles they will each present at Town Meeting. Changes to the schedule will be posted on the Town website. 

Finalization of Warrant Articles
The Town Manager provided the Selectmen copies of the updated warrant articles asking them to vote as a group and clarify warrant article recommendations.  Selectmen Milbrand joined via phone to provide his votes on the articles.   Selectmen Alpers and Shackett added their opinions of specific Planning Board articles.  Upon review of articles 1-9, proposed by the Planning Board the Board of Selectmen decided not to make recommendations on any of the Planning Board articles. 

Selectmen Items
Selectman Alpers stated that the lumber pile in front of the Mica building had been moved by the Highway crew and stored in a safe, dry location. He has had good contact with the owner and maintains a stable working relationship with him on behalf of the Town. 

Chairman Fraser commented on a breakdown worksheet of tax dollars and how they are utilized among all Departments within the Town.  The sample provided came from New Hampton.  Bristol will work on providing the same for taxpayers here at Town Meeting. 



Article 9: Library Project : $1,740,897.  Chairman Fraser read article 9 aloud.  Selectman Alpers stated that although this is a worthy project, he has reservations on recommending it due to the Town’s current status.  He further added that this project deserved a fair shot at Town Meeting and motioned for the Board to support the project, seconded by Selectman Denning.  Upon roll call vote of the Board: Selectmen Alpers, Fraser, and Denning voted in favor; Selectmen Shackett and Milbrand voted against the Library Project.  Majority carried: motion to recommend the article passes. 

Article 10: Sewer to the Lake Project: $28 million.  Chairman Fraser read article 10 aloud.  Selectman Shackett moved the article as recommended by the Board of Selectmen, 2nd by Selectman Alpers.  Should this article pass Town Meeting in March, the Town would continue to seek additional grant funding through other sources.  A Special Town Meeting is tentatively scheduled for May 1st on this project.  Upon roll call vote of the Board, all five selectmen voted unanimously to support and recommend the Sewer to the Lake Project. 

Article 11: Bristol Square Enhancement Project  Chairman Fraser read Article 11 aloud.  Selectman Denning moved the article, 2nd by Selectman Alpers.  An edit to the second paragraph “take out the curve” will be made.  Upon roll call vote of the Board, all five Selectmen voted unanimously to recommend this project. 

Article 12: $5,104,020 Municipal Operations Budget  Chairman Fraser read article 11 aloud.  Selectman Denning moved to recommend the article, 2nd by Selectman Shackett.  Upon roll call vote of the Board: Chairman Fraser, Selectmen Denning, Shackett and Milbrand voted to recommend the budget as presented; Selectman Alpers voted against recommending the budget proposed in Article 12.  Majority carries this recommendation to support Article 12. 

Articles 13 & 14  Selectmen did not vote to provide recommendations on these articles as they did not involve money. 

The Board of Selectmen will sign the warrant articles tonight. 

Public Comment
Richard Walenda commented on unpaid taxes of the Mica building upon recent sale of the property, wood pile at the Mica building.  Mr. Walenda stated that he had heard a rumor that Chairman Paul Fraser lived in Meredith. He was informed that in fact the rumor was false and that Chairman Fraser is a resident of Bristol.
Non-public Session
At 6:35 PM, upon motion of Selectman Denning, seconded by Selectman Shackett, and a roll call vote  with 4 – 0 in favor, the Board went into non-public session per RSA 91-A: Legal. 

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant