January 14, 2010

PRESENT:  Chairman Paul Fraser, Jeff Shackett, Rick Alpers, Joe Denning, Don Milbrand; Town Manager Paul Weston; Executive Assistant Kelly Lacasse, Assessing Assistant Christina McClay. 

At 6:00 PM Chairman Paul Fraser opened the meeting.  Selectman Alpers made the motion to enter into Executive Session for a brief period with the Town Clerk, 2nd by Denning under RSA 91A: personnel.  Upon a vote of 4-0 (Milbrand absent), the Selectmen went into non-public session.   

At 6:07 PM Chairman Fraser called the Selectman to order and reopened the public meeting.

Recognition of Grant Award- Fire Department
Upon behalf of the Town, Captain Ben Laroche applied for and has received approval for grant funds in the amount of $120,175 towards a breathing air compressor and SCBA for the Department.  Notification of the award came this month and the Fire Department is currently awaiting receipt of the funds to purchase the equipment.  A commendation for Captain Laroche was signed by the Board and read aloud for the public, thanking him for his superior work. 

Street Lighting Update
Crescent Street was set up as the test street for new energy efficient lighting.  The Town Manager has received great feedback from residents on the newly installed lighting. Authorization to proceed town wide has been granted. Town Manager needs one more meeting with PSNH to discuss details for lighting at Central Square if the TE Project is approved at Town Meeting.  The Town should see savings of $20,000 annually after 3.5 years. 

Liquor License Approvals
Ms. Lacasse discussed organizing the process for liquor license requirement requests with the Board.  Recently two requests have been submitted and both have been handled differently.  Recommendations on the process were given.  After discussion by the Board, the Selectmen authorized all requests to be authorized by the Town Manager upon approvals from Police, Fire and Land Use.  Motioned by Selectman Alpers, 2nd by Denning the Board approved the motion in a vote of 4-0. 

Communication Activities
Ray Courchaine and Becky Burke discussed recent activities and goals of the Newfound Regional Public Access Communications.  Ms. Burke discussed goals within the community that they hoped to accomplish this year: promoting Bristol as a tourist attraction, promotional efforts with Ragged Mountain, publicizing local sport events, connecting with other local public access stations, live meetings, increasing website capabilities and promoting through the website, sponsorship opportunities for businesses.  Ms. Burke mentioned that she is open to any new ideas to improve the public access. 

Selectmen Items
Selectmen Denning mentioned the warrant articles, with a few corrections.  He would also like to see an update from Winterset on the Central Street Bridge project.  The lumber pile in front of the Mica Building is still there and causing problems for Public Works while plowing.  Selectman Alpers will contact the owner to discuss moving it. 

Selectman Alpers inquired on the Safe Routes to School Grant status.  The grant will pay for a redo of the parking and traffic flow patterns at the Middle School, as designed by Town Engineer Mike Vignale, with construction expected this summer. 

Selectman Shackett provided some Central Square enhancement survey info to Selectman Denning.  Mike Bannan commented on work that had been done by his son on this study years ago and would contact him to get the info. 

Town Manager Weston discussed the Pemi Pathways meeting scheduled for February 16th at 7PM.  Also discussed was a cell tower meeting scheduled for next week on January 20th at 9AM with the new attorney for the cell tower, followed by a meeting with Sunsar Towers at 10AM.  Selectmen Alpers and Denning will be present for those meetings.  The goal of these meetings is to come to an agreement on a mutually acceptable contract for the cell tower proposal in Bristol. 

Part-time Financial Consultant Proposal
Town Manager Weston reviewed four proposals for part-time consultant services needed.  Crane & Bell gave their bottom line for $33,000 for services.  The Budget Committee has proposed $15,000 for these services for 2010.  A history of the finance position within the Town was reviewed.  The Selectmen discussed which option would best fulfill our needs. Weston surveyed several towns similar in size and budget and how they staff their financial services.  The current position held by our accountant is overwhelmed and staffing is needed to address upcoming projects, including administering grants.  Selectman Milbrand proposed a new option.  He suggested looking into outsourcing payroll services with ADP and to hire a consultant as needed.  Town Manager Weston was asked to provide an outline of duties for the financial office and look into outsourcing payroll. 

Draft Budget for Public Hearing 1/18/10
Town Manager Weston provided the Board with draft 2010 Municipal Budgets and supporting documents to review Budget Committee recommendations.  The Board stated they were not here to review the budget line by line and would take the info for review to discuss at the next regular meeting after the Public Hearing. 

Draft Warrant Articles
The Town Manager and Selectmen reviewed the list of draft warrant articles being proposed.  Selectmen suggested changing article 8 to a ballot vote versus floor.  A correction in the dollar amount for the TE Grant project was also made: $397,600 (80%). 

Public Comments
Richard Walenda commented on tax lien interest rates, change in ownership for Mica Building, the accountant position, SWAT team budget line, street light savings, light at the intersection of River Road and Route 104, public communications camera, Smith River Bike path, and cell tower business. 

Kathleen Girona commented on public comments and input.

Michael Bannan commented on microphones for the audience, budget, and warrant articles. 

Fire Chief Yannuzzi announced H1N1 clinic on January 23 at the Newfound Regional High School. 

Ray Courchaine, Communications Director commented on the media sound and slide quality.  He emphasized that if there are any problems, his phone number is displayed on the television to call and report. 

At 8:12 PM the Selectman Denning motioned to go into non-public session, 2nd by Alpers.  Upon vote of the Board, 5-0 in favor the Board entered non public. 


Respectfully submitted,


Kelly Lacasse
Executive Assistant