Town of Bristol
Newfound Lake Area Water Quality Management Project - Protecting Our Lake and Drinking Water Supply

Project Description

Efforts are underway to obtain significant available grant funding from several agencies to undertake this important Project – the installation of a wastewater collection system to the neighborhoods located along the south end, as well as the eastern and western shores of Newfound Lake in Bristol.  These efforts will lead up to a vote at a spring 2010 Special Town Meeting regarding this project.  Wright-Pierce of Portsmouth has been working with the Town to progress preliminary design development and assist the Town with the pursuit for State and Federal Project funding.

The construction of this project will include the installation of approximately 12 miles of collection system piping, 4 river crossings and 7 new pumping stations.  The project will service approximately 1,000 new users serviced by the collection system extension.  If approved, the Project will also include the necessary replacement of existing older wastewater piping on Lake and Summer Streets; significant upgrades of the existing Central Street pump station; replacement of the existing Central Street pump station force main; and improvements to the existing wastewater treatment facility.


1. Keeping Newfound Lake, a jewel in the Lakes region, pristine

• It is a known fact that we have old, malfunctioning septic systems on small non-conforming lots within the watershed of the Lake

• The Lake is our premier natural resource in Bristol – it is what puts us on the map as a destination community. We must do all that we can to preserve it for generations to come

• Increasingly we have residents residing year round in the project area, and visitors now extend their stay during the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons

2. Unprecedented Federal grant funding is available and we have several applications already submitted

• The USDA Rural Development Agency has indicated that up to 75 percent of the total project cost may be available from the ARRA stimulus program ($6 billion still available)

• Department of HUD’s CDBG grant program has funding ($500,000) that may be available to supplement the Rural Development grant program

• STAG (State Tribal Assistance Grant) funding directly from the Senate and Congressional offices may be available (the Town has already applied for this funding)

• Now is the best time to maximize grant and loan funding, as Federal and State dollars in these amounts may never be available again for this Project

3. It is advantageous for the Bristol residents to support this project at this time.

• Efforts to gain unprecedented Federal and State grants for this project will dramatically lesson the amount to be raised with local funds

4. The primary source of our public drinking water is the Fowler River wells just west of the Lake

• By extending the wastewater collection system to the Lake and this specific area, the likelihood of contamination of our drinking water wells is greatly decreased

5. The extension of the wastewater collection system to the Lake should not be viewed as encouraging new construction around the Lake

• Our Land Use (zoning) Ordinance will control development, which will be done in an orderly and wise manner, seeking to preserve the special lakeside community we have today. Additional growth management control techniques will also be implemented as necessary

6. The NH Department of Transportation seeks to complete a $3.4 million comprehensive paving, guardrail and highway drainage improvement program on Lake Street with Federal Highway funds

• There may be an opportunity to cooperate with the NH DOT, having the collection system work completed first, and then using Federal Highway funds to complete the finish paving once construction is complete - this will reduce the local cost share to the Town of Bristol

7. The Project will NOT:

• raise taxes

• increase the fee for existing sewer users