Town Accountant

Raymah Simpson - TownClerk/ Tax Collector

  Christina Howe - Deputy Town Clerk/Tax Collector,
Address 230 Lake Street Bristol, NH 03222
Telephone 603-744-3354
Fax 603-744-2521

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

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The Town Clerk / Tax Collector’s Office provides general information, direction and assistance to all citizens and others having business with the Town.

The Town Clerk / Tax Collector’s Office maintains and preserves numerous Town records and materials.


  • Collects Property Taxes.
  • Collects Water/Sewer payments.
  • Issues motor vehicle registrations.
  • Issues licenses and permits including: marriage licenses, dog licenses, beach permits, and transfer station permits.
  • Records and provides certified copies of birth, death, and marriage records.
  • Records and certifies town meeting legislation and appropriations.
  • Records federal tax liens.
  • Administers the oath of office to all elected and appointed officials.
  • Provides access to public records.
  • Conducts with the Secretary of State election activities, including voter registration and absentee voting.
  • Responds to inquiries from general public.
  • Provides Notary Public and Justice of the Peace services.

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