Article 1: To choose all necessary Town Offices for the year ensuing, the results are as follows: Total votes cast 522.  Selectmen for 3 years: Joseph Collito 52, Joe Denning 309, Roy Farr 14, Richard Walenda 132; Budget Committee for 3 years: Charles Carpenter 136, Wendy Costigan 287, Ron Davis 54, Ashley Dolloff 276, Barbara Greenwood 346, Amin Kalaf 76, Shaun Lagueux 162, Paul Simard 187, Richard Walenda 134, Daniel Arsenau 118; Library Trustee for 3 years, Debbie Doe 341, Nancy Gavalis 300, Molly Owen 226, Sue Brundrett 233; Trustee of the Trust Funds: Elizabeth “Betty” Seeler; Supervisor of the Checklist; Loretta Carey; Cemetery Trustee 432.


Question 1: Are you in favor of decreasing the board of selectmen to 3 members?


            Yes 191                      No 264


Zoning Ballot


Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 1 as proposed by the planning board for the town-zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 1, if adopted, will allow signs in the historic district which are determined by the Land Use Officer to meet standards established by the Historic District Commission to be permitted without the need for a certificate of Approval from the Commission.

Yes 327          No 165


Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 2 as proposed by the planning board for the town-zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 2, if adopted will remove reference to a “buffer zone” in the description of the historic district overlay map, making it clear that the properties abutting those in the National Register of Historic Places are in fact included in the historic district.


Yes 303          No 165


Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 3 as proposed by the planning board for the town-zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 3, if adopted will make a number of revisions to the current sign ebullitions.  The changes clarify some existing regulations and make some additions, deletions and modifications recommended by the planning board.


Yes 316          No 182


Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 4 as proposed by the planning board for the town-zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 4, if adopted, will require that fences within a triangle extending 20 feet from a highway intersection be no more than (3) feet tall.  It will also require that the smooth side of fences constructed along a public way face the public way.


Yes 320          No169


Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 5 as proposed by the planning board for the town-zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 5, if adopted, will, in conjunction with state law (RSA 674:62-66), regulate small wind energy systems.  Such systems will be allowed only in the rural district and be subject to regulations on setbacks, height, sound level, shadow flicker, etc.  The Land use Officers will review applications after notification of abutters and an opportunity for comments from the public have taken place and issue a building permit if appropriate.  The ordinance will also provide for the removal of abandoned systems.


Yes 321          No 167


Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 6 as proposed by the planning board for the town-zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 6, if adopted, will eliminate the requirement for a masonry firewall between units in a building with two or more side-by-side units.  Current fire codes do not contain this requirement, allowing for other means to be used to isolate side-by-side units.  The amendment will also require that all new buildings or buildings undergoing a change in use meet all requirements of the current state fire codes.


Yes 313          No: 174


Polls closed at 7:00 PM



Further action on the following articles in said Bristol at 9:00 am on Saturday, March 14, 2009.  Newfound Regional High School Auditorium.


Moderator Ned Gordon opened the meeting at 9:00 am, with the pledge of Alliance to the flag.  Rev. Hedstrom of the United Church of Christ led us in prayer.  Ned explained how the meeting would run, and then asked Rick Alpers, chairman of the Board of Selectmen to introduce the front table, and Andrew Hemmingway, chairman of the Budget Committee to introduce the budget committee members.


Paul Weston, Town Manager introduced the Department Heads.


Article 9: To see if the Town will adopt the provisions of RSA 72:38-b, the exemption for the Deaf or Severely Hearing Impaired person and exempt $30,000 from the assessed value of residential real estate for property tax purposes.  To qualify, the applicant must have been a New Hampshire resident for at least 5 consecutive years and own and occupy the real estate individually or jointly as their principle place of abode, or if the real estate is owned by a spouse, they must have been married for at least 5 years.  In addition, the taxpayer must have a net income of not more than $25,000, or if married, a combined income of not more than $45,000 and own assets not in excess of $40,000 excluding the value of the person’s residence and the land upon which it is located up to the greater of 2 acres.


Paul Fraser moved this article, 2nd by Rick Alpers.  Paul stated that this is basically a housekeeping article.  That the Department of Revenue stated that this article needs to come up at Town Meeting to have a vote on this to make it legal.  A question was asked if required the property owner to have  two acres - what if there was less?  Shawn Tanguay, counsel from Gardner Fulton & Waugh, stated the exemption was for the  house and up to two acres. Any land over two acres could be tax. 


A voice vote was taken, article passed.


Article 10: To see if the Town will vote to discontinue Towne Road per RSA 231:45 as a Class V Town highway and reclassify the road as a Class VI highway subject to gates and bars.  (Towne Road is located south of Route 104 opposite the sports field at Newfound High School, and runs in a north-south direction.  A favorable vote on this article will end the Town’s responsibilities for any maintenance on this highway, including summer and winter maintenance.  The public will continue to have the right of access on the highway as a Class VI road).


Bruce VanDerven made a motion to pass over Articles 10, 11, 12 and 13. This was a unanimous decision made by the Board of Selectmen.   They have decided more attention needs to be given to the abutters to these roads.   Joe Denning seconded.  Motion passed by voice vote.


 Article 11: To see if the Town will vote to discontinue Remick Road per RSA 231:45 as a Class V Town highway and reclassify the road as a Class VI highway and reclassify the road as a Class VI highway subject to gates and bars.  (Remick road is located off Peaked Hill road, and leads into the Remick Farm in a northwesterly direction.  A favorable vote on this article will end the Town’s responsibilities for any maintenance on this highway, including summer and winter maintenance.  The public will continue to have the right of access on the highway as a Class VI road).


Article 12: To see if the Town will vote to discontinue Locke Road per RSA 231:45 as a Class V Town highway and reclassify the road as a Class VI highway subject to gates and bars.  (Locke Road the first left off Old Stage Road as you come off Peaked Hill road, and in a northwesterly direction.  A favorable vote on this article will end the Town’s responsibilities for any maintenance on this highway, including summer and winter maintenance.  The public will continue to have the right of access on the highway as a Class VI road).


Article 13: To see if the Town will vote to discontinue Benz Road beyond the Jenness Hill Road intersection per RSA 231:45 as a Class V Town highway and reclassify the road as a Class VI highway subject to gates and bars.  (Benz Road is located off River Road, intersects with Jenness Hill Road, and in a northwesterly direction.  A favorable vote on this article will end the Town’s responsibilities for any maintenance on this highway, including summer and winter maintenance.  The public will continue to have the right of access on the highway as a Class VI road).


Article 14: To see if the Town will vote to appropriate $25,000 for improvements at Kelley Park, including construction of a pavilion shelter, purchase of new playground equipment, and other items, and pay for said improvements by withdrawing funds from interest available in the following trust funds:


Trust Funds                       Year Fund Created                     Withdrawal Amt.

Kelly Park Fund                               1903                                                   $18,500.

Bennett Fund                                    1968                                                        6,000.

LK Tilton Fund                                 1980                                                            500.



The question was moved by Joe Denning and seconded by Rick Alpers.  Joe Denning spoke on this, stating the improvements at Kelly Park, including a pavilion and benches and more playground equipment, are items they have been wanting to do for a few years.  The park also needs to be leveled and re-seeded to improve the drainage.  A vote on this article will not affect the tax rate.


Passed with a voice vote.


Article 15:  To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the Budget Committee recommended sum of $682,500 to construct the Borough Road Bridge project.  Of this amount, the sum of $546,000 is to be received from a NH Department of Transportation State Aid Bridge program  grant, with the remaining sum of $72,500 to be raised by taxation and $64,000 to be raised in from the Fund Balance.  These amounts represent on half of the entire cost of the project, with the other half to be raised by the Town of Hill.  (Note: the Town will receive $64,000 in reimbursement from the State for design costs to date).  Pursant to RSA 32:7, VI, this will be a non-lapsing, nontransferable appropriation and will not lapse until the earlier of 2014 or when the project is



A motion was made by Don Milbrand, second by Chris Dolloff.  An amendment was made by Don Milbrand and seconded by Paul Fraser to correct some of the numbers.  The amount to be raised by taxation is $104, 500, and $32,000 to be raised from the fund balance. Money received from the State would be $32,000 for reimbursement for design costs.  The motion on the amendment passed with a voice vote.  Then the meeting went on to discuss the article as amended.


A question was asked what the quality of the bridge is; the old bridge was condemned and the State is letting us use the Bailey Bridge, however when they need it back they will take it, if it is needed in another location. A question was asked why this article is out here, as this was defeated in 2008.  Mr. Milbrand stated we have one more chance to be a good neighbor and we won’t get back the $32,000 if we don’t build the bridge.


The old bridge is a liability and if it falls into the river.  DES and DOT will make us remove the bridge at a cost of $62,500 for each town, another financial cost is the ambulance service, Hill is contracted with us for ambulance service and we would need to come up with a way to provide that service.  The State regulations go by valuation of the Town, therefore Bristol would need to pay the majority of it, Hill would only pay 17%.  Hill knows that they benefit the most from this bridge so they are willing to be the contract holder and signer for this and pay half of the expenses.


The cost to build the bridge, with the reimbursement by the State is $32,000.  If we don’t build the bridge we don’t get the 32,000 back and it would cost us $102,500 to not build the bridge.  On 3/13/09 Don Milbrand, Paul Weston and Steven Favorite  went to DOT to get information on the  federal stimulus package, the State will get 80% reimbursement on bridges that are on the top of the list and this bridge is on the top, if we don’t do this now, it will go to the bottom of the list.  The State with the Federal stimulus will pay 100%.  Mr. Milbrand spoke to engineer recently and , he is making sure everything is in line, we have already submitted the committal letter, April 1, will get the bids out.   We are number one in the line, to get on this list so we need to pass this.  A question was asked if we would get the $32,000 back, we will get the $32,000 back as soon as the article is passed then it can go back into town funds. A questioned was asked if we are guaranteed to get this money, yes the money is there and we will receive it.  The demolition cost of the bridge is $62,500 direct cost, the side cost would be not to get the $32,000 back.  Will we still have to raise the money first and then get paid back or do we get the money first.  We have to gross appropriate the money first and then reimbursed which is just a wash.

A voice was taken on the amended article, passed.



Article 16: To see if the Town will vote to establish a Minot-Sleeper Library Reserve Fund under the provisions of RSA 35:1, said funds to be used for the designing and/or construction of improvements and expansion of the Library, and to raise and appropriate $25,000 to be placed into said fund.  Furthermore, to name the Board of Selectmen as agent to expend the fund.


A motion was made by Bruce VanDerven, seconded by Barbara Greenwood.  Bruce will defer this to the chairman of the Budget Committee, then George Corrette to explain this.  Andrew Hemingway explained the vote by the Budget Committee was: 11 for; 1 against; and 1 abstained.  He doesn’t remember this being a heated discussion but that it was favorable.  George Corrette, Library Trustee, since 2000 has worked on an upgrade for the library.  The project was ready for construction in 2004 but we had difficulties funding it.  The cost in 2004 was 1.5 million it is now at 2 million dollars.  The Town has asked for stimulus funds.  This $25,000 would help with repairs as time goes on, this is a fund that would be regulated by the Selectmen but this would assure that the maintenance would be done on the library.  This is so the library will not go into disrepair until the addition can be done to the library.  The library project is shovel ready so it is on the stimulus list, if the money comes through.


Voice vote taken article passed


Article 17: To see if the Town will vote to authorize the Selectmen to enter into a two year lease agreement for $90,000 for the purpose of lease/purchasing a one ton truck for the Public Works (Highway) Department, and to raise and appropriate the sum of $45,000 for the first year’s payment for that purpose.  This lease agreement contains a non-appropriation clause.


A motion made by Don Milbrand, seconded by Rick Alpers.  Don stated that this is to replace the 2003 1 ton dump truck, which has a lot of problems, it is in the shop right now.  This truck has a history of trouble.  If the repair money comes out of the budget it will take money away from the road maintenance, plowing and other things that are needed for the highway budget.

The Capital Improvements Plan includes requests for capital items and makes a plan to balance them out to purchase the things that are needed and when they are needed.

The Highway guys don’t ask for a lot, Don stated, and we should give them what they need.  This is a good time to buy, we may get it for $2,000 less than the quote, Don feels that Mark Bucklin, Highway Supervisor does a very good job looking for ways to save money.  The current truck would be repaired and traded.

It would cost more to remove the plow equipment from the old truck to put on the new one, than to buy a new equipped truck.  Andrew Hemingway stated that this was looked over very carefully by the Budget Committee, and they felt this year was the year to do this.  A question was asked if this passes would the $2500 from the repair line be removed from the budget.   Paul Weston, Town Manager answered that to fix the transmission in the 2003 is $2200. so it can be traded.  This line will cannot be reduced.  What happens if we get a truck for $80,000 instead of $90, 000 the difference would go into the general fund to show as a savings in that line next year.  This is a lease/purchase agreement so that at the end of two years we would own this truck.  An amendment was made by Kathleen Girona Firth to make this $45,000 instead of $90,000; Bob Huber seconded the amendment.

Mark Bucklin stated that last fall they started looking for trucks, the actual cab & chassis was $36,000 this past week it has dropped $2300.  The prices for scrape metal have gone way down, but the price for new steel has not dropped so it is a fairly high price for dump body and snow plow.  Even if we get it down lower, it would still be between $80,000 and $90,000.  A voice vote was taken on the amendment, the amendment failed.

A voice vote was taken on the article as originally proposed, article passed.


Article 18: To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $4,629,254(four million, six hundred twenty-nine thousand, two hundred fifty four dollars) for general municipal operations, with $163,512 of this cost to be appropriated from Fund Balances.


Andrew Hemingway, Chairman of the budget committee made the motion to move article 18, seconded by Ashley Dolloff.  Andrew thanked the budget committee for all of their hard work this year as there were quite a few requests this budget season.  The budget committee works on a monthly basis, until September when they meet weekly.  The budget was done different this year with the Selectmen giving narratives, on what they felt was needed this year.  Three budget committee members submitted budgets, and the committee selecting one as a template.   As purposed the budget is almost $500,000 less than it was last year. 


A motion was made by Peter Waltz and seconded by Paul Simard to lower the budget figure to $4,200,000.  This is a 10% cut in the budget.  Mr. Waltz stated that many people have to take pay cuts and the budget needs to be reduced to help.


Chris Dolloff stated that this is just a generic cut, there is no planning on what would be cut and the budget is already down 10%.  Andrew Hemingway asked with this $400,000 cut, where would that come from? A lot of work went into the budget and it was cut a lot this year.  Bruce Wheeler stated that people need and want the services of the Fire Department and Police Department, Highway Department and Welfare needs the money and the budget can’t be cut anymore.  Carol Huber spoke for the amendment, she feels that the Town needs to cut, as people are losing jobs and things are hard. Dan Bouchard pointed out that there was an already 10% cut in the budget, he also pointed out that the petition article 22 is actually more than the budget.  He feels that cutting another 10% is doing an injustice to the Town.  There was much discussion on the budget on what could be cut and how it should be cut.  There was a question if the fire truck was cut out of the budget what would the budget be.  It was stated that upon any voted reduction, it is up to the Selectmen to decide where the budget will be reduced and how, it would not necessarily mean that the fire truck would be cut.  Any cuts in the budget would be up to the Board of Selectmen.   Andrew Hemmingway, would like to clarify the amendment that they are talking about, a cut of $400,000.  This amount would effect the social services for the Town; there is not room in the budget to take this amount out of lines in the budget.  He urges you to vote against this amendment and put your trust in the budget committee.  Lloyd Belbin stated  $100,000 for  fire truck and $65,489 for health insurance, could be cut without cutting any services.  Paul Weston, Town Manager, stated that we came in this room this morning with a 10% cut already in place and another 10% cut as purposed, would hurt the Town.  He feels that the best and brightest of Bristol are on the budget committee and the board of selectmen and that if this cut goes through it will hurt the town, we need good raises to keep the good employees that we have and have gone to a new health plan to maintain benefits, but it is less expensive than last year.  On the fire truck we have already paid $46,000 on the fire truck if this does not go through we lose that money.  The Budget Committee and Selectmen have studied this budget thoroughly.  Bruce VanDerven stated when you vote on this amendment if it is passed, it will be up to the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager to cut this 10% out of the budget.  The public will have no idea where it is coming from.   Motion to vote on amendment from Joe Denning seconded by Boake Morrison.  Joe withdrew his motion so that Tom Winn could speak.  Tom Winn stated that the fire truck that Bristol had, was apiece of junk, people don’t realize how much training and money it takes to be a firemen or a policemen, he feels that the budget committee did a wonderful job this year and the pay classification is putting the Town employees where they should be with the other Towns.  It cost more to replace people than paying the proposed reclassification wages.  He mentioned that 89% of taxes have been paid.  Joe made the motion to close debate, Boake seconded.  The Moderator stated we are voting on the amendment.  People wanted a ballot vote, so a ballot vote will be taken.


As we reconvened Ned mentioned that there were more Town Officials that had not be introduced, at that point Paul Weston introduced them.


The results of the vote on the amendment to reduce the budget by $4, 200,000. Voting Yes 68 voting No 113.  The amendment is defeated.


David Carr made an amendment to lines 4194-815 the local access TV account to decrease it by $15,000 and 4130-331 the financial consultant service account to increase by $15,000 this would mean no change in the bottom line budget.  Rick Alpers seconded the motion.  Local access only spent $15,000 last year, but it was encumbered last year so it would still be at $40,000 for this year.  David feels that the consultant needs that money so that the Town’s audit and the financial affairs would be put in order this year.   Andrew Hemingway stated that he hopes that this amendment is voted down, and stays the way it is in the budget, as the local access channel has improved greatly and that the consultant should only have to be here a very short time, as things have greatly improved.  Joe Denning feels the consultant should come here on a permanent basis.  Bruce VanDerven wanted everyone to know that this line is for public communication, not just local access.  Vote on the amendment, this has no direct effect on the bottom line of the budget.   Amendment passed by voice vote.


Barry Wingate, former Police Chief made an amendment to add $34,585 to the budget to purchase a 2009 Ford Expedition for the Police Department, Rick Alpers seconded the motion. 


Barry was employed by the Town for 30 years, 29 as Chief.  Police has five vehicles, a few years ago two cars were purchased so that we would have five vehicles.  One car has 73,000 miles and one 65,000 miles, the vehicle to be replaced is a Chevy Tahoe and it has 123,000 miles on it.  The 2006 Ford has 81,000 miles and is used by Lieutenant and Detective Sargent, and 18,000 miles on the Chief car.   Through the years there has been a replacement program for vehicles, in the past we have gotten one every two years, then 18 months, and then a one year program which we are in now and have been for a few years. Next year it will be an old fleet if this is not done.  The police put on about 127,000 miles on vehicles a year.  Of this $3000 was on the SUV that should be replaced.  The budget for this year is $4,700 for repairs; last year $9100 was spent on repairs.  If a replacement vehicle isn’t voted in you don’t have reliable vehicles or a safe vehicle to operate.


Andrew Williamson felt that this vehicle is a liability to the Town.   Barbara Greenwood felt that this is a good time to do this, as vehicles are lower priced now.  She also stated that we need to stay in the rotation for once a year.  Dorcas Gordon a budget committee member stated that the budget committee had to make sacrifices this year and this is one that had to be made, so that the increase could be made for the personnel.  Sue Brundrett, feels that with the economy we would get a better deal this year.  Chief Clark, wants everyone to know that with this trade in, we would receive around $2,000 now and that next year it would mean getting two vehicles, and we do need a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Dan Bouchard stated that at the budget committee meetings he was under the impression that the vehicle would not be traded in, but if it is traded in, he is for the amendment.  Chief Clark assured him it would be traded in, or we could seek a general public bid.


The amendment was to close to call as a voice vote, the Moderator called for a show of hands.  The supervisors were called upon to do a hand count.  The count for Yes 61   No 91  the amendment was defeated.


Lloyd Belbin made an amendment to lower the budget figure to $4,463,765; David Hill seconded the amendment.  He stated that this takes out the fire truck but the employees get the raise, but pay more for their health insurance.  This takes

$165,489 out of the budget. 


George Corrette wants to know what the difference in tax rate is, if this $165,489 comes out.  It would be around 29 cents per thousand.


Francine Swan asked if this is still discretionary as to where the Board of Selectmen want to change, the Moderator stated that  yes it is still up to the Board of Selectmen.


Debbie Thouin wanted to know what would happen legally if we void the contract to purchase this truck, Ned stated with a non-appropriation clause it is contingent upon the vote of the town meeting.


Chief Steve Yannuzzi stated that the condition of the truck is not very good, you can expect increased repairs to that truck.  It was bought two years ago for $10,000, and it won’t last much longer and costs increase with the age of the vehicle.   Fred Eichman wanted to know what would happen if we didn’t finance this truck, how would that effect the Town.  Town Manger, Paul Weston spoke with the financing agency on the lease purchase contract that we are in, if we don’t take this truck, then her agency would not finance us again and in her opinion that no agency would finance us again.   John Bianchi, spoke on money that came from area towns, and that the fire department came under budget last year.  Last year budget was $783,923 the receipts from ambulance patients was $195,802, surrounding towns  paid $93,776.  The fire department cost the town $494,345 last year.  John hopes that this amendment fails.  Burton Williams, stated that this fire truck business get discussed every year, five years ago the Board of Selectmen appointed a committee to look into the whole situation with the fire trucks, this committee recommended replacing equipment every 8 years.  Lets honor what this committee has done and purchase this truck.  Chris Dolloff stated that back in 2003 this was discussed as Town needs fire trucks and ambulances, 5 years later it is costing $123,000 more, the longer it is delayed it will cost 3-5% every year. Lloyd Belbin wants everyone to know that this is $100,000 for the next 7 years, he wants everyone to realize that they are voting on this for the next few years.


Motion to close debate made by Rick Alpers, seconded by Cindy Rogers.  This is a vote on the amendment for the budget to go from $4,629,254 to $4,463,765.  The amendment was defeated by voice vote.


Archie Auger made an amendment to reduce the budget by $48,888. Seconded by Boake Morrison.  Archie stated the focus for this amendment is to look at the salary increase for 22 fulltime individuals listed in the budget.  The intent of this motion is to reduce 20 of those increases down to 3% and have two of those positions at 4%.  This is saying that 15% increase is too much in this economic time.   The other two are contracted so they can’t be changed.  This motion levels things off so that most employees will get a 3% increase and maybe next year the raises could go into effect.  He gave the moderator all of the information on it, if any one wants to ask for them.

Charles Carpenter has an amendment, which is higher than Mr. Augers, if his does not pass. 

Bruce VanDerven stated that five years ago there was a revolving door at the police department that officers were leaving because of the pay situation.  He feels that you pay them the best you can and you work them very hard.  The chief had to ask for more money for the overtime budget, Bruce looked at the overtime line at 100 t0 200 more, except this year it is down a little.  This is not a raise this year, it is a pay classification, we have had a number of land use officers over the past few years, as well as assessing clerks.  The commissioners had control over the funds for the Police Department and the Water/Sewer department.  This made moral low, now with the increases everyone is on the same parallel.  He hopes that Bristol will pay well, so that we get the best people.  Then next year you talk about cola or raises.  He urges you to vote this down.


Connie Cardasis feels that we should keep the people that we have and not have to train new ones, as the people we have are trained and do a good job.


Bernard Doehner wanted to know how much would come off taxes for this $48,888 decrease.  It would be 8 cents per thousand.


Paul Simard stated that we have 3100 people in this community, he feels that we are spending twice as much as any other town in the state.  He feels that the appraisal of houses in 2011 will be a train wreck.  He hopes that Archie’s amendment goes through.  


Tom Winn stated that we need to look at these people they are professional people, that run these departments, you need to pay professional people.

It takes many hours to become certified for fire department and the police department. 


Ron Preble asked if this is a binding vote?  Shawn Tanguay, Town Atty. stated that the Board of Selectmen can take this money from where ever they seem fit.


Ben Perry spoke that he is a bail commissioner and a businessman and his business has gone down 50%.  As a bail commissioner, he feels you need to count not only summer residents but visitors, and wants everyone to know how busy the police department is, there are times when they have had to call in New Hampton and other departments to help.  He is not in favor of this amendment.


Bob Patten stated that a study was done by the Municipal Association to be sure that all employees were treated the way they should be, to be equal within the department.  He stated that last year it was voted to have half last year and half this year.  He feels that we should go along with this.  Next year it could be decided what would happen next year, either cola, raise or nothing.  Joe Denning felt that this year is the year to finish the wage study and then next year if the economy is still bad you could freeze it and then the third year you could make cuts in personnel if the economy is still bad or worse.    Archie has done a study on where Bristol is in connection to other towns like ours.  He feels that we are right where we should be.  He feels that maybe-another year this wage study should be in, but not this year.


John Bianchi made a motion to close debate, seconded by Rick Alpers.


Voting on the amendment.  Voice vote was to close to call.  A hand vote was taken the amendment was defeated   Yes  67    No 88


Betty Seeler made an amendment to add $4900 to the budget to bring the total amount requested by NANA to $32,400; Chris Dolloff seconded the motion.

Bristol’s usage for NANA 54.56%  Betty would like to bring this up to what was requested.  This is intended for NANA, but it is discretionary by the Board of Selectmen.  Voice vote on the amendment, the amendment passed.


Charles Carpenter wanted to make an amendment to decrease the amount of the budget  by $117,000, seconded by Bernie Doehner.  The budget amount would be $4, 517,154 that would include the amount for NANA.    Voice vote the amendment was defeated.


Rick Alpers made a motion to call the question, Fred Eichman seconded.


Voting on Article 18 as amended  in the amount of $4,634,154.  Voice was taken article passed.


 Article 19: To see if the town will vote to require that the numeric tally of votes by the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen relative to recommending the operating budget and all warrant articles be printed on the warrant next to the affected articles.


Moved by Andrew Hemingway and seconded by Paul Simard.  Andrew explained that this is really a housekeeping issue.  A motion needs to be on the floor so that each article can state whether it is approved by the Budget Committee or the Board of Selectmen or both.


A voice vote taken and the article passed.


A motion was made to adjourn by Bruce VanDerven, seconded by Chris Dolloff.


Ned explained that if this is passed the meeting will be closed and the rest of the articles will not be discussed.   A voice vote was taken and it was to close to call.  A show of hands was done,  Yes 67      No 65.  There were enough people that wanted a ballot vote, Ned asked if people wanted a ballot vote as it takes so long, or if we kept going it would not take that long to discuss the articles.   A motion was made by Bernard Doehner and seconded by Charles Carpenter to keep the meeting going, a voice vote was taken the motion passed to keep the meeting going.


Article 20: (By Petition) To see if the Town will vote to require all purchases, including services and repairs in excess of $2,000 (two-thousand dollars) to utilize the bidding process. 


Carol Huber made a motion, Boake Morrison seconded this.  Carol felt that this should be in place as the economy is so bad.    Lloyd Belbin explained that he had set this article up and then talked to the Town Manager and this is already in place and that is why he wanted to with draw this article.  This is a Town Policy, does not need to be an article.  Shawn Tanguay explained that this is an internal control, according to RSA 41:9.   His legal opinion is that this is not a valid warrant article.


Voice vote was taken the article was defeated.


Article 21: (By Petition) to see if the Town will vote to withdraw from the sewerage to the lake project and cease all funding for the project.  The cost of the project is now well over 35 million dollars.  Even with Federal Aid, Bristol would pay 20% or 7 million dollars.


Lloyd Belbin made a motion and seconded by Shawn Laguex.  Lloyd feels that

Sewerage to the lake has gone on and on and money has been appropriated quite often over the years so far $115,000.   He feels that this is a never-ending project.  Burton Williams spoke on this,  he wants to have everyone realize what a beautiful lake we have, and it effects all people in Bristol. We need to protect the lake.  We can’t go ahead with this until we have massive fund money for the project.  Phase I and Phase II.  Phase I  6.2 million is from the Old Millstream up to the Restaurant and along shore drive, and Phase II, 18.2 million is up West Shore Road.  Phase III is a dream and won’t happen for 20-30 years or more.  The plans are better than 25% complete, and it has not cost us a dime, we have updated the Wastewater plant and we received State and Federal money, the newest project was paid 97% by State and Federal funds.  Our Congressional team is very aware of this, he is not saying that we will get this year but it will come as 95% funding.  Not asking for any money this year from the Town.


Susan Duncan asked if this was capped at 2 million dollars,  Burt stated that we would cap it at 90% for Federal and State funding and 10% for the Town.  The Board of Selectmen are behind this project.


A voice vote was taken article defeated.


Article 22: (By Petition) to see if the Town will vote to appropriate the same funds for the 2009 Operating Budget as the actual amount spent in 2008, the amount to be $4,784,218.  This would be a so-called level funded budget.


There was no motion on this article, it was passed over.



Article 23: (By Petition) to see if the Town will vote to require any Town Official or Department Head to be a resident of the Newfound Area.


Motion made by Charles Carpenter, seconded by Richard Gavalis.  Charles stated that he didn’t originally make this article, but he wanted to speak on it.    It has been a concern of his about traveling expenses to get to and from work.  He feels that Department Heads need to live in the area, but does not know what the Newfound Area means.  Shawan Tanguay spoke on this article.   In 1993 another Town put this on the warrant and the courts have ruled the residency requirement must be used only in very limited to situations.  He stated that as a draft this article would be illegal and a breach of the employees employment rights.  Some towns and cities that have tried to do this have lawsuits against them.


Voice vote was taken article defeated.


Article 24: To transact any other business, which may legally come before this meeting.


Ned wanted to thank the crew, Madeline, Ray, Bruce and Karen for all of the work they have done today in putting this on public access.


Burt Williams, wanted to say that this setting is very good for the Town Meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm


Respectfully submitted,



Raymah W. Simpson

Town Clerk.