Town of Bristol

Town Meeting



Bristol, NH

    Grafton, SS


Supervisors:  Nancy Gavalis, Danica Spain, Donna Evans

Ballot Clerks:  Marcia Payne, Phyllis Schofield, Barbara Greenwood, Cheryl Martin

Police:   Barry Wingate

Moderator:  Edward “Ned” Gordon

Town Clerk:  Raymah Simpson


March 14, 2006


The ballot box was checked and found to be empty.  Polls declared open at 8:00 am.


Article 1.  To choose all necessary Town Officers for the year ensuing.  The results are as follows:  Total votes cast 686.  Selectmen for 3 years Joseph Denning 396; Tom Babcock 208.  Selectmen for 2 years Steven Favorite 354; Susan Duncan 250; Catherine Pitari 52.  Selectmen for 1 year Paul Fraser Jr. 356; Richard Walenda 105; Lloyd Belbin 90; Robert Curdie 90.  Town Clerk/Tax Collector for 2 years Raymah Simpson 606; Police Commissioner for 3 years Phil Dion 579; Budget Committee for 3 years Paul Simard 400; Darla Jaquith 418; (write-ins with highest amount of votes) Richard Walenda  40; Tom Winn 39; Cemetery Trustee for 3 years Archie Auger 589; Cemetery Trustee for 2 years David Carr 580; Cemetery Trustee for 1 year David Carr 577; Fire Commissioner for 3 years Doug Williams 552; Supervisor of the Checklist for 4 years Donna Evans 597; Supervisor of the Checklist for 6 years Danica Spain 588; Trustee of the Trust Funds for 3 years Elizabeth “Betty” Seeler 571; Library Trustee for 3 years Shirley Yorks 427; Deborah Doe 474; Moderator for 2 years Edward “Ned” Gordon 613.


Article 2.  Do you favor adoption of the town manager plan as provided I chapter 37 of the Revised Statutes Annotated (RSA)? 


            Yes 243                                   No  138


Article 3  Are you in favor of the adoption of the historic district ordinance as proposed by the planning board as follows:


This ordinance, if adopted, will create an Historic Overlay District which includes all of the properties located on Central Square which are listed on the US Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places along with the properties abutting these.  The ordinance will empower the Historic District Commission to regulate most external changes to structures within the Overlay District.  Regulatory authority will extend to features such as signs, paving and street lights. The ordinance allows for normal maintenance, including painting or repainting, without Historic District Commission approval.


            Yes  468                                  No 195


Article 4       Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 1 as proposed by the planning board for the town zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 1, if adopted, will revise the Conditions and Restrictions in the Village Residential District pertaining to lot size, frontage and setbacks so as to include Conditions and Restrictions which were inadvertently omitted in an earlier revision of the Zoning Ordinance.  Conditions and Restrictions specified in the amendment are in keeping with those in other Districts.


Yes    438             No 203


Article 5       Article  5   Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 2 as proposed by the planning board for the town zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 2, if adopted, will define “Warehouse, Self-Service” as “A commercial facility in which customers rent space to store possessions and are given direct access to the rented space” and will revise the definition of  “Warehouse and Wholesale Marketing” to exclude “Warehouse, Self-Service”.  It will make “Warehouse, Self-Service” a permitted use in the Village Commercial and Industrial Districts, and allowed by special exception in the Corridor Commercial District.


          Yes 396                No  242


Article 6       Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 3 as proposed by the planning board for the town zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 3, if adopted, will restrict the percent of a lot’s total area which may be covered by structures, excluding roof overhangs and unroofed structures.  The allowed lot coverage varies by district as follows:

            Village Commercial District                     30%

            Village Residential District                       30%

            Downtown Commercial District            100%

            Corridor Commercial District                  30%

            Rural District                                          25%

            Lake District                                           25%

            Industrial district                                   60%

This amendment will also specify that additions to non-conforming buildings may not make the property as a whole more non-conforming.


Yes    350             No     289



Article 7       Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 4 as proposed by the planning board for the town zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 4, if adopted, will amend the existing restrictions on the keeping of farm animals to reflect the new zoning districts created in an earlier revision of the Zoning Ordinance.  It will also extend the prohibition on the keeping of farm animals to locations closer than 100 feet from Newfound Lake and the Pemigewasset, Newfound, Fowler and Smith Rivers.


Yes    447             No  210



Article 8       Article  8       Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 5 as proposed by the planning board for the town zoning ordinance as follows:


Amendment No. 5, if adopted, will authorize the Code Enforcement Officer to enforce the Zoning Ordinance by application for appropriate relief in the Superior Court in place of the Board of Selectmen who currently are given this authority.


Yes      397                  No  246





Polls close at 7:00 pm


and further action on the following articles at the Town Hall on Summer Street in said Bristol at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, March 15, 2005.









Moderator Ned Gordon declared the meeting open at 7:00 PM.  He asked everyone to stand for the pledge of allegiance.  Rev. Wayne Toutaint of the Bristol Baptist Church offered a prayer.  Chairman Susan Duncan introduced the Selectboard and the two new members of the Selectboard.  Archie Auger, chair of the Budget Committee introduced himself and asked each budget committee member to introduce themselves. 


The moderator explained the rules of the meeting.  All motions and amendments to motions need to be in writing.  The moderator will be voting with everyone else. 


Article 9.  To see if the town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One Hundred forty-five thousand dollars ($145,000 gross budget) to purchase a new ambulance for Fire Department, and to authorize the issuance of not more than the amount of Eight-five thousand dollars ($85,000) of bonds or note in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Finance Act (RSA 33) and to authorize the municipal officials to issue and negotiate such bonds or notes and to determine the rate of interest thereon; furthermore authorize the sum sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) to be withdrawn from the ambulance capital reserve fund created in the years 1991 (Article 3) for this purpose for the down payment.  If this article passes, Article 10 shall be passed over.  This article was requested by the Fire Commission.  (2/3 ballot vote required)  (Recommended by the Selectmen)  (Recommended by the Budget Committee).  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28.


Moved by Bruce VanDerven            Seconded by Walter Waring



The polls will stay open one hour until 8:30 PM


Votes cast 186            Yes  153          No 33


Article 10.  To see if the town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of One hundred

forty-five thousand dollars ($145,000 Gross Budget) to purchase a new ambulance for the Fire Department authorize the sum of sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) to be withdrawn from the ambulance capital reserve fund created in the year 1991 (Article 3) for this purpose, and the amount of Eighty-five thousand dollars ($85,000) to be raised by taxation.  This article was requested by the Fire Commission.  (Majority vote required) (Recommended by the Selectmen) (Not Recommended by the Budget Committee).  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28. 


John Bianchi made a motion to table this article, Donna Nashawaty seconded.  Motion was carried by a voice vote


Article 11 (By Petition)  To see if the Town will vote to rescind and discontinue the current Municipal Budget Committee pursuant to RSA 32:14, II; and further, in lieu of a budget committee under Chapter 32, to establish a 5-member Budget Advisory Committee, which shall be advisory to the Board of Selectmen, to be elected beginning with the March 2007 Town Election. (Ballot vote required.) 

Note:  Under the statute the moderator must accept ballots on this question for a period of at least an hour.



Clayton Dingman made a motion, Mark Chevalier seconded


Clayton Dingman did not want to address the article, Ned requested asked if anyone would like to address the motion.  JP Morrison suggested to pass over this article.

Archie Auger spoke on the article, he wanted everyone to know that the budget committee had a lot of history, it has been around for 48 years and it is the only group that reports directly for the voters.  The budget committee would still respond to the Town Manager and the Board of Selectmen as well as the Department Heads.  He explains that they meet in October and meet almost every week. He explained that in the last few years the Town has been a strong financial situation.  Archie hopes that everyone votes against this article. It was stated that the budget committee is a buffer between departments, selectmen and people in community.  The budget committee has more voices and can communicate what the people want; it was stated that the budget committee did not listen to people as it showed in them not supporting the access channel.  Darla Jaquith spoke for the budget committee, she explained about the public access channel, that last year it was going to be a free service, and this year it is for $4500.00, the $1.00 was left in the budget so that at tonight’s meeting if the people wanted it, it could be voted on.  There was much discussion on the access channel.

It was questioned how the budget committee would be different with a Town Manager.  Archie Auger explained that a Town Manager presents the budget to the Board of Selectmen by January 31st, then it goes to public hearing, where as the budget committee has a little longer to meet and then go to public hearing.  The Budget Committee can not make policy; it can only be fair and realistic.  There was much discussion on the pros and cons of the budget committee.  Ashley Farrell asked to move the question, Donna Nashawaty seconded.  Passed to move the question.  This is a ballot vote and the ballots will be closed at 9:50 PM


Article 11  186 votes cast     Yes 67      No 119


Article 12 To see if the Town will adopt the provisions of RSA 31:95-h to restrict the revenues from ambulance member’s fees, in the amount of $40,000 each year, for the purpose purchasing a Fire Department ambulance or ambulance equipment, when needed.  Such revenues and expenditures shall be accounted for in a special revenue account fund, the Ambulance Special Revenue Fund, separate from the general fund.  Any surplus in said fund shall not be deemed part of the general fund accumulated surplus and shall be expended only after a vote by the legislative body to appropriate a specific amount from said fund for a specific purpose related to the purpose of the fund or source of revenue.  The Select Board shall be designated as agent to expend from this fund. (Majority ballot vote required) (Recommended/Not Recommended by the Selectmen) (Not Recommended by the Budget Committee). 




Motion made by Rick Alpers, seconded by Bob Patten


Rick spoke on this article stating that the member towns fees would be placed into a reserve fund that would be used to purchase a new ambulance, it was asked why the revenue from the ambulance is not used to purchase a new ambulance, and that money goes into a capital reserve fund for the ambulance.  Susan Duncan stated that this is not creating a new fund, but that the fees from two towns would automatically go into the reserve fund.  There was much discussion on how the revenue from the ambulance gets taken care of and that with this article it would be placed in the reserve fund.  Rick amended this article to delete the selectboard should be designated as agent to expend from this fund, seconded by Tom Caldwell, by voice vote this amendment passed  Article 12 will be a ballot vote and the polls will close at 10:50 PM.


Votes cast  182   Yes 82        No 100



At this point the Moderator asked if the body wanted to go back to Article 10 or move on, the voice vote was to go on.




Article 13.  SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER: To see if the Town of Bristol will vote to approve the prorated school time cost of a School Resource Officer to be assigned to the Newfound Regional High School and the Newfound Middle School by and under the employment of the Bristol Police Department and further to raise and appropriate the sum of Fifty-eight Thousand five hundred dollars($58,500 Gross amount) for that purpose.  The Towns portion to be Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred dollars ($17,500). Authorization for the expenditure of this article shall be contingent upon the successful passage of a similar article at the SAU # 4 School District Meeting approving $41,000.  (Majority vote required) (Recommended by the Selectmen) (Recommended by the Budget Committee).  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28.


Rick Alpers moved to pass over this article, seconded by Barry Wingate, means that this article is not debatable.   This was passed by voice vote.



Article 14.       To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Forty-five Thousand Eight Hundred dollars ($45,805.00) for the purpose of hiring a ninth full-time permanent Police Officer.  This amount includes salary and all benefits for this position for nine months (Majority vote required) (Recommended by the Selectmen) (Not Recommended by the Budget Committee).  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28.



Motion made by Barry Wingate seconded by Rob Glassett, Barry spoke on this article, Barry gave a little history on this article, the school had originally approached the Police Department about a ninth officer, so that there could be a resource officer at the school, the PD felt this was a good idea, this did not pass on the school ballot.  Barry has not added a full time officer since 1998; dispatch has gone up 49%.  We are an active community because of the schools, community center, the lake and Rte. 104 is a major east/west highway.  We are the hub here in Bristol.  The last 2 years have been the toughest, last year at Town Meeting money was approved for Barry to hire two new officers, there are two officers in school now, we are 25% of work force is not here. Barry has more time than one officer can fill, he would like a 2nd officer so that officers are not alone.  Barry would like to get 24-hour coverage; this officer would cover, when some one is on vacation or out sick, etc.  This officer would also help cover nights.  He is not sure how long this 9th officer would keep 24-hour coverage; it depends on the growth of the Town.  Local Government Center also recommends this position.


This article passed with a voice vote.



Article 15. To see if the town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Forty thousand dollars ($40,000) (Gross amount) for the purpose of hiring consultants for the final design of the Borough Road Bridge.  Eighty percent of the Town's costs are expected to be reimbursed by the State in the amount of Thirty-two ($32,000). The balance of Eight thousand ($8,000) is to come from general taxation. This will be a non-lapsing appropriation per RSA 32:7, VI and will not lapse until December 31, 2011.  (Majority vote required)  (Not Recommended by the Select Board) (Recommended by the Budget Committee).  [This amount represents 1/2 of the total cost of the design, the other half to be paid by the Town of Hill.]  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28.



Motion made by Rick Alpers, seconded by Susan Duncan.


Rick stated that about a year and half-ago Hill approached them and stated that they would pay for all of the legwork and the engineering, this does connect Bristol and Hill.

This would be placed in the same spot, but it would be a wider, this would cost the taxpayers in Bristol about $8,000.00.  This will not be like the Central Street Bridge, there was questions about running into historical artifacts and how this would effect work.


There was much discussion about whether Bristol should even pay for any of this bridge as Hill could put a bridge in along the river, only on the Hill side.  Some thought that since Hill is part of our ambulance service we need to support this article. It was also mentioned that the new road would go through someone’s land.  Some felt that we need to provide service, but not provide a road.  The State will pay 80% of the total cost of this bridge.  This article passed with a hand vote.


At this time Archie Auger moved to past on articles 16, 18, 19, 22 23, 24, 25, and 26, after acting on articles 17, 20, 21 and 27.  Because the articles would be all of the money article and they would be finished at the same time. Bruce VanDerven felt that we should wait and do the articles as they are presented, as many people leave after the monies article are voted on.  This was defeated by voice vote.


Article 16.       To see if the town will vote to authorize the Select Board to acquire the property located at map 114 lot 180 (the former Premium Glass building) for future use by the town and the Minot Sleeper Library.  (Majority vote required).



Motion made by Susan Duncan seconded by Barbara Greenwood.


Susan gave a bit of history on this piece of property, we had tried to acquire this in the past, but the owner at that time, wasn’t interested in negotiations.  The present owner is interested in selling this property.  The library is not empowered to own property itself; the Town needs to acquire the property.  Articles 16, 17, 18 and 19 are all entertwining.  Article 16 empowers the town to purchase the property.  George Corrette gave a history of the library; the library would like this property for expansion of the library.  The library can not purchase the property; it needs to be purchased by the Town.  This area can be used for public parking as well.  It was felt by many that this property is important to the Town as well as the library.  The library trustees were commended for their vision and the work that they have done on trying to expand and improve the library.


This article passed by voice vote.



Article 17.  To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the total sum of up to $250,000 (Gross amount) for the purpose of purchasing a parcel of land located at map 114 lot180 (the former Premium Glass building) approximately .25 of an acre located at 45 Pleasant Street the said land to be held in the name of the Town of Bristol for future expansion of the Minot-Sleeper Library; of this total, up to $125,000 is to come from library trust funds under the custody and authority of the Library Trustees, with the remaining amount of not more than $125,000 to come from general taxation; and further, to authorize the acceptance of said land by the Board of Selectmen. This article shall be considered non-lapsing for up to 5 years.  (Majority vote required) (Recommended by the Select Board) (Recommended by the Budget Committee). The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28.


This article passed by voice vote








Motion made by Susan Duncan, seconded by Burt Williams.


Article 18.       To see if the town will vote to adopt RSA 41:14-a, to allow the town to authorize the Select Board to acquire, or sell Town owned real estate, subject to the procedures set forth in the law, including the requirement of two public hearings prior to any such sale or acquisition: provided, however that the Select Board shall not spend any town funds for such acquisition, other than the amounts contained in a capitol reserve or trust fund for the purchase of land, and  for which the Select Board has been named as agents, unless such funds have been appropriated by the town. (Majority vote required).


This motion passed by voice vote



Motion made by Susan Duncan, seconded by Ian Schaffer


This is in case a piece of property becomes available through back taxes or any reason and the Board of Selectmen could buy or sell the property without having a Town Meeting.  There was much discussion on this article, it was felt that this article would be a good thing to have, since there had been a problem purchasing the land next to the Library, this would also be going through the planning and zoning board. 

This article passed by voice vote.


Article 19.       To see if the town will vote to support the Minot-Sleeper Library Renovation and Expansion Project.  The Trustees will commit to raise by grants and capitol fund campaign two thirds (2/3) of the cost of the 1.7 million dollar project and they seek a non binding expression of support of one third (1/3) of the cost from bonds and or notes from the town.  This article does not seek to raise and appropriate funds at this time, but only requests a non-binding vote of support to be used when making applications for grants to fund this project.


Motion made by Susan Duncan, seconded by Rick Alpers


This article shows the Library that the Town is behind them in supporting the Library and also that if they want to do anything in the future that they need the Towns approval.  The library will still apply for grants.  This money for the land, buildings, engineering, it is also for the renovations of the existing building.

This article passed by a voice vote.


Motion to be made to restrict, means that can not go back on the articles that have been addressed to night, with out having another meeting.  Burt Williams moved that motion, Donna Nashawaty second.  One other housekeeping, Ned wanted to mention that Raymah and the Supervisors had a very busy day the day before and he wanted everyone to show appreciation to them.


Motion made by Greg Woolsey to end tonight’s meeting and return tomorrow night at 7:00 PM.  Seconded by Phil Dion.



March 16, 2006


Town Meeting resumed at 7:00 PM


Article 20.       To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Twenty Thousand dollars ($20,000) for the purpose of paying a portion of the annual principal and interest payment on the sewer system bond authorized under Article 3 of the 1989 Annual Town Meeting.  This amount is in addition to amount appropriated for this same purpose from the Sewer Fund, as set forth in the operating budget. This article was requested by the Public Works Commission. (Majority vote required) (Not Recommended by the Selectmen) (Recommended by the Budget Committee).  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28. 



Motion made by Bill Phinney, seconded by Burt Williams.


This bond will be paid in the next three years, this bond helps the sewer commission keep there sewer capital reserve. As there were no questions or comments on this article, a voice vote was taken, the article passed.


Article 21.       To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the sum of Ninety Thousand Dollars ($90,000) for: architectural, engineering, design and other planning services for construction of new police station facility; land acquisition; site development; and preliminary construction costs to the extent monies are remaining. This shall be a non-lapsing fund for five (5) years (Majority vote required) (Recommended by the Selectmen) (Recommended by the Budget Committee).  The amount of this article is not included in the operating budget under Article 28. 



Motion made by Rick Alpers seconded by Barry Wingate.   A few years ago a committee had been formed to see what priorities were for the Town of Bristol, the highest priority was to get a new Police Department there was a committee formed in 2005 to search for a piece of land for the department, the land behind the current town office is available and could be used for a Police Department, it was hoped that if this goes through that the public will be informed through public meetings.  Rick Alpers mentioned that 18000 square feet can be used in the back lot for the new station and that, would also be larger enough for future expansion.  Some people felt that the land in the back is not large enough for the future.  There was a lot of support for this article.


A voice vote was taken, the article passed.


Article 22.         To see if the town will vote to approve a public-private partnership between the Town of Bristol and the Tapply Thompson Community Center, and the Newfound Region Chamber of Commerce, for the accomplishment of the following events: Bristol Summer Carnival (TTCC) and the New Hampshire Marathon (Newfound Chamber). Proceeds from these events benefit nonprofit organizations serving the youth of Bristol. Departmental services in support of these partnership events shall be at no cost to the participating organizations, and shall be considered part of the municipal participation in these annual events.  (Majority vote required). 



Motion made by Bruce VanDerven, seconded by Mark Chavelier.


Bruce spoke on this article stating that this is a partnership with TTCC, for the carnival, marathon and Old Home Day.  It is quite expensive to run these programs and if they were part of the public private partnership they would be considered municipal participation.


A voice vote was taken on this article, the article passed.


Article 23.       Shall we modify the elderly exemptions from property tax in the town of Bristol, based on assessed value, for qualified taxpayers, to be as follows:  for a person 65 years of age up to 75 years, $15,000; for a person 75 years of age up to 80 years, $20,000; for a person 80 years of age or older $25,000.  To qualify, the person must have been a New Hampshire resident for at least 5 years, own the real estate individually or jointly, or if the real estate is owned by such person's spouse, they must have been married for at least 5 years.  In addition, the taxpayer must have a net income of not more than $20,000 or, if married, a combined net income of less than $40,000; and own net assets not in excess of $35,000 excluding the value of the person’s residence.


Motion made by Rick Alpers, seconded by Susan Duncan


Rick felt that this would help the elderly in Bristol, as well as the veterans, this is for their primary residence.


A voice vote was taken on this article, the article passed.


Article 24.       (By Petition)  To see if the Town will ratify and confirm that the Bristol Fire Department is organized pursuant to RSA 154:1(I)(d) with a Fire Chief appointed by the Fire Commissioners and all subordinate firefighters appointed by the Fire Chief.  (Majority vote required). 


John Bianchi made a motion to table this article, seconded by Norman Skantze, this is a now a non-debatable motion.   John withdrew the motion and Norman Skantze the second so that the reasons could be explained.  Bruce VanDerven explained that on Tuesday, a vote was for the Town Manager type of government, so this would be an illegal article.


Article 25.  To see if the town will vote to approve a Wild Animal Ordinance as follows:


All domestic and commercial refuse must be placed in one of the  following:
A building, house or garage that is inaccessible to wildlife
A wildlife resistant container
A container that is placed in a wildlife resistant enclosure
Deposited at an appropriate town disposal site.
 The provisions of this Ordinance shall apply to all persons except those licensed by the State of New Hampshire, Department of Fish and Game.
 Any person who knowingly violates the provisions of this ordinance shall be guilty of a violation and subject to a fine of not more than $500. 

 A person may choose to pay a civil forfeiture of $25 to the Town Clerk within 48 hours of the time notice of violation is provided and shall thereby waive the right to be heard in district court and shall not be prosecuted for that offense.  For each subsequent offense by the same person, the amount of civil forfeiture shall be $50.  However, civil forfeiture may not be paid after three (3) offenses in one (1) year, but rather their case shall be disposed of by district court proceedings and fines.  (Majority vote required).



Motion made by Eric Rottenecker seconded by Bruce Vanderven


This ordinance would make it so that the fire department and the police department would not have to be called out to take care of bears that are in garbage.  If a bear can not get into a food source, than they are more likely to go back into the woods.  This is to protect the animals as well as the people.  There is plenty of acreage to support the wild animals in this area.  The money from this article would support the Fish & Game and the State and Town.  There were quite a few questions on this article and concerns that this may be too much, as there doesn’t seem that there is a real problem with this. 


A voice vote was taken on this article, the article was defeated.



Article 26.       (By Petition)  To see if the town would like to adopt a code of ethics under 31:39-a Conflict of Interest Ordinances. – The legislative body of a town or city may adopt an ordinance defining and regulating conflicts of interest for local officers and employees, whether elected or appointed. Any such ordinance may include provisions requiring disclosure of financial interests for specified officers and employees, establishing incompatibility of office requirements stricter than those specified by state law or establishing conditions under which prohibited conflicts of interest shall require removal from office. Any such ordinance shall include provisions to exempt affected officers and employees who are in office or employed at the time the ordinance is adopted for a period not to exceed one year from the date of adoption. The superior court shall have jurisdiction over any removal proceedings instituted under an ordinance adopted under this section.


Richard Walenda made the motion, seconded by Bruce VanDerven.


Richard feels that honesty is the best policy and that every town employee should be honest and if they aren’t they need to be removed.  A question was asked on who this effects, Richards felt that he didn’t want to mention any names, but that there is a Town Official that has three different positions and that could be conflict of interest.


A voice vote was taken, the Moderator felt the ayes had it, but asked for a hand vote.

A hand vote was taken and Yes  56   No 40   The article passed.


Article 27.       To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate the budget committee recommended sum of $4,311,271 for general municipal operations; the selectmen recommend the sum of $ 4,365,183. This article does not include appropriations voted in any other warrant articles. 


Archie Auger spoke on this article, he explained how the budget committee came up with their figures and how the Board of Selectmen came up with their figures, and that the Budget Committee is higher by $53,912.00 then the Selectmen.  As long as the budget is not over spent, each department can shift funds with approval from the Selectmen.  The Budget Committee placed a $1.00 in the line for some items so that it could be amended if the legislature body wants to amend it.  There is $2,000.00 in grant money for the public access.  Barbara Greenwood made a motion to amend the budget amount from

 $4, 311,271 to $4,365,183 which is what the Selectmen recommended, this is an increase of $53,912.  Tom Caldwell seconded the motion.  The items would be spent on the lines of the Selectmen’s budget.  David Carr informed everyone that if they adopted this amendment it would be cutting the contingency fund by $10,000, cutting Homeland Cemetery from $10,000, to $1.00, the highway cutting $21,000.00.  So doing this would increase in a few places, but cut a quite a few important ones.  The budget could still be amended if this amendment passes.  At this time Tom Caldwell would like to withdraw his second, the Moderator informed him that he can not withdraw his second, so Tom recommended to everyone to vote this down.  He feels that it would be better to go to line items.  There was much discussion about the amendment and how the budget committee has worked hard throughout the year, and that if people want to amend certain line items that should do that as they come to them.  There was a question why the line item for the pagers for the fire department had been decreased, Skip Bowie answered that it all new pagers are bought at the same time, then the warranty runs out all at the same time, and the Budget Committee felt that it would be better to replace a few each year, then you would never have a pager run out of warranty, this was discussed with a Fire Commissioner.  Another resident felt that we should go with the Budget Committee budget and then go through and address the things that the taxpayers feel are important.

A voice vote was taken on the amendment the amendment was defeated.


Rob Pinkham made a motion to amend line item 01-4194 from $1.00 to $4500.00 for the public access; Archie Auger seconded the motion.  Susan Duncan spoke on how much the public access really needs which is $2,539.00 because there is $1,972 still in that line which would make the total of $4500.00.  The motion for $4500.00 passed.    Susan Duncan would like to amend that to read that $2,539.00 would come from taxation for the public access, the remainder would come from the unexpended, $1,972.00 seconded by Burt Williams.  Bruce spoke on this amendment he is not for it, it has only been 5 months since it has been on, this money would be for upgrades on equipment, he urged everyone to vote this down.  Tom Caldwell explained that the $4500.00 is based on the number of cable subscribers.  There were questions on when the Selectmen’s meeting were on the TV, he responded that they are on at the top of every hour.  This amendment was defeated by a voice vote.


Clay Dingman made a motion to reinstate line items 01-4612, 120, 220 and 225 to the requested total amount of $1938 to cover the annual salary for a Historic District Commission secretary including FICA and Medicare, seconded by Bruce VanDerven.

On Tuesday, the voters voted for an Historic Commission, they meet once a month would like to have a secretary so that minutes could be kept of their meetings.  This amendment passed with a show of hand votes.


Doug Williams made a motion that the following line items be established at the amount state by the Board of Selectmen for the 2006 budget: 01-4210-140 Overtime $6,000.

293: Uniforms $2500. 391: Training $2500. 430: Maintenance and Repairs $2500.00

667: Vehicle Maintenance $1999. 814: Protective Clothing $2,000 for a total of $19,999 this was seconded by Brenda Biss.  Doug explained that all of the Commissioners and Fire Department personnel have worked very hard this year to stay within the budget.  He explained that the overtime is for when people are off or at training, the uniforms and training are centralized for people out there putting their lives on the lines, maintenance and repairs are for the building as well as the vehicle, and protective clothing is equipment for the people to wear, he hopes that it will be supported.  Darla Jaquith would like to speak about some of lines that were brought up, uniforms: The department didn’t spend what they requested last year so the Budget Committee felt that they could use less this year. There were some things that the Budget Committee had requested from the Fire Department that they didn’t receive and that made it hard to justify what the Fire Department wanted.  The vehicle maintenance budget had not spent what had been budgeted so the Budget Committee felt that they could use less in that line as well.

Norm Skantze, Fire Chief, commented on the uniforms, stating that a new hire needs to be outfitted with all new uniforms, and that the overtime item budget is for covering 24 hour shifts, seven days a week.   Archie explained why the Budget Committee felt that the fire department budget was set as it was it is because they had a increase last year and the year before, the budget committee cut their request by 10% this year.  Bruce VanDerven informed everyone that he will later on ask for a $10,000, decrease in the contingency fund.

 A voice vote was taken on this amendment, this was very close, the Moderator asked for a show of hands, and asked the Supervisors to count the hands.  The show of hands Yes 57 No 47.


Barry Wingate made a motion amend article number #27 to ad $7,250.00 to the Police Department Budget.  Rick Alpers seconded the article.  Barry spoke on this amendment.

He would like to amend 01-4210-662 the 2004 police cruiser for $1450.00, 433 for $800 and 140 $5000.  Barry stated that the police cruiser has had repairs and have gone over the line budget for that, he stated that since the department has gone with a cruiser every other year, this has been more repairs, as the cars are being run longer.  The mile that are put on the cruisers, they need this money to keep them running. Radio repairs these are for the portable radios so that batteries can be replaced and still have adequate money for radio repairs in the mobile units and at the station.  The last item is for the overtime account as the Town wanted the Police Department to be at the Memorial Day parade, July 4th parade, Marathon, Old Home Day, Fire Works, these activities cost the Town money so that the department can cover these events.  He would appreciate the support.

Archie explained that what was requested this year is a 12% increase from last year. Bob Gray, stated that last year they did not have a full police department that is why their whole budget was not spent, and it went back to the Town.  Paul Simard felt that with the hiring of the 9th officer there should not be as much overtime.


A voice vote was taken; it was to close to call, so a show of hands Yes 56  No 39, the amendment passed.


Bruce VanDerven made a motion to amend line item 01-4199 890 Contingency Fund from $30,000 to $20,000 to reflect the amount shown in the selectmen’s budget, seconded by Rick Alpers.  Bruce stated that he would like to give this money back to the people, Bruce felt that this money was collected from the taxpayers this would be a good way to give it back.  Tom Caldwell felt that this money should stay in the Town as the Selectmen have done a good job in building this contingency fund and that it doesn’t take much of problem to eat up 20,000 to 30,000 or more he feels it should stay where it is.  This would reduce the budget by $10,000.00


A voice vote was taken on this the amendment passed.


A motion was made by Donna Nashawaty to increase the budget by $10,000 to place in an ambulance capita reserve fund, 01-4902-766, seconded by Rick Alpers.  The reason for this is that to get money over a six-year period it would be less funding and $10,000 would be a good start for this.  There was a question that since this line item is at zero now, it can not be added to.  A few years ago, the Department of Revenue stated that if a line item was at zero, you could not put anything in there.  The question is what line can this money go in.  There is a line for ambulance capital reserve.  Archie will try to answer the question, there are two issues here, one is capital reserve fund and the other is budgetary form the issue once there is zero in budgetary form you can’t add to it, in capital reserve fund not more than 37%.  Donna feels vote it in and than DRA can state whether it would stay or not. 


A voice vote was taken on the amendment, to close to tell, a hand vote was taken Yes 58 No 34 the motion has been adopted.


Ned asked for any other amendments before we go on to the budget, Mr. Hill stated that he had mentioned to a couple of the Selectmen that we should purchase a voting machine, Ned recognized that and wanted to move on to the Budget.  There was question on the $1.00 for the public access the motion, the motion was to increase that line from $1.00 to $4,499.00, adding all of the amendments the total budget is now $4,344,957.  Voting on Article 27 to raise and appropriate the amount $4,344,957.  A voice vote was taken the Article passed.


Article 28.       To transact any other business which may legally come before this meeting.



Mark Chevalier would like to make a suggestions to the Budget Committee and the Board of Selectmen to place a $1.00 in each line and let it come to the voters to decide if they want money in that line.  Danica Spain felt that the Budget Committee should be commended, Nancy Gavalis pointed out that all of the work that the Budget Committee does that they get no money for it.  Tom Winn felt that the Budget Committee did a good job, but the people get to decide how they want money spent and that is the way it should be.  Paul Fraser wanted the minutes to reflect the heartfelt thanks from the community to Susan Duncan for her many years of great service; there was a round of applause for Susan.   Ned thanked everyone for attending the Town Meeting and that Town Government does work.  Mr. Hill thanked Ned, round of applause followed.



Greg Woolsey made a motion to adjourn at 9:45 PM seconded by Richard Walenda.






Raymah W. Simpson

Town Clerk



All new officers have been duly sworn in.