Driveway Permits Issued
Permit # Date Issued Town/State Owner/Applicant Map/Lot# Location of Driveway Conditions
17-001D 2/21/2017 Town David Harrow 109-048 South side of Upper Birch Drive N/A
17-002D 3/7/2017 Town Christopher Dolloff 211-026 South side of Jonelle Dr N/A
17-003D 5/10/2017 Town Jason North  219-012 South side of Peaked Hill Rd Applicant will work on parking w/driveway access to eliminate as much as possible the need to park along the roadway.
59026A 5/16/2017 State Michael Murphy 208-001 3710 River Road - .2 miles south of Bridgewater T/L on west side of road. Shall not exceed 16 feet in width although entrance may be flared. Must be fraded to sthe surface of the drive deops 10 inches at a point 20 feet from River Road. Paved Access. No structures or parking in ROW. 
17-004D 8/17/2017 Town Richard Goulette 217-135 500 Hall Road up near Hundred Acre Wood Road 12" HPDE Culvert and brush around driveway edge must be cut
17-005D 9/6/2017 Town Curtis Mooney 103-066 East side of Batten Road N/A
17-006D 11/20/2017 Town James & Kristine Libby 110-036 West side of 84 Holiday Hills Drive  Extension of existing driveway - west side to allow parking off street