Driveway Permits Issued
Permit # Date Issued Town/State Owner/Applicant Location of Driveway
15-001D 1/26/2015 Town Joseph Santamaria North Side of 759 North Main Street
02-059-0026 4/8/2015 State Wayne Anderson New driveway approx 1.41 miles past River Road 
15-002D 4/22/2015 Town Larry Kill North Side of Hemlock Brook Rd - ROW through 205-005 and 205-004
15-003D 7/7/2015 Town Laura Bowers  West Side of North Main Street
15-004D 9/18/2015 Town Bob & Tricia Poole North side of Central Street
15-005D 3/1/2015 Town James Robison 30ft ROW between 224-035 and 037
15-006D 6/1/2015 Town Michael Sharp Trust West Side of Benz between 209-005/006