Driveway Permits Issued
Permit # Date Issued Town/State Owner/Applicant Location of Driveway
14-001 2/13/2014 Town Ronald & Bonnie Maehr South Side of Peaked Hill Rd
14-002D 5/28/2014 Town Phil Plummer East side of Hemphill Rd
59018A3 8/5/2014 State  Susan Jackson - Vintage Lands LLC Apprx .36 miles north of Peaked Hill Rd on the west side of River Rd
14-003D 8/13/2014 Town  Prentice Gove  South Side of Hemlock Brook Rd
02-059-0022 8/25/2014 State  Julia Willson - Friends of Minot-Sleeper Library Apprx 1.58 miles west of 3A intersection - north side of West Shore Rd
14-004D 10/24/2014 Town Joseph Santamaria Approx 18 feet from lot 101.5 on West side of North Main St
14-005D 12/1/2014 Town Gary & Ashley Robinson Approx 250 feet on left side of Harriet Drive